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Test Preparation Educational Videos


Teaching Systems SAT: Super Pack DVD

This program is specifically designed for in-classroom use to help teachers prep their students on the SAT. With these winning formulas for success, there’s no reason why your students need to sweat this test!

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Standard Deviants School SAT Prep 6 Pack DVD

With the award winning Standard Deviants video package, your students will learn tips and tricks to ace the SAT.
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AP Biology Exam Prep - Video

This is your ticket to understand the good, the bad and the key components of the AP Biology exam. There’s more to this test than just filling in those tiny little circles, and this cast of young actors breaks it down so you’ll know how to take the test, master the free response section and brush up on the 30 most important topics.

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Light Speed SAT: The Bundle (DVDs)

Increasing vocabulary is a relatively simple process. Anyone can do it with the right tools. We’ll make the job easier by illustrating the definition of those tricky SAT Vocabulary words through comedic and entertaining examples. We’ll also teach you tricks to help remember and practice these definitions. The only skill you need to have is a willingness to work.

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AP English Language & Composition Exam Prep DVD

This one-of-a-kind AP* video tutorial enables teachers to review essential foundations of English rhetoric to prepare students for collegiate English courses. This program encourages students to use critical thinking skills, improve writing techniques, and develop analysis skills for the AP* exam.
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AP U.S. History Exam Prep (DVD)

AP* U.S. History is the most taken AP* exam, with over 360,000 students taking the test in 2009. This video program fully prepares students with thorough explanations of the most pivotal events in U.S. history. 30 key topics are reviewed ranging from Articles of Confederation all the way through the Civil Rights Movement & Vietnam war.

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Teaching Systems Test Prep Series (5 Pack) DVD

Cerebellum Teaching Systems are simply the most effective method for students to learn and for teachers to teach. This innovative system covers the topics in a fun, fast-paced, and engaging manner. Each module includes a video program along with a digital workbook filled with teacher's guides, classroom notes, quizzes, games, and discussion questions. The subject matter correlates directly to state standards and is produced and designed by the Cerebellum Academic Team of professional scriptwriters, students, professors, actors, comedians, and teachers.
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AP Chemistry Exam Prep (2 Pack)

AP Chemistry Exam Prep Get students jazzed up for the AP* Chemistry exam with this fun and exciting review! We made preparing for the AP* Chemistry test digestible by breaking down 30 essential topics in 30 minutes. Look forward to reviewing: the Kinetic Molecular Theory, liquids and solids, and molarity, to name a few!
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Teaching Systems SAT: Math DVD

This program is specifically designed for in-classroom use to help teachers prep their students on the SAT. With these winning formulas for success, there’s no reason why your students need to sweat this test!
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AP U.S. Government & Politics Exam Prep DVD

Liven up the classroom by bringing AP* prep to life! This exceptional AP* preparation video tutorial provides a thorough review of political platforms in American government. Covered detailed analysis includes the essentials of Institutions of National Government, Separation of Powers, policy making, and much more!
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Teaching Systems SAT: Critical Reading DVD

Covers These Topics
• Test layout • Time management • The “CHART” technique
• Line reference questions • Greek & Latin roots

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Teaching Systems SAT: Writing DVD

Covers These Topics
• Identifying sentence errors • Improving sentences • Improving paragraphs • Essay-writing techniques • Scoring • Practice steps

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SAT Prep Module 1: Introduction To The SAT & Sentence Completion (DVD)

Standard Deviants School is an educational and entertaining lesson-based supplement designed specifically for in-school use. With the award winning Standard Deviants, you'll capture your students' attention and make your classroom come alive! Each program includes full classroom performance rights.
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SAT Prep Module 2: Critical Reading And Vocabulary (DVD)

Learn tips and tricks to ace the Critical Reading sections. Use the Charting technique to search for correct answers. Increase scores in the Vocabulary section by reviewing common Greek and Latin root words, prefixes and suffixes.
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SAT Prep Module 3: The Writing (DVD)

Our proven methods help teach your students how to write a clear, organized and persuasive essay. Ace the multiple choice questions with easy-to-follow strategies!
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SAT Prep Module 4: Introduction To Math Section (DVD)

Avoid classic SAT traps and tackle new sections with confidence. Master "grid-in" questions and get the most from your calculator. Increase scores by learning how to solve math problems quickly and accurately.
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SAT Prep Module 5: Algebra (DVD)

Learn everything you need to help your students on the new Algebra II sections. Use innovative techniques for solving tricky math questions, equations, functions, and direct and inverse variations.
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SAT Prep Module 6: Geometry (DVD)

Review geometry definitions, rules, and basic properties to avoid careless mistakes. Plus, interactive quizzes and proven methods help students master the SAT.
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