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Construction Safety Training Videos


Construction Safety Orientation For Employees - DVD Training Program

Safety orientation every new construction employee should have.
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Ladder Safety for General Industry - DVD Training

This program helps learners understand OSHA ladder safety requirements under the Walking-Working Surfaces rule. English & Spanish available all in one program.
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Contractor Safety: A Contract For Safety

This video program provides a basic overview of the safety procedures contractors need to be aware of in most facilities. Various work activities are illustrated and examples of the proper safe procedures are discussed
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Personal Protective Equipment: Employee Essentials - DVD Training

Provides general industry employees with training on their roles and responsibilities in safeguarding themselves against on-the-job hazards through the proper use of PPE
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Fall Protection for General Industry - DVD Training

This program is designed to help learners understand OSHA fall protection requirements under the Walking-Working Surfaces rule. English & Spanish available all in one program.
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Aerial Work Platform Safety Training (DVD)

This video covers the safe operation of areal work platforms including boom lifts and scissor lifts. This video focuses on equipment inspection, fueling and driving.
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Walking-Working Surfaces: What You Need to Know for Supervisors and Employees - DVD Training

Designed to help employees and their supervisors understand the OSHA Walking-Working Surfaces rule and their responsibilities under the new slips, trips and falls requirements. English & Spanish available all in one program.
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Confined Space Entry-Permit Required

This course will describe the dangers, best practices, and permit requirements necessary when working in a permit-required confined space.
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Hot Work: Safety Operations Training - DVD Training

Get your team prepared to properly plan and perform hot work in an industrial setting with this DVD set.
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Overhead Crane Safety (DVD)

This program is designed to help you conduct a training session to ensure that your employees understand how to safely operate overhead cranes in your facility.
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A Primer On Fall Protection - Video

Fall prevention has been a major concern for many with recent statistics reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics revealing that fatal falls were down 25% from a high of 847 in 2007. More training is necessary to further reduce the number of falls. The goal of this program is to prevent falls and gain an awareness of fall prevention equipment.
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Cranes & Lifting Devices (DVD)

This program presents information on the proper use and inspection of chain and webbing slings and the safe use of overhead cranes and hoists.
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Work Zone Safety

A “work zone” is an area of roadway associated with construction, maintenance, or utility work activities. Work zones are typically marked by signs, channeling devices, pavement markings, and/or work vehicles. Because they are often adjacent to active

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Fall Protection for Construction - DVD Training

Helps learners in the construction industry recognize the hazards of falling and how to minimize them.
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Safe Use & Operation of Industrial Cranes (DVD)

Because of the serious hazards presented by crane operation, crane operators must be fully qualified and 100 percent committed to the safe operation of their crane. That is the purpose of this program--to review the safety rules, precautions and safe operating practices
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Confined Spaces: Entry Team Training - Maintenance Activities - DVD Training

Helps employees meet requirements of the OSHA standard regarding confined spaces. Enhanced with the EyeCue Visual Learning System.
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Survive Inside: Employee Safety in Confined Spaces (DVD)

This safety video program explains why entering confined spaces can be so hazardous and how those hazards can be controlled by following proper confined space entry procedures.
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2015 NFPA 70E & Safe Electrical Work Practices (DVD)

The changes from the 2012 edition are also explained. Topics include approach boundaries, skills required of qualified electrical workers, selecting arc-rated clothing and protective equipment, arc flash PPE categories, creating an electrically safe working condition, when energized work is permitted and energized electrical work permits.
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Blocking and Cribbing for Heavy Equipment

Blocking and cribbing is a phrase which describes a variety of procedures used to stabilize heavy equipment, or large components of heavy equipment, during maintenance.
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Confined Spaces: Entry Team Training - Construction Activities - DVD Training

Helps employees meet requirements of the new OSHA standard regarding construction activities in confined spaces.
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Confined Space Entry: A Deadly Situation (DVD)

This program is an all new modular training program that covers the following areas: Confined Space Hazards Confined Space Protection Confined Space Ventilation Confined Space Entry
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Construction Fall Protection: We All Win (DVD)

This program covers the information that workers need to keep themselves safe while working at heights.The video is a 5-part modular video presentation that can be used to educate both new and experienced workers
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OSHA Top 10 Combo-Pack

This set of 10 DVDs provides training on topics that align with OSHA's top 10 most frequently cited standards. Designed to cover the most commonly cited standards following worksite inspections, this combo-pack provides training in key areas to help workers recognize hazards, prevent injuries, and avoid costly fines.
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Wrong Way Right Way: Safety Cases (DVD)

Guided by this principle, Wrong Way Right Way: Safety Cases helps inject fun into safety training. It drops the dull-lecture format and uses funny snippets to show employees the "wrong way" to handle 10 common safety issues.
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Utility Locations Call Before You Dig (DVD)

This program covers what happens if you do not call before digging, acquiring locations, mark-outs, and what to do in case of an emergency.
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Advanced Portable Ladder Safety - Video

Falling from a ladder can be frightening. People endure more than 500,000 falls, 300 deaths and an average of 165,000 trips to the emergency room every year. The vast majority of the falls from ladders is the result of misuse. This program focuses on the different types of ladders and how to use them properly
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HazMat: What You Need to Know

This HazMat training video helps you meet mandated training requirements for OSHA’s revised GHS Hazard Communication Standard. (DVD or Video Streaming)

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Ladder Safety Training DVD

This Ladder Safety program talks about the thousands of individuals who are injured by falling off a ladder each year. Most injuries are caused by slipping on grease, oil and solvents left on the rungs and sides of the ladder.
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Permit Required Confined Space Entry DVD

This Confined Spaces Permit Required program is designed to provide you with safety basics involved in confined space entry.
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EHS Plus Combo-Pack

EHS Plus Combo-Pack
Average rating:
Our new EHS Plus Combo-Pack is our most comprehensive DVD set yet. With 56 individual DVDs, this set will keep your team engaged with over 25 hours of self-paced training content.
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Eye Protection (DVD)

This training program will teach your employees how to protect their eyes from debilitating injury. They will learn what types of situations present danger to their eyes and the proper eye protection to use in each situation.
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Housekeeping (DVD)

This award-winning program reinforces the importance of proper housekeeping methods and illustrates the multiple benefits of keeping your work site in order from increasing safety, to improving your image, to better utilizing your space.
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Hearing Conservation: What...?! (DVD)

This program takes an entertaining approach to illustrate what happens to workers who ignore the signs of hearing loss and what employees can do to protect their hearing while they still can.
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Hearing Conservation: Are You Listening, Jim? (English) DVD

This program presents the story of one worker’s struggle with his own “inner voices” that encourage him to take better care of his hearing.

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Construction Fall Protection (DVD)

This program teaches your employees the importance of using the correct fall protection. The informative video provides a detailed illustration of the various types of fall protection and how to properly use them to avoid a deadly fall.
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