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Vocabulary Videos for Students



Written by award-winning English as Second Language instructors, each program in this series covers vocabulary as well as a different part of speech including pronouns, prepositions, and adjectives.Mastering the English language will seem easy for your class with the Standard Deviants!
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Great Grammar Series: Video Quiz DVD

Put your students on the right track. The Great Grammar Series helps students recognize the importance of grammar, not only for writing effective compositions, but also for all types of writing - from essays to e-mails. Each of the programs features an upbeat host who presents important grammatical rules and then applies them to a real-life writing scenario, such as composing a travel article or creating the copy for a school yearbook.
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Light Speed SAT: The Bundle (DVDs)

Increasing vocabulary is a relatively simple process. Anyone can do it with the right tools. We’ll make the job easier by illustrating the definition of those tricky SAT Vocabulary words through comedic and entertaining examples. We’ll also teach you tricks to help remember and practice these definitions. The only skill you need to have is a willingness to work.

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Light Speed Vocabulary Builder: The Bundle DVD

Vocabulary Builder uses short comedic videos to bring the meanings of words to life in a way that students can easily relate to and understand. The videos are organized into episodes with hilarious characters and entertaining plot lines that engage students and enable them to learn and remember the meanings of difficult words an outstanding way to improve vocabulary and prepare for tests like the SAT!
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Teaching Systems SAT: Super Pack DVD

This program is specifically designed for in-classroom use to help teachers prep their students on the SAT. With these winning formulas for success, there’s no reason why your students need to sweat this test!

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