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Transportation Safety Training Videos & Courses


School Bus Safety For Parents and Teachers

Small children listen and understand more from their parents and teachers than they would from a video training program.
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Shipping of Hazardous Materials (DVD)

Shipping of hazardous materials is a big responsibility. There have been many disasters and lives lost due to improper shipping of hazardous materials. The goal of this program is awareness of hazardous materials and the proper shipping procedures.
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Side Loader Operations and Safety Training DVD

Side loaders are designed for speed of operation, safety and ease of loading. Side loaders require a vehicle pre-trip safety and operational inspection, the same as other vehicles. The operator must have a good attitude about accident prevention and vehicle operating procedures. The program focuses on vehicle operation with emphasis on safety.
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Space Management Around Your Truck (DVD)

In Part 1 of this video program we are looking for ways to become better safe drivers, our attention turns to space management. Just as with speed, we carefully watch and control the space around our trucks can make the difference between life and death.
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Speed Management - DVD

Speed Management - Throughout your professional driving career, you’ve probably heard a lot of talk about defensive driving.
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Substance Abuse Training for Supervisors and Employees (DVD)

Train supervisors AND employees on the dangers of substance abuse in the workplace.
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Tanker Rollover

Approximately 1300 tanker truck rollovers occur every year. These rollovers are the reason behind one in four accident-related truck driver deaths.
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Tanker Solutions Compilation - DVD Training

This training video program has been updated to include the current regulations as of 12/18/14, which require drivers to complete pretrip and post-trip vehicle inspections. Drivers must complete a driver vehicle inspection report (DVIR) after a post-trip inspection when vehicle defect(s) are found. Drivers of passenger-carrying vehicles must complete a DVIR whether or not vehicle defect(s) are found.
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Think N Drive DVD

Think N Drive - Our objective is to provide logical, factual information to help you make better driving decisions. We know that a training program won't change attitudes, but we believe if you learn and use this information; you'll be a better, safer driver.
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Torquing Lugnuts (DVD)

Torquing Lugnuts – This video is going to discuss the who, what, when, where, and why we use torque wrenches in the automotive service industry.

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Transportation In The Next Century - Video

Advances in science, technology and engineering will make cars and roads safer to drive. The size and shape of cars and how they are designed and built in the future will also change.
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Trucking Industry - Hazard Communications DVD

Hazard Communications for the Trucking and Warehouse Industry program is designed to provide the most updated information about HAZCOM. It identifies some of the areas where more work needs to be accomplished.
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Trucking Industry - Vehicle Pre-Trip Inspection DVD

Obviously, the primary purpose of inspecting a vehicle before you get on the road is to determine if the vehicle has any defects that could be a safety hazard or cause the vehicle to break down. There are Federal and State laws requiring vehicle inspection, but safety is of primary importance and concern.
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Ultimate Defensive Driving Course

This training video course provides factual information to help the viewers achieve a better understand of vehicle safety and defensive driving.
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University Van Safety Program - DVD

The goals of this program are to increase awareness of guidelines for the safe use of vans while conducting school business either on or off campus. Topics covered in this safety video include: 12 and 15 passenger vans, implementation, inspecting your vehicle, maintain your vehicle, avoid distractions and stay focused, common sense, impaired driving, intersections, backing up, speeding, tailgating and the second rule, risk of rollover crashes, and van safety for passengers.
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Vehicle Inspection (DVD)

Almost every driver knows that they’re supposed to do a pre-trip inspection of their tractor and trailer before they leave the yard. They also know that they’re required to perform and document another complete inspection when they finish their work for the day. What happens too often is that drivers either don’t conduct these inspections at all, or they do them so quickly that they don’t see the things they should identify s needing repair.

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Vehicle Inspections DVD

Almost every driver knows that they’re supposed to do a pre-trip inspection of their tractor and trailer before they leave the yard. They also know that they’re required to perform and document another complete inspection when they finish their work for the day.
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Vehicle Inspection - DVD

First of all, anyone operating this equipment must be trained and authorized by the company. Your license means you have received training and are capable of safely operating this equipment.

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Vehicle Inspections: Straight Truck Series - DVD Training

The Straight Truck Series is a collection of training programs which emphasize the essential skills necessary for staying safe on the road while operating a straight truck. This series is appropriate for all levels of truck drivers, from the entry-level to the veteran driver operating any type of straight truck.
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Vehicle Inspections: Tractor Trailers - DVD Training

For all drivers of property-carrying commercial motor vehicles that require a CDL to operate.
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Winter Driving Safety short version training Video

Winter Driving Safety program, will take a look at winter driving and how to reduce driving accidents, injuries, and hopefully reduce the many problems associated with winter driving. In this program we'll discuss important topics such as vehicle maintenance, winter weather, special driving tips
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Work Zone Safety

A “work zone” is an area of roadway associated with construction, maintenance, or utility work activities. Work zones are typically marked by signs, channeling devices, pavement markings, and/or work vehicles. Because they are often adjacent to active

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Hours of Service for Passenger-Carrying CMV Drivers (Online)

The course focuses on what the passenger-carrying commercial motor vehicle (CMV) driver needs to know to comply with the regulations, and provides practice in filling out the Record of Duty Status.
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Consequences of Driving A Motor Vehicle Under The Influence (Trucking)

Consequences Of Driving A Motor Vehicle Under The Influence - Manslaughter charges, murder charges, felony convictions, deaths, injuries, court costs, license revoked or suspended, attorney fees, public service, rehabilitation and of course, the police record that goes with the arrest and conviction. This video is not designed to tell you not to drink and drive, you already know that!

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Introduction to Hazardous Chemicals DVD

Introduction to Hazardous Chemicals DVD is a safety training video demonstrating experiments performed by Dan Keenan that portray chemical reactions, vividly emphasizing for the audience the hazards of chemicals and basic safe response considerations.
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