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Environmental Safety Training Videos


RCRA - Introduction Training Video

RCRA regulations apply to any company that generates, transports, treats, stores, or disposes of hazardous waste. This course covers hazardous waste identification, hazardous waste lists, codes, and characteristics, and the mixture rule.
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True Cost, The Ripple Effect of a Chemical Spill (DVD)

The effects of a chemical spill are many and far-reaching -- work time and resources wasted, production delays, administrative burdens and the hassles and disruptions to employees work and personal lives.
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RCRA - Special Wastes and Other Requirements - Video

Some hazardous wastes can be safely recycled. Recycling is an excellent way to manage hazardous waste if it can be done legitimately because recycling can avoid environmental hazards and protect natural resources.
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Bioremediation Tactics

Train your employees about bioremediation tactics used to break down hazardous substances.
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Chemical Spill Cleanup (DVD)

Chemical spills in the laboratory are serious events that can be hazardous to your health and to the environment. Keeping the lab uncluttered, properly transporting and storing chemicals, and careful planning of experiments can reduce the risk of having a chemical spill. This program covers the procedures for cleaning up chemical spills and protocols to follow.
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SPCC Run-on and Run-off - Video

The purpose of the EPAís Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure rule is to prevent oil contamination of navigable waterways and adjoining shorelines.
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Underground Storage Tank Requirements (UST)

Train your employees about the requirements for underground storage tanks.
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Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan General Awareness Training (DVD)

When stormwater flows through chemical storage areas, areas of outside industrial activity, waste management areas and similar areas, it can pick up debris such as chemicals, fertilizers, fecal bacteria, pollutants and other hazardous materials.
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SPCC Secondary Containment

Train your employees about the SPCC requirements for secondary containment systems for use in preventing oil discharges.
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RCRA - Generator, Container, and Tank Requirements

Train your employees about the regulations established by RCRA for generators (anyone that generates hazardous waste) for waste minimization, container management, waste tanks, and air emissions.
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Pollution Prevention Best Practices

Train your employees how to identify and reduce pollution and its affects on the environment.
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HAZWOPER Standard Training Package - 8 Videos In One Package

The Hazcom standard training package includes 8 videos and a CD-Rom of written materials.
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NPDES Wastewater Discharge Permits

Train your employees about the National Pollutions Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit and its requirements.
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Construction Site Stormwater Runoff Control

Train your employees about the hazards of construction site stormwater runoff and the epa requirements.
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Clean Water Act Section 404 Permits

Train your employees about the Clean Water Act (CWA) and the requirements for obtaining a Section 404 permit.
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EHS Plus Combo-Pack

EHS Plus Combo-Pack
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Our new EHS Plus Combo-Pack is our most comprehensive DVD set yet. With 56 individual DVDs, this set will keep your team engaged with over 25 hours of self-paced training content.
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Aboveground Storage Tank Requirements (AST)

Train your employees about the SPCC regulations that apply to aboveground storage tanks.
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HAZWOPER Training Program

Meet your OSHA-required 8-, 24-, or 40-hour HAZWOPER training requirements with HAZWOPER Training Program! Youíll have 17-Audio training sessions that will engage your employees plus with your comprehensive manual you have a training kit that cannot be beat! You even have quizzes and customizable certificates.
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Environmental Hazards at a Mine - Video

This course discusses several different weather conditions that can affect the mine site including high winds, ice, excessive rain, lighting, and fog.
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EPA - History and Organization DVD

In July of 1970, the White House and Congress worked together to establish the Environmental Protection Agency in response to the growing public demand for cleaner water, air, and land.
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HAZWOPER Deluxe Training Package - 19 Videos In One Package

The Hazcom deluxe safety training package includes 19 videos and a CD-Rom of written materials.
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HAZWOPER - S.T.E.P. - Introduction To Emergency Preparedness (DVD)

The Safety, Training and Emergency Preparedness (S.T.E.P.) program provides information needed to help perform a job safely. Managementís policy is to maintain strict safety standards and being prepared to cope with emergency situations
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DuPont Energy Efficiency: Energy Smart

DuPont Energy Efficiency: Energy Smart video course helps promote general energy awareness in all organizations and includes specific tips to help deliver quick energy savings.
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Stormwater Pollution Prevention - Video

Stormwater runoff is the result of precipitation created by rain or snowmelt flowing over any exposed surface, such as equipment, roofs, roads, and pastures.
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Daily Planet in the Classroom: Environment Super Pack

This video series featuring interviews, field pieces and real-life experiments from around the world, Daily Planet provides a fast-paced, enlightening and entertaining look at what is happening on (and off) our planet.
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RCRA - Emergencies, Inspections, and Training

Train your employees how to minimized the potential of a hazardous waste release. This includes the emergency preparedness and prevention standards and the required employee training and documentation.
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The 3 R's Of Sustainability: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

The 3 R's of Sustainability is the starting point for every organization that seeks to reap the financial, social, and economic benefits associated with developing and adopting environmentally friendly policies and practices.
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Hazardous Spill Cleanup DVD

Hazardous Spill Cleanup - What is a hazardous material? Itís a material that may endanger your life or health, the life or health of others, or cause damage to your facility or the environment. To handle hazardous material spills, your organization has developed procedures to control spills and emergencies.

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D.O.T. - Out of Service Criteria DVD

D.O.T. - Out Of Service Criteria - In this video, we want to examine what's known as Motor Vehicle Out of Service Criteria. This criteria is published by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance or CVSA. If any of the conditions described in this program are present on your vehicle, the vehicle may be deemed Out of Service by the Department of Transportation.
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Water Agency Security

Especially since 9/11, drinking water system facilities are faced with the mandate of incorporating new security measures, tightening ones already in place, and taking a look at a number of other relevant sensitive issues. Damage to wastewater treatment facilities can result in contamination of drinking water supplies, environmental damage, economic impact, and a negative effect on Public Health. It's extremely important that all employees working in and around wastewater treatment facilities take personal responsibility for security and cooperate with all policies and procedures.
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Go Green Around Your Home Video

Sustaining the world’s resources for future generations can start with small changes around your home. Watch as a group of students – The Go Green Team – are called to action after they learn statistics about waste. See how they come up with ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle products in their homes to create a healthier lifestyle and environment.

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CERCLA - The Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (DVD)

The Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, And Liability Act Ė This program discusses how hazardous waste sites are governed and restricted from certain actions and explains the amendment and SARA, which was adopted in 1986. It also addresses clean up situations, prevention of contamination, and the exact purpose of SUPERFUND
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Global Change Super Pack (3-DVD Set)

Presented by some of the foremost experts on global change in North America, with footage from the islands of the Arctic to the Salton Sea in California, this series explains the complex issue of global change in a way that is both clear and compelling.
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Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 1990 Clean Air Act DVD

Most of us are familiar with large oil spills, hazardous waste, and materials and certainly we understand the need for clean air. This is perhaps EPAís major problem to solve. Clean air is easy to talk about, but difficult to control or make cleaner. Understanding the problem can go a long way in educating people about air quality and why itís so important. The Clean Air Act is the comprehensive Federal law that regulates air emissions from area, stationary, and mobile sources.

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Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasures

This course will discuss spill-related pollution, spill prevention techniques, appropriate procedures for controlling a spill, and countermeasure techniques that can be taken to help comply with federal regulations.
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