What's Video Streaming?


About Video Streaming

With video streaming, your employees can watch the training videos at their own pace, from the convenience and comfort of their desk or home. 

Video streaming delivers videos directly to your desktop computer. Technology advances has made video streaming a very cost-effective option for your organization—even a smaller company with limited technical resources can now train employees with online video.

Video streaming is the most efficient and cost effective delivery system for bringing high quality training resources to all managers and employees. Whether you are training employees at their desktops, on the road with laptops, in your classrooms, or even at home, video streaming is the way to go.

Setting-Up Stream Video is Easy

We offer you easy and convenient ways to quickly get started streaming videos to learners in your organization. 

We offer two viewing options,  you may view courses over our partner's turnkey Learning Management System (LMS) or you may use your organization's own LSM or intranet. Both options are provided at the same affordable pricing.

  • Use our Partners Video-on-Demand LSM PlatformThis options gives you the abiltiy to view videos over our LMS without any technical involement. We provide you with a Windows Media File and admisistrator password. Your employees long-on to to view the video over the internet on their desktops or laptops. Your company's account administrator has access to notification and may have tracking tools to ensure your training program meets its goals. Most videos are followed by a short post-training quiz, to assess learner knowledge and retention. Please check with our consultant for specific option, they vary depending on program.
  • Use Your Company's LMS or Intranet Platform - You can license our video content for use on your intranet or Learning Management System (LMS)? By streaming our video training, you'll provide your employees with convenient access from their desktops, and on their schedules. 

How Much Does it Cost?

Depending on the program(s) you select, streaming licensing costs will usually range between $5.00 and $9.95 per user with a minimum user requirement. The more employees you add to the license, the less expensive it becomes.

For more information about our video streaminig courses or price qutoe, please contact our support team by email or phone 1-888-337-2121 


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