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Ergonomics Training Videos & Courses


Industrial Ergonomics (Online Course)

This course will introduce common risk factors and methods to prevent musculoskeletal injury. Ideal learners include all industrial employees.
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Office Safety Basics Training DVD

Office Safety Basics - The purpose of this program to provide you with the general overview of the safety hazards present in the office and outline steps that you can take to minimize risk.

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Protecting Your Back - DVD

This program will cover the things your employees can do to keep their backs healthy.
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Office Ergonomics DVD

This program covers ergonomics in the office environment and how to avoid the fatigue, strain and stress that can result from the poor office setup.
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OSHA 30-Hour Construction Safety - Online Course

Employers who have trained their workers with the OSHA Outreach Program for Construction have seen reductions of up to 66% in lost-time injuries. This 30-hour construction safety course is the online version of that successful program and is intended to provide instruction on a variety of general construction safety and health standards. As an OSHA 30-hour course, you are expected to spend a minimum of 30 hours in the course.
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Protecting Your Knees (DVD)

Our knees are important to many of the moves you make each day. And there’s a lot that can be done to avoid a knee injury. This program will cover the things your employees can do to keep their knees healthy.

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Protecting Your Shoulders - Video

If we donít pay attention and use the right positioning, our shoulders, like any part of the body thatís not used in the proper way, are vulnerable to injury. This program will cover the things your employees can do to keep their shoulders healthy
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Take 5 Module 2 - Ergonomics (DVD)

This five part series covers sitting, standing, stretching, ergonomics and lifting. Using a unique “talk show” format, each segment focuses on the individual topic so employees are able to give the topic their full attention.

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Ergonomics for the Mobile Worker (DVD)

This program discusses posture and how it impacts the proper use of mobile office equipment, the special challenges it presents and the importance of positioning and moving our bodies as we work.
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Ergonomic Task Analysis - Module 1 Survey and Analyze (DVD)

This video will help to teach your team the basic concepts, knowledge, and skills necessary to perform an ergonomic task analysis in a manufacturing setting.
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Ergonomic Task Analysis - Module 2 Focus and Eliminate (DVD)

This video will help to teach your team the basic concepts, knowledge, and skills necessary to perform an ergonomic task analysis in a manufacturing setting.
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Office Ergonomic Task Analysis (DVD)

This program guides your office/ergonomic team step-by-step through identifying and analyzing the stress-causing conditions and bad habits that lead to discomfort and injuries. Classroom and field sessions teach participants how to make effective ergonomic improvements.
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Wrong Way Right Way: Safety Cases - USB / DVD

Guided by this principle, Wrong Way Right Way: Safety Cases helps inject fun into safety training. It drops the dull-lecture format and uses funny snippets to show employees the "wrong way" to handle 10 common safety issues.
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Elements of an Ergonomics Program (DVD)

This program contains two modules designed to provide your employees with an understanding of the importance of ergonomic awareness and how to implement an effective ergonomic plan in your company.
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Elements of Backcare - Healthcare Version (DVD)

Elements of Back for the Health Care Industry, educates employees on how to properly care for their backs and prevent injuries in a health care setting. This program covers proper techniques for patient movements and transfers. Also included is information on the use of transfer tools to make jobs easier and safer.
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OSI: Office Safety Investigation - USB / DVD

In OSI: Office Safety Investigation, your employees will follow Brandon, the newest member of the Office Safety Investigation (OSI) team as he learns about the four most common office hazards
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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Ergonomics (DVD)

Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by consistently compressing a nerve that travels through a fibrous tunnel in the wrist to the hand (hence, carpal tunnel) and one good way to get it appears to be typing and mousing around with your wrists at an angle for long periods of time.
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Employee Involvement In Ergonomics (DVD)

While CTDs or Cumulative Trauma Disorders are a medical disorder and treated as such, ergonomics, the fit between people and their tools and workplaces, represents an important ingredient in treatment and prevention. The bottom line is that ergonomic approaches to CTDs can be viewed simply as good management. Documented evidence supports claims that ergonomic solutions are clearly cost effective because of increased productivity and work output.

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Healthcare Ergonomics: Working to Your Advantage - USB / DVD

Cumulative trauma disorders are the fastest growing category of occupational injuries in the United States. This program will help you identify ergonomic hazards in your work area and focuses on the prevention of the most common injuries you will face as a healthcare worker.

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Industrial Workstation Ergonomics DVD

This video training program will discuss on musculoskeletal disorders, carpal tunnel syndrome, material handling and much more.
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Office and Computer Ergonomics DVD

Office And Computer Ergonomics - In this short training program, we're going to discuss only one part of a good safety program. It's called ergonomics. Ergonomics is nothing new, but there have been a number of improvements and advancements in the study of ergonomics in recent years. This program will help you control your safety at work much better.

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Industrial Ergonomics Safety Training Video

This course addresses one of the most prevalent and costly safety and health problems in the modern workplace and provides useful information for putting a program into place. .
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Ergonomics: Watch Your Back - DVD

Video Streaming Also Available

Whether your staff is moving patients, test tubes, laundry or food, they need to protect their backs from undue stress. All healthcare workers have a high risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders or back injuries.

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Stopping Ergonomic Injuries (DVD)

Stopping Ergonomic Injuries program discusses types of injuries, engineering controls, and personal protective equipment relating to ergonomics. Everyone has seen or heard about ergonomics. Most of us have an understanding about ergonomics and what it means, but we don't always incorporate this knowledge into practice on the job.
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Safety Orientation For Office Environments (DVD)

Safety Orientation For Office Environments (DVD)
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Safety Orientation In Office Environments - Office safety is perhaps more important than safety in a manufacturing environment. The most important part of office safety is thinking safety on the job in an office environment. Injury statistics show that 85 to 98% of all accidents/injuries result from unsafe acts of employees.
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