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Sexual Harassment Training Videos & Courses


Guidance Systems: Gay, Straight & Accepted DVD

Gay, Straight & Accepted Life can get confusing for adolescents when they begin to develop sexual attractions. Through the perspective of straight teenagers, we meet students coming to terms with how they feel and dealing with the anxiety of "coming out."
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It's Your Body: You're in Charge (2 Pack) DVD

This video program helps them differentiate between good and bad touches, learn that they have the right to say 'no' to a touch that makes them feel uncomfortable, understand the 'touching rule' and realize if they experience a bad touch, they MUST speak up and tell an adult they trust what happened.
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7 Ways to Block a Cyberbully Training DVD

Cyber bullies don’t shove kids on the playground or steal lunch money, but they are just as dangerous. They stay hidden behind technology and target students on the Internet and through cell phones. This film teaches students how to be smart and stay safe in a cyber bully situation.

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Bullying And Teens: Take A Stand DVD

Bullies can use physical intimidation, emotional blackmail or the anonymity of the Internet to humiliate their targets. This program takes place in an urban school where bullying results in suspensions, lost friendships, despair, and isolation.
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Bullying, the Internet, and You DVD

This video program takes a look at bullying and harassment as it manifests itself on the Internet. With the remarkable speed of the Internet at their disposal, kids are spreading rumors and gossip, embarrassing and tormenting their peers with a newfound anonymity that emboldens them.
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Elementary Bully Prevention 11 Pack (DVDs)

A comprehensive pack of 11 of our most popular bullying prevention DVDs for elementary students. This pack features award-winning DVDs teaching students what bullying is, how it effects others, how to cope with bullying, how to understand feelings associated with bullying, what a bystander can do and who to turn to for help.
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End the Silence: Stop the Bullying DVD

It happens every day in our schools: one teen deliberately excludes another, a teen humiliates a classmate for fun, or a more powerful student physically intimidates or hurts another. This program shows teens that they are not powerless in the face of bullying when they decide to join together and end the silence.
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Guidance Systems: Bullying: There's Always a Way Out DVD

Bullying has moved past face-to-face interaction. Junior High and High School students present real-life scenarios of bullying, including bullying through the internet, texts and video. Difficult and distressing situations in a variety of settings are addressed, followed by both unproductive actions and resolutions that work. This program covers bullying from its painful beginning to its peaceful end.
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Guidance Systems: Sexting: Sex plus Text equals Trouble DVD

Sexting is a combination of sex and text messaging. Junior High and High School students demonstrate the threat of "sexted" sexually explicit or suggestive photographs, messages and videos. Real life scenarios are presented along with the resulting consequences affecting a teenager's personal, social and future life. Follow students through a variety of sexting situations stemming from careless fun to cyberbullying along with their painful effects.
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Lesson Booster Why Do Bullies Bully? DVD

After watching these 4 programs, students will gain a better understanding of bullying and build a stronger foundation when dealing with bullies. Copyright 2010
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Stop Sexual Harassment: Industrial Settings Pocket Guide (Handbooks / 10 Pack)

As an employer, this is one issue you can't afford to take lightly. In order to best train your employees, order the Stop Sexual Harassment pocket guide and keep your organization in compliance.
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How Was Your Day?" Getting Real about Bias, Inclusion, Harassment and Bullying

How was your day? is a standard question posed at the end of the work day. Rather than a stock employee response, How Was Your Day? uses memorable scenarios that inspire employees to openly discuss the often-avoided difficult topics and recognize their workplace responsibilities
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Are You Being Stalked? Tri-Fold Brochures

Learn to identify common behaviors connected to stalking with the Are You being Stalked? Tri-Fold Brochures. This brochure identifies common stalking behavior and what to do if you think you’re being stalked.

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TrainingToday Preventing Sexual Harassment - National

The BLR® TrainingToday Preventing Sexual Harassment - National library will give you everything you need to train your employees, supervisors, and managers on preventing sexual harassment in the workplace.
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Training for a Harassment-Free Workplace eLearning - CA Managers (AB 1825)

*2018 Update for SB 396* This new interactive eLearning combines our high-quality video with interactive exercises and thought-provoking questions that guarantee engagement throughout the course experience, designed to keep user attention with realistic examples, variety, and unexpected twists.
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Sexual Harassment Awareness

Train your employees about sexual harassment, what sexual harassment is, the effects it has in the workplace, and appropriate responses.
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The "TAKEAWAY" for Managers California Edition Series

The "TAKEAWAY" for Managers California Edition Series gives managers and supervisors a basic foundation for legal compliance, in a straightforward and easy-to-remember way. Conversational and easy to use, the series covers Sexual Harassment, Diversity, Respect & Legal Compliance, Legal Interviewing, ADA, FMLA, and Discipline, Documentation & Termination.
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Let's Face It: Harassment Training For Supervisors

Harassment training is now mandatory in some states and many others will soon follow. With potential liabilities growing, management must understand their vital role in understanding and eliminating this phenomenon.
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Harassment, Bullying & Inclusion Poster Pack

Well-designed posters are an effective tool to reinforce core values in your workplace. That’s why we created a selection of anti-harassment and pro-diversity posters, ideal for lobbies or lunchrooms, and other public gathering spaces.
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Preventing Discrimination and Harassment for California & Connecticut Managers (e-Learning)

California and Connecticut uniquely require two hours of manager training. This course picks up where the standard manager course ends and includes interviews with our roving reporter and includes enrichment episodes on Diversity, Domestic Abuse & more.
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2018 Guide to Employment Law for California Employers

This valuable desk reference has kept employers apprised of California state law and its differences from the federal for years.
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Guidance Systems: Elementary Health and Confidence (4 DVD Pack)

4 video programs plus a digital workbook with activities, program summaries, discussion questions and further resources corresponding to each video.
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Managing an HR Department of One - Binder Version

The step-by-step guide for both seasoned and new HR department sole practitioners, with clear guidance and useful instructions for energizing and engaging your workforce, and avoiding potentially expensive employment law violations.
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What to Do about Personnel Problems in Your State

For over 20 years, human resource managers have relied on this practical state labor laws resource to understand and stay on top of ever-changing employment regulations in their states.
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Harassment & Discrimination Is

By now, you probably know what sexual harassment is. But there's more to harassment than you may think. What starts as harassment can become discrimination, too. A thought-provoking video that uses music, text and graphics to inspire and stimulate discussion about harassment and discrimination in the workplace.
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Harassment-Bias Combo

The Harassment-Bias Combo combines the best-selling and recently updated Harassment Hurts: It's Personal II and Consciously Overcoming Unconscious Bias programs to provide a complete "respectful workplace and legal harassment" package.
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Preventing Workplace Sexual Harassment (Handbooks/25 Pack)

Featuring new, deluxe artwork, this booklet educates employees on the two types of sexual harassment--quid pro quo and hostile environment--plus how to prevent harassment, steps to take when it occurs, and what employers must do in response to workplace sexual harassment.
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Harassment Prevention

We will learn what comprises harassment in the workplace. We will learn what to do when harassed in the workplace. We will learn how to eliminate harassment in the workplace.
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