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Transportation Safety Training Videos & Courses


Personal Safety & Security for CMV Drivers - DVD Training

Personal safety and security training that teaches CMV drivers how to protect themselves from the threat of theft and physical violence when they're on the road.
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Pre-Trip Inspection (Waste Management) DVD

The equipment you use must be inspected before you use it every time Ė itís the law. A proper inspection protects you and those working around you by ensuring that the equipment you are using is mechanically safe. This program focuses on how to perform a thorough and accurate pre-shift inspection.
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Pre-Trip Inspection - Large Buses DVD

Vehicle breakdowns are costly, inconvenient and frustrating for the operator and passengers. Reducing the chances of a breakdown can be done with a pre-trip inspection. This program will demonstrate a basic pre-trip inspection.
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Pre-Trip Inspection - Small Buses DVD

Mechanical breakdowns are always a frustrating experience; frustrating for you and your passengers. By performing a pre-trip inspection on your vehicle before putting it in service, you can often avoid breakdowns due to mechanical failures. Today, we’re going to talk about the pre-trip inspection.

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Preventing Slips and Falls In Trucking (DVD)

Over 14,000 people die each year from falls at home and on the job. Truck driving is dangerous because of traffic, road and weather conditions. More drivers are hurt each year by slipping and falling from non-moving vehicles than by any other single cause.
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Preventing Slips and Falls In Trucking - DVD

This video training program focuses on preventing slips and falls from trucks.
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Protecting Your Knees (DVD)

Our knees are important to many of the moves you make each day. And there’s a lot that can be done to avoid a knee injury. This program will cover the things your employees can do to keep their knees healthy.

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RCRA Combo-Pack

The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) was passed by congress in 1976 to manage hazardous wastes. RCRA regulations apply to any company that generates, transports, treats, stores, or disposes of hazardous waste. Prepare your team in the regulations and requirements in working with hazardous waster.
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RCRA-Preparing for Transportation, Manifesting, and LDR Training Video

This course covers preparation steps for transportation, hazardous waste training requirements, hazardous waste manifest, land disposal restrictions (LDR), and alternative treatment standards.
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Rear Loader Safety and Operations (DVD)

Rear loaders are designed for speed of operation, safety and ease of loading. Rear loaders require a vehicle pre-trip safety and operational inspection, the same as other vehicles. The operator must have a good attitude about accident prevention and vehicle operating procedures. The program focuses on vehicle operation with emphasis on safety.
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Reasonable Suspicion Testing: What Supervisors Need To Know - DVD Training

This training program has been updated to reflect changes to DOT drug testing regulations effective 1/1/18. Helps fulfill supervisor training requirements for reasonable suspicion alcohol and drug testing.
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Residential Operations (DVD)

This program focuses on residential pick up of solid waste, the hazards you can expect to encounter, and best practices to avoid and prevent accidents while on the job.
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Respirators: The New Rules (DVD)

Respirators: New Rules are explained in this program. Employers have protected their workers from potentially harmful gas, fumes, mists, vapors and airborne contaminants. Respiratory protection comes in a variety of models
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Rest Stop Routines (DVD)

Working in the trucking industry increases a personís risk for developing musculoskeletal problems and other health problems due to the long hours in the same sedentary position.
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Retail Tire Shop Safety Management (DVD)

The professional skills needed to support a fast moving organization are becoming more critical. Small outdated shops are falling by the wayside.
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Road Rage (DVD)

The objective of this program is to provide awareness of potential hazards on the road and how to control our emotions on the road.
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Roadside Inspections: A Driver's Guide, Second Edition - DVD Training

This program is designed to help properly prepare drivers for roadside inspections and help them understand the consequences of a failed inspection. It also addresses the proper way to show your ELDs during an inspection to help comply with officers.
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Roll Offs and Safety Operations Training DVD

Roll offs carry a large load and are a large part of business. They have the potential of causing serious injuries or property damage if not handled properly. It is important to continue improving safety awareness and accident prevention. This program covers the operation of roll offs with emphasis on safety.
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Safe Driving on Freeways

This program is intended to be a reminder to some of the more important driving tips we tend to forget.
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Safe Driving: Take Control - Video

The program explains how to prepare the vehicle for safe driving and how to conduct a pre-drive inspection.
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Safety Orientation (Waste Management) DVD

This program that we developed is to teach you safe working practices that will protect your safety and health and your co-workers.
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School Bus Safety For Parents and Teachers

Small children listen and understand more from their parents and teachers than they would from a video training program.
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Shipping of Hazardous Materials (DVD)

Shipping of hazardous materials is a big responsibility. There have been many disasters and lives lost due to improper shipping of hazardous materials. The goal of this program is awareness of hazardous materials and the proper shipping procedures.
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Side Loader Operations and Safety Training DVD

Side loaders are designed for speed of operation, safety and ease of loading. Side loaders require a vehicle pre-trip safety and operational inspection, the same as other vehicles. The operator must have a good attitude about accident prevention and vehicle operating procedures. The program focuses on vehicle operation with emphasis on safety.
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Space Management Around Your Truck (DVD)

In Part 1 of this video program we are looking for ways to become better safe drivers, our attention turns to space management. Just as with speed, we carefully watch and control the space around our trucks can make the difference between life and death.
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