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Strategic Leadership Type Indicator - Facilitator's Manual Kit


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Here’s a great way for your leaders to gather feedback from sources all around them and learn to work better with their supervisor, peers, and direct reports. 360-degree feedback using SLTI provides the leader and the direct report with a powerful platform to review their supervisor/direct report relationship. How and why the leader has used a specific approach or strategy can be examined, as well as the direct reports perception of the approach or strategy being used.

Few techniques have greater potential to initiate positive behavior change than 360-degree feedback with SLTI. Following discussion of the leader¹s feedback, there is a natural segue into clarifying roles and responsibilities, as well as a review of performance.


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Additional information about Strategic Leadership Type Indicator - Facilitator's Manual Kit

The Strategic Leadership Workshop (SLTiW) is fast becoming the new standard for a 4-quadrant type assessment and training workshop for supervisors. Trainers appreciate its simplicity combined with comprehensive support materials but without burdensome certification requirements. Supervisors and managers like the emphasis on learning the appropriate use of four different management styles, particularly the coaching style widely considered the most flexible and motivative supervision technique in wide use today.

The Strategic Leadership Type Indicator (SLTi) is a self scoring paper/pencil or online assessment that can be completed in about 15 minutes as an the entry learning exercise for the workshop. SLTi assessments are purchased separately by workshop license holders at a 15% lifetime discount.

The SLTi assessment determines the degree to which you use coaching, teaching, relating or delegating styles correctly according to the c,apability and motivation of your direct reports. The SLTi combines proven, contemporary leadership strategies with the breakthrough concept initially commercialized by Situational Leadership™ that “one leadership strategy does not fit all situations”. Each supervisor has to understand the needs and capabilities of each direct report to manage that person optimally.

The Strategic Leadership Workshop License provides you electronic files with unlimited rights to customize, rebrand, and print all these training resources at a single site:

  • SLTi Participant Coursebooks (both 1 and 3-day workshop versions)
  • SLTi Leaders Guides (both 1 and 3-day workshop versions)
  • PowerPoint presentations for both workshops
  • The Starfish Files (a novel culminating in the use of SLTi)
  • SLTi Game
  • SLTi DVD package

The SLTi online assessment can be purchased separately with the Strategic Leadership Workshop License at a 15% lifetime discount off retail.

HRD Press invites you to compare our prices, products, and package to Situational Leadership or any other supervision training program. You’ll find out that SLTi delivers exceptional management training value with the most flexible customization and delivery options available on the market.

Strategic Leadership training is a complete development cycle for supervisors or managers:

  1. Leaders complete the self-assessment and discover their preferred leadership strategies for a variety of contexts.
  2. Leaders learn to select the best strategies for a given context.
  3. Leaders are shown how to use strategies to develop their direct reports, to move them toward higher autonomy, competence, and improved productivity.

After training supervisors can apply a simple technology to more effectively work with a subordinate with evolving job responsibilities, deal with a sudden change in a direct report’s performance, or proactively deal with virtually any personnel challenge.


Complete Strategic Leadership training resources provide management instructors a wide choice of training alternatives:

  • For Streamlined Applications or adding the SLTI to an existing management training program use the SLTI Facilitators Manual with the Assessment and the optional Participant Coursebook. (1-day option)
  • To deliver Advanced Training on the SLTI leadership model with extensive skill building in the 4 leadership strategies, use the SLTI Workshop Instructors Guide and Participant Workbook. (3-day option)
  • To add multi-media to your training use the SLTI 18-minute DVD to introduce the concepts and implications for supervisors who use the SLTI method.
  • For Self-Directed Learning, enable supervisors to complete the SLTI online. The online option produces a comprehensive report of the supervisor’s results. Supplement the online assessment with SLTI DVD to provide an easy viewing overview of the concepts and implications. Use the novel style book, The Starfish Files, as a pre-assessment assignment to orient supervisors and managers to breakthrough leadership principles culminating in one person’s awakening to strategic leadership.
  • For Classroom Training Alternatives use the SLTI self scoring paper/pencil assessment or use the online assessment as a pre-course assignment.
  • For supervisors in extremely challenging circumstances, use SLTI 360-degree feedback sets to help them better align their self-awareness with the perceptions of the people they work with.
  • The assessment is also available translated into French and Spanish.

Key Benefits

  • Supervisors can use a standardized approach to managing people.
  • Provides the means for any person (not just naturals) to become a successful supervisor.
  • All direct reports will be managed individually improving motivation and morale.
  • The organization can standardize training for new supervisors or team leaders.
  • Supervisors coach and lead, instead of relying on position power.
  • Supervisors learn a simple model for thinking about and then acting on any problem involving personnel.

Key Features

  • Ideal for supervisor candidates or first level supervisors and managers.
  • Participants complete and self score this easy-to-use assessment in about 15 minutes
  • 360 feedback sets are available for exploring the perceptions of co-workers about the appropriateness of the leader’s management styles.
  • Both the 1-day and 3-day training options include extensive PowerPoint slideshows.

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