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Theft Prevention Training Videos for Employees


Standard Deviants School Business Law Module 2: Torts DVD

What's a tort? Well, we'll give you a hint - a tort is a wrong one person does to another. That means assault and battery, theft, defamation and other forms of dastardly behavior.
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Restaurant Robbery and Employee Theft (English) DVD

You hear about it every day and see it on TV. Robberies are a fact of life in almost every society in the world. Restaurants arenít major targets because security and other prevention measures are usually good, but the potential is always there. This program is designed to provide as much information as possible so you'll be prepared in the event of a robbery or theft.
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How to Prevent Embezzlement Manual (Download)

Because embezzlement is generally a financial “habit” crime made up of a series of rhythmic, predictable and cyclic events, it becomes a simple matter to answer the question of just why certain types of companies are so susceptible to embezzling. Besides the fact that many companies store important assets like money, property and data, remember that most companies function in a traditional way.

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