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Workplace Training Activities & Games


50 Activities for Developing People Skills

Learn to improve interpersonal skills, enhance management performance, create effective teams, and improve communication within your organization.
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50 Activities for Developing Supervisory Skills

Ian Nicholls

Training Objective

  • Define the role of the supervisor
  • Develop key supervisory skills, including planning, organizing, and controlling
  • Improve communication skills
  • Develop skills for running effective meetings
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    50 Activities for Developing Supervisory Skills - Download

    50 fully reproducible activities ranging from 15 minutes to more than an hour in length. Skill development for team leaders, front line supervisors and facilitators includes: Promoting the Organization to Employees, Running Meetings, Diffusing Conflict, Negotiating Vacations, Dealing with Un-motivated People, Managing Gossip and more.
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    50 Activities for Employee Engagement - Download

    Itís no news today that competitive advantage in any industry depends on discretionary effort, creative thinking, and continuous innovation throughout the workforce. How do you get your organizations workforce more engaged? How can training play a central role in this business essential? The answer is 50 Activities for Employee Engagement.
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    50 Activities for Interpersonal Skills Training - Download

    These active learning sessions cover vital people skills such as assertiveness, listening, decision making, motivation, presentation skills, leadership, and teamwork. Each activity is fully reproducible, and all participant handouts and transparency masters are included. Activities take 1-3 hours to complete.
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    50 Activities for Managing Stress - Binder/Book

    Examine the different sources of stress and the impact on people and their performance
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    50 Activities for Managing Stress - Download

    This collection of fully reproducible training activities is designed to help managers and employees understand the sources of workplace stress, types of stress, how stress effects performance and most importantly - how to better manage stress.
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    50 Activities for Performance Appraisal Training - Download

    By Wendy Denham and Jane Jestico

    Here’s a terrific resource full of hands-on exercises that will make training in this vital area enjoyable and extremely motivating. Every employee – regardless of how experienced they are in appraisals – will be stimulated by learning how to question, listen, be objective, give feedback, communicate and manage the process.

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    50 Activities for Self-Development

    Comes complete with learning objectives, facilitator guidance, and reproducible materials.

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    50 Activities for Self-Development - Download

    These fully reproducible activities can be used in self study exercises or facilitated by a trainer. There is skill development and awareness training in the following competencies: Problem Solving, Motivation, Influence, Values, Exploring feelings, Relieving pressure, Coaching, Setting objectives, Management Style, Brainstorming, Creativity and more.
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    50 Activities for Self-Directed Teams - Download

    Implement successful self-managed teams in your organization. This collection of proven training exercises has been tested and refined in actual team training sessions, and covers all aspects of team development, including mutual goal setting, managing team stagnation, and developing team norms.
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    50 Activities for Team Building, Volume 1 - Download

    Volume 1 contains creative training activities which focus on the building blocks for teams such as communication, leadership, conflict resolution, and decision making.
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    50 + Activities to Teach Negotiation - Electronic Delivery


    This book contains a variety of fully reproducible exercises to teach and reinforce the skills necessary to be a successful negotiator. Each Activity includes a detailed description of the exercise, the steps to follow, additional resources and lecture notes for the trainer.

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    Global Competence: 50 Training Activities for Succeeding in International Business

    Today most executives and managers need to have an international business and cross-cultural perspective. Global Competence includes 50 training activities and self-development exercises to prepare your personnel for international assignments, and develop better understanding of cross-cultural communication.

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    Session Builders Series 100: 60 Exercises for Management & Supervisory Training

    Session Builders Series 101 is a 2 Volume set of 60 Activities. It covers over 20 of the most important management and supervisory skills, from active listening to time management.With more than 200 exercise options and variations you will always have a choice of realistic, easy-to-use designs that will add “something extra” to your training programs.

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    Session Builders Series 200: 60 Exercises for Management & Supervisory Training

    Those in your organization who’ve earned the title of “manager” or “supervisor” certainly have their hands full. This practical resource shows you how to develop the most critical skills and competencies they need to succeed through 60 powerful exercises. Engage learners in this experiential learning and you’ll see self-awareness and self-confidence increase dramatically.

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    Session Builders Series 300

    Getting a team to gel, produce and be successful is never easy. Invariably, youíll have team members who are inflexible or oversensitive ... babble or clam up ... point fingers or stir up conflict. These 50 exercises are a terrific way to confront these and other issues you may be facing as a team leader. And you can implement any and all of them quickly, without a big budget and with little or no training experience.
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    50 Activities for Collaborative Management

    In 50 Activities for Collaborative Management, you’ll find an array of dynamic and engaging exercises to help you explore what makes collaborative management work, its potential benefits and how to experience them in your organization.

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    Hostage Rescue Exercise

    An exciting team building and decision making simulation that is suitable for employees at all organizational levels. The scenario centers on a hostage taking situation by terrorists in a small third world country. Exercise participants take the role of a U.S. Department of State, Office of Security task team that has been assigned to help obtain the release of the hostages.
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    Hunt for T-Rex Exercise

    Focuses on behaviors and practices that are characteristic and required of truly successful leaders. Based on contingency and situational theories.
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    Go Green Bingo

    Learn practical and creative ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle with Go Green Bingo. Players will gain important knowledge about how to reduce their carbon imprint and to live a greener lifestyle. The laminated bingo cards depict ways to “go green.”

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    1,175 Strategies, Techniques and Activities for Self-Development and Facilitation - PDF Download

    This comprehensive electronic files package contains 1,175 Strategies, Techniques and Activities for Self-Development and Facilitation
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    Escape the Wildland Inferno (Team-building Exercise)

    The scenario focuses on a group of hikers who are camping deep in Sasquatch National Forest. During a violent thunderstorm lightning ignites a forest fire that spreads rapidly due to high winds and dry woodland conditions.
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    50 Activities for Dealing With Difficult Discussions at Work

    Teach employees how to be better and more confident communicators Ė in just a matter of minutes.
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    Survive Nature's Fury (Team Training Activity)

    Survive Nature's Fury is a motivating training activity that commands participant interest as it develops key communication skills attributes. Following a PowerPoint slide introduction with fascinating photos of severe storm scenes, the activity presents participants with a four-section storm survival test that is completed first by participants individually and then as a team.
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