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Job Aids Series Collection

You get unlimited access to 30 Job Aids that will improve performance for any individual or organization. SkillBbuilder Booklets are 12-page training snapshots that present each competency in logical steps. Skillbuilders provide the individual with self-paced learning and easy transition to on-the-job practice.
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Train-the-Trainer - Instructor's Guide 3rd Edition

This proven workshop is for the non-professional trainer who must develop and conduct training sessions on occasion. As jobs change and re-training is needed at an increasing rate, more and more managers and team leaders are being called upon to do training that was formerly done by experienced trainers.
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Supervisor on the Scene: Training Job Skills (DVD)

Help supervisors conduct a successful training session with Supervisor on the Scene: Training Job Skills.
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Strategic Leader Facilitator's Guide Revised, 1-day

The Facilitator’s manual includes a half day and a full day workshop outline to make it easier for the trainer to deliver workshops of varied length. Each topic is introduced with background concepts and there are notes for leading discussions and detailed instructions for leading participants through experiential exercises.

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Fearless Facilitation!™ How to Lead Effective Training

Fearless Facilitation: How to Lead Effective Training builds the confidence, poise, knowledge and skills demonstrated by facilitators who are exceptionally competent. Participants will learn how to generate quality discussions, make smooth transitions between activities and manage disruptive behaviors. Organizations will benefit by having facilitators who increase the value of their training sessions, thus building the skills of associates.
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50 Activities for Developing Supervisory Skills

Ian Nicholls

Training Objective

  • Define the role of the supervisor
  • Develop key supervisory skills, including planning, organizing, and controlling
  • Improve communication skills
  • Develop skills for running effective meetings
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    The Problem-Solving & Decision-Making Toolbox

    These ready-to-use tools are applicable to problem solving, decision making, creativity and innovation, quality, operations and service. Tools include: Force Field Analysis, Process Mapping, Decision Trees, Cost Benefit Analysis, SWOT Charts, Evaluation Matrix and many more.
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    All New Tricks For Trainers

    57 tricks, brainteasers, and puzzlers, designed to amaze your training audience and hold their attention. Filled with openings and energizers to energize the audience and lay a foundation for improved retention of new material.

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    Faultless Facilitation Resource Guide (2nd edition)

    3-Ring Binder

    Use this practice-oriented workshop to teach team leaders and group facilitators the key skills for leading productive team meetings.

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    50 Activities Library (Download)

    The 50 Activities Series provides trainers and HR professionals with a comprehensive library of ready to implement training activities targeted at specific competencies. Everything you need is provided and is at your fingertips. These FULLY REPRODUCIBLE ACTIVITIES are organized for ease of use with each title containing a summary index/chart of the activities included.
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    50 Activities for Creativity and Problem Solving

    These reproducible activities develop creative thinking, offer new approaches to problem solving, and develop innovative approaches to problems that aren't responding to traditional methods.
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    Hostage Rescue Exercise

    An exciting team building and decision making simulation that is suitable for employees at all organizational levels. The scenario centers on a hostage taking situation by terrorists in a small third world country. Exercise participants take the role of a U.S. Department of State, Office of Security task team that has been assigned to help obtain the release of the hostages.
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    Facilitators Tool Kit

    This collection of fully reproducible activities and techniques will benefit training specialists, supervisors, managers, team leaders and anyone else whose job success depends on the results produced by groups.
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    The Trainer's Kit to Motivation

    The Trainers Kit to Motivation combines insights, research, and behavioral tools from 3 expert perspectives to provide a set of training products that can bring out the sources of motivational power in any manager,... or in any person.
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    101 Games for Trainers Package (Download)

    101 classroom-tested games, exercizes, and activities that add spark and energy to your training sessions. PLUS 101 more games that will engage participants and bring weary participants back to life. Every trainer runs into that situation where participants hit the wall. These games and activities will splash excitement back into your audience and reenergize your training.

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    100 Reproducible Workshops (PDF Electronic Delivery)

    For many professional skills and competencies, this 5-volume set can start you in the right direction or complete existing programs that lack a key skill. You get 100 workshops that range from 1 to 3 hours in length.
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    50 Activities for Developing Leaders Vol. II

    Best-Seller By Lois B. Hart, Ed.D. (2003)

    Free Shipping within the U.S.

    For years, the popular 50 Activities for Developing Leaders, Volume I, has helped trainers effectively introduce and reinforce key skills in leadership training.

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    Basic Management Training Complete Series

    Basic Management is the first grouping in a series of workshop collections that are designed to fully develop your managers. Each workshop is designed as a stand-alone workshop and can be delivered in any order. We suggest that you start your beginning managers out with the Basic Management Series and move them up the ladder to the Advanced Management Series, and then on to the Leadership Series. (This series is provided as a site license with unlimited customization and reproduction at a single location of all the workshops.)
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    Experiential Training Activities for Outside and In

    Use these physically engaging activities in a fresh air, outdoor setting as a stimulating change of pace for your training sessions.

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    Train-the-Trainer - Course Book 3rd Edition

    This proven workshop is for the non-professional trainer who must develop and conduct training sessions on occasion. As jobs change and re-training is needed at an increasing rate, more and more managers and team leaders are being called upon to do training that was formerly done by experienced trainers.

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    50 Activities for Managing Stress - Binder/Book

    Examine the different sources of stress and the impact on people and their performance
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    50 Activities for Promoting Ethics within the Organization

    This title is divided into five sections. Each section has ten exercises designed to stimulate discussion and promote inquiry regarding business ethics.

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    50 Activities for Sales Training

    Novice and experienced salespeople alike will benefit from these activities which focus on strengthening essential selling skills.

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    EXCEL - Managing to EXCEL - 12 Workshop Series

    Excel is a collection of 12 half-day off-the-shelf workshops, each dedicated to the development of a single critical competency. Each workshop is detailed below.
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    50 Activities for Self-Development

    Comes complete with learning objectives, facilitator guidance, and reproducible materials.

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    Faultless Facilitation Instructors Manual

    By Lois B. Hart, Ed.D

    This instructors manual for the Faultless facilitation program offers 48 in-class learning activities and optional training designs to go with the best-selling Faultless Facilitation Resource Guide.

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    50+ Activities to Teach Negotiation


    This book contains a variety of fully reproducible exercises to teach and reinforce the skills necessary to be a successful negotiator. Each Activity includes a detailed description of the exercise, the steps to follow, additional resources and lecture notes for the trainer.

    Training Objectives

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    50 Activities for Achieving Change

    A complete selection of training activities for teaching others the process of accepting change, demonstrating the need for change, reducing conflict, improving communication skills and more.
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    The Service Pro: Better, Faster and Different Workshop

    Overview: A comprehensive program targeting customer service IN’s and OUT’s, ideal for today’s competitive market. Program includes DVDs, stories, exercises, overheads, role-plays, and more for both managers and service personnel.
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    50 Activities for Achieving Excellent Customer Service w/CD

    Increase the creativity and skill level of customer service representatives, Demonstrate what excellent customer service is, Provide insights and practice to improve customer service, Develop your own organizations bank of customer service learning situations
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    A Compendium of Icebreakers, Energizers & Introductions

    Select from 75 quick exercises to break down barriers, increase motivation, and provide the best possible start to your training program. Compiled by a team of five trainers with a wide variety of experience, the games represent a rich mixture of styles and an extensive range of approaches.
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    Establishing the Value of Training

    As corporate budgets get tighter and tighter, managers are demanding that expenditures on training be fiscally justified. Trainers are being asked to build a business case for making training investments, and they are being required to determine what those investments yield.

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    Skills for Internal Consultants Workshop

    This comprehensive 2-day workshop includes lesson plans, instructor guidance, slides, and participant materials to train trainers to become internal consultants. Ideal for adding value to the training mission and developing key skills in training staff to make them more effective facilitators, internal partners, and change agents who focus on performance.
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    The New Fieldbook for Trainers - Binder/Book

    This innovative book is a gold mine of field-tested principles, activities, instruments, and designs.
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    Compendium of Icebreakers Volume 2 Connections: 125 Activities for Faultless Training - Binder/Book

    Are you maximizing every opportunity to connect with participants before, during and after training? This is the key to optimizing the learning experience of every individual – and the focus of these 125 tested and proven-effective activities for trainers.

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