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Home Health Care Training Videos


Introduction to Home Care DVD

This program teaches home care providers about the home care field and describes important skills for success on the job.
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Elder Abuse Training Video Program

Elder Abuse Training Program
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The Elder Abuse Training Program is a 2-hour course that teaches home care professionals and primary caregivers about the complexities of elder abuse and neglect in the home setting.
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Understanding Mental Illness: Depression

Over 20 million Americans suffer from depression. This video will train your staff on the signs, symptoms, and treatment of depression. The caregiver's role and suicide is also addressed.
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Dementia Care - Effects of Medications on Persons with Dementia Video

Residents with dementia can be particularly sensitive to medications and at risk for inappropriate use. This course will assist your staff to understand the effects and side effects of commonly used psychotropic medications.
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Managing Challenging Family Situation

This course addresses preventing challenging situations while working through scenarios and case studies. We will discuss how to respond to challenging situations, the five stages of grief and loss, and how this relates to managing challenging family situations, as well as ways to assist an upset family member. Remember to speak to your supervisor immediately if you are approached by an upset family member.
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Assisted Living Dementia Care Staff Training Kit

The Assisted Living Dementia Care Staff Training Kit from Care and Compliance Group provides you with practical training materials and DVDs that make it easy to conduct dementia care staff training in your Assisted Living or Residential Care Community. This kit is perfect for training new staff as well as conducting ongoing in-services.
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40-Hour California RCFE Orientation Training Kit

New California laws have expanded the training requirements for direct care staff working in a Residential Care Facility for the Elderly (RCFE). Effective January 1, 2016. Assembly Bill 1570 and Senate Bill 911, both passed in 2014, have expanded the orientation training requirement to a total of 40 hours and the annual continuing education requirement to 20 hours.
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HIPAA Training for Home Care

HIPAA Training for Home Care
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Respecting clients' rights to confidentiality is an important part of providing good home care. Privacy rights are legally enforced through a federal law titled HIPAA. This DVD describes HIPAA guidelines and teaches home care providers about the importance of maintaining confidentiality in a variety of settings.
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Observation, Reporting and Documentation DVD

This program teaches home care personnel about observation, reporting and documentation, three important areas of client care.
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Assisted Living Medication Training Kit

The Assisted Living Medication Training Kit from Care and Compliance Group provides you with practical training materials and DVDs that make it easy to conduct medication staff training in your Assisted Living Community. This training kit is perfect for any size community; large, mid-level, or small.
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HIPAA: Security & Privacy In Long-Term Care

Length: 19 minutes

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Protect your patient's privacy and security rights and comply with the HIPAA Security and Privacy Rules.

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Caring for Someone with Early to Mid Stage Alzheimer's Disease DVD

Caring for Someone with Early to Mid Stage Alzheimer's Disease DVD
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When home care professionals and primary caregivers are educated about Alzheimer's Disease and provided with helpful communication tools, it can increase their understanding, making it easier for them to relate with those who have Alzheimer's. Improved communication and acceptance naturally create a higher quality of life for the person who has Alzheimer's.
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New HIPAA Rules - A Briefing On HIPAA Rule Changes (DVD)

This continuing education activity has been developed as basic resource for HIPAA Covered Entity personnel such as HIPAA privacy and security officers, privacy contacts, risk managers, counsel, information management and information technology personnel, compliance officers and leadership at all levels interested in establishing a foundation for further in-depth study of HIPAA March 26, 2013, Privacy, Security and Breach Notification rules.
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Caregiver Skills Training DVD and Checklists

This essential training tool provides both a DVD of basic care skills as well as a comprehensive set of skills checklists. Use the DVD to review skills and select from over 120 skills checklists to create a standardized way to measure - and track - your caregivers' skills.
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Home Health Aide Training Program

This training course is designed to meet the challenges facing home health employers and training schools, you have complete program control with strong behind-the-scenes support from the Institute for Professional Care Education..
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Ancillary Services Training Kit

You already count on us for your administrator education and great caregiver training tools, now we have solutions to help you train staff from the other departments in your community
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Dementia Care - Hydration Video

This course will address signs and symptoms of dehydration, the effects of dehydration, effective strategies to ensure proper hydration, and dementia-specific care issues.
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Dementia Care Manual for Assisted Living and Residential Care

Sound dementia care policies and procedures are critical to safe and effective resident care. With over 40% of assisted living residents suffering from Alzheimer's disease or some other dementia, it is essential that you supply your staff with the tools, information, and best practices needed for success
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Dementia Care - Wandering Video

In this module we will address how wandering is not necessarily a negative behavior. We will discuss providing meaningful activities that can help discourage excessive wandering, how wandering can easily lead to elopement, and actions to prevent elopements.
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Introduction to Housekeeping - DVD

Every resident living in an assisted living or residential care community has the right to a clean and sanitary environment. This training module will focus on the fundamental knowledge and skills required for anyone who is responsible for housekeeping in an assisted living or residential care community
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Texas Assisted Living Training Kit Package

The Texas Assisted Living Training Kit Package was developed to provide you with practical training materials and DVDs that make it easy to conduct staff training in your Assisted Living Community
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Personal Care Attendant Training Program

This 43-hour training course is used by home care agencies, community colleges and other organizations to train in-home care providers.
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Washington Long Term Care Worker Training Kit

The Washington Long Term Care Worker Training Kit from Care and Compliance Group provides you with practical training materials and DVDs that make it easy to conduct Long Term Care Worker staff training in your Residential Care or Assisted Living Community.
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Nutrition and Meal Preparation for Older Adults DVD

This program teaches important information about nutrition for older adults. It presents skills and tools that enable home care professionals and primary caregivers to develop enjoyable, healthy meals that suit each client's particular needs.
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Alzheimer's Disease DVD Combo Pack

Alzheimer's Disease Training Combo Pack
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Caring for Someone with Early to Mid Stage Alzheimer's Disease. This program defines Alzheimer's Disease and its effects and teaches communication techniques that can bring a higher quality of life both to the person who has Alzheimer's and to the caregiver.
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Mental Health Nursing: Client Experiencing Mania DVD

Follow along with this series of vignettes where nurses interact with clients experiencing a wide range of mental health challenges.
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HIPAA: Do The Right Thing (DVD)

Video Streaming Also Available

HIPAA security and privacy compliance is mandatory! Walk your employees through the basics of the HIPAA Security and Privacy Rules and make sure sensitive personal information is handled with the highest level of security and confidentiality.

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Ergonomics: Safe Patient Transfer (DVD)

Back injuries and other musculoskeletal disorders are rampant in the healthcare industry. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nurses' aides, health aides, radiology technologists and therapists, as well as licensed practical nurses and registered nurses, make up six of the top 10 professionals at the greatest risk for back injury.

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Master Library for Caregiver Training

The Master Library for Caregiver Training contains all of our Caregiver Training DVD's. This comprehensive caregiver training program provides the highest value for caregivers.
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Dementia Care: Sundowning Video

This module defines and demonstrates the manifestations of sundowning behavior. In this module, we will address the caregiver’s role in successfully managing these behaviors, successful techniques and interventions, and implementing appropriate and enjoyable activities.

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Domestic/Elder Abuse (DVD)

Domestic violence and abuse of the elderly can happen anywhere in big cities, small towns and the suburbs. It is a shameful problem, but unfortunately not a unique or new problem. Includes guidelines specific to health-care. (3 CE Contact Hours)
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Practical Nursing Skills DVD

As the need for licensed practical nurses grows each year, so does the necessity for quality nursing educational material. The following series of video clips provides nursing students with the opportunity to gain the required knowledge and complex skill sets of a licensed practical nurse. Follow along as each of the 16 modules and 2 case studies show the specific steps involved in common nursing procedures.
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Infection Control In Long-Term Care: Protect Your Residents, Protect Yourself (DVD)

This program can help your staff keep residents in long-term care facilities infection-free. It covers the identification of common infections, factors that increase susceptibility, and various practices that can help control and prevent disease.
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Home Health Safety Orientation Training DVD

This important program will help you recognize the potential dangers of working in a home care setting. It provides important safety tips which will protect you and your patients.

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Mental Health Nursing: Verbal & Physical Aggression DVD

Unfortunately, mental health nurses may have to care for persons who, for a variety of reasons, may be physically threatening or aggressive.
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