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Tuberculosis Safety Training Videos

Tuberculosis Safety Training Videos

Our tuberculosis safety training videos provide comprehensive education to healthcare workers and other professionals on how to prevent and manage tuberculosis infections. These videos cover topics such as transmission, diagnosis, treatment, and infection control measures to ensure that workers and patients are protected from this highly contagious disease.
Tuberculosis in the Healthcare Environment

Tuberculosis in the Healthcare Environment Safety Video

Tuberculosis in the Healthcare Environment training video provide employees with the latest information on the tuberculosis threat, the infection hazards they may encounter in their job and the steps they can take to avoid them.
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Tuberculosis - Respiratory Protection (DVD)

Tuberculosis - Respiratory Protection - For much of the 20th century, tuberculosis was a major public health concern. TB sanatoriums could be found in many major cities and a generation of researchers worked to eradicate this highly contagious, highly debilitating, and potentially fatal disease.

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