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Transportation Safety Training Videos & Courses


Driving Preparation (DVD)

Be prepared for any trip with our Driving Preparation training that provides the basics of vehicle maintenance and inspection as well as suggestions for planning your route
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Driving Techniques: Driver Training Series - DVD Training

Helps reduce incidents and crashes by showing drivers how to maneuver a CMV through different driving situations
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Driving Techniques: Straight Truck Series - DVD Training

Shows straight truck drivers pro-level techniques for defensive driving and covers escape routes for common emergencies.
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Drug and Alcohol for CMV Drivers (Online)

This course, developed in conjunction with the experts from the Transportation Safety Institute (TSI) of the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), provides an overview of the regulations from the Controlled Substances and Alcohol Use and Testing that apply to CMV drivers.
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Drug and Alcohol for Management (Online)

This course, developed in conjunction with the experts from the Transportation Safety Institute (TSI) of the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), looks at the motor carriers requirements for a Controlled Substances and Alcohol Use Testing Program. The course focuses on the key aspects of a regulation-compliant drug and alcohol testing program.
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Dump Truck Safety - Video

Dump Truck Safety - Of all the vehicles found on construction, maintenance, and public works, the dump truck is without question the most versatile. In addition to the all familiar carrying, dumping, and spreading of loads, this highly versatile equipment can be outfitted with a wide array of attachments to make it, without question, the workhorse of the job site.
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Earthquake Safety (Automotive) DVD

Earthquake Safety - Let's start by looking at the earth, how it was formed, and the changes that it is still going through.
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Emotional Wreck - DVD

Aggressive driving is responsible for 1,500 deaths each year. Give your employees this eye-opening look at what constitutes aggressive driving, what contributes to it and how one driver's acts can cause a "domino effect" of bad decisions that may lead to tragedy. After watching this dramatic expose of the dangers of impatience, selfishness, obliviousness and competitiveness behind the wheel, your employees are sure to take a deep breath and drive as if their lives depend on it.

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Employee Safety Orientation For Automotive Personnel (DVD)

Statistics compiled over the last 50 years reveal the majority of all accidents and injuries are caused by unsafe acts by employees who take short cuts, violate safety rules and job procedures. Safety is an important responsibility for you, the company and fellow employees. This program is an overview of your safety responsibilities to help perform your job safely
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Entry-Level CMV Driver Training (Online)

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, per 49 CFR Subpart E - Entry-Level Driver Training Requirements, requires all entry-level drivers who drive in interstate commerce and are subject to the commercial driver license (CDL) requirements of 49 CFR Part 383 to complete training addressing the following four areas:
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Facility Security The Critical Link

Most emergency situations arise with very little warning, and we now know that a terrorist attack can strike in any form.
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Fatal Distractions: Keep Your Eyes On The Road - Video

Fatal Distractions: Keep Your Eyes On The Road features 12 separate interviews of people who lost their loved ones to distracted driving.
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Fatigue Management - DVD

There are huge demands on trucking and logistics industries to meet the growing need to move raw materials and finished products. With these demands, fatigue becomes a major concern for drivers and motor carriers alike. This program deals with the problems and causes truck drivers have in dealing with fatigue.
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Fit Testing Under New NIOSH Standards DVD

Fit Testing under New NIOSH Standards program explains the new rules and procedures for proper fit testing of respiratory equipment.
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Fleet Shop Safety and Hazardous Materials (Automotive) DVD

Fleet Shop Safety and Hazardous Materials program covers the importance of safety when working in this environment.
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FMCSA Dispatchers & Load Planners Series (Online)

The FMCSA Dispatchers & Load Planners Series covers the topics required for entry-level driver training, best practices for motor carrier accident countermeasures, and the acute and critical regulations of the following key parts of Title 49 that influence the motor carrier safety rating:
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Forklift Hazard Perception Challenge - DVD Training

Helps satisfy the training requirements of OSHA's Powered Industrial Truck Standard (1910.178)
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Front End Loader Safety and Operations (DVD)

A front end loader operator requires technical and driving skills and careful operation of the vehicle and equipment. The operator has the responsibility of working safely for themselves and co-workers of the company and community. This program covers the operation of a front end loader vehicle with emphasis on safety.
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Handle with Care: Forklift Safety Training (English) DVD

This program is designed to provide your employees with the equipment-specific training needed to comply with OSHA's powered industrial truck standard.
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Hang up and Drive (DVD)

This is a story that can help you change the culture of cell phone use and driving at your organization. This is a story that can save lives.
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Hazard Communication GHS - Video

This course provides an overview of the key issues covered in the Hazard Communication Standard, including the 2012 revision to align with GHS, and provides information that employees need to know about the labeling of hazardous chemicals in all parts of their product cycle.
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Hazard Communications For The Trucking and Warehouse Industry DVD

This program is designed to provide the most updated information about HAZCOM and perhaps identify some of the areas where more work needs to be accomplished. In 2010, OSHA has considered updating and improving HAZCOM compliance
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Hazmat Containers DVD

This training video program is the most comprehensive study you will find of containers used to store and transport hazardous materials, focusing on safety. Available separately or as a part of the series.
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Hazmat Transportation: Driver Training - DVD Training

This training program has been updated to include changes from the HM-215N final rule
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Hazmat/WMD Awareness DVD

This safety video demonstrates recognizing the presence of hazardous materials, self-protection, calling for support from trained personnel and securing the area. It addresses the latest NFPA 472 requirements for Awareness personnel.
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