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Lockout / Tagout Safety Training Videos


Workplace Hazard Perception Challenge - DVD

Help your employees reduce the chances of accidents, injuries and fines.
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Safety Training Presentations in PowerPoint

You can deliver professional, high-impact employee safety training presentations in PowerPoint--even if you've never worked in PowerPoint. This fully equipped program gives you everything you need to train on 25 safety topics.
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OSHA Top 10 Combo-Pack

This set of 10 DVDs provides training on topics that align with OSHA's top 10 most frequently cited standards. Designed to cover the most commonly cited standards following worksite inspections, this combo-pack provides training in key areas to help workers recognize hazards, prevent injuries, and avoid costly fines.
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7-Minute Safety Trainer-Spanish/English Edition

This safety training product provides your Spanish-speaking employees with safety tips, handouts, quizzes, and reminders to prevent accidents and injuries, and it helps employers avoid costly OSHA fines and higher workers' compensation costs.
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OSHA Training System - Binder

You get four new or revised safety training sessions every 3 months. Itís the only training system focused on every OSHA-required training topic. You can use the OSHA Training System to:
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Wrong Way Right Way: Safety Cases (DVD)

Guided by this principle, Wrong Way Right Way: Safety Cases helps inject fun into safety training. It drops the dull-lecture format and uses funny snippets to show employees the "wrong way" to handle 10 common safety issues.
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The Ship Safety Suite Training DVD Series

Photographed on location aboard working ships in Europe, Trinidad, California and Washington State, The Ship Safety Suite offers vessel operators, trade organizations, vocational schools and marine safety agencies a comprehensive set of vessel familiarization and health, safety, security and environmental training guidelines. Available on individual DVDs or as a four-program set, the recommendations are based on the International Safety Management (ISM) Code.

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Onboard Lockout -Tagout (DVD)

Onboard Lockout-Tagout depicts real-world lockout-tagout procedures aboard vessels ranging from harbor tugs to super tankers. Lockout-tagout refers to the set of procedures that is essential for protecting personnel, vessels and the environment from damage caused by the inadvertent operation of onboard systems.

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Lockout/Tagout - Gory Story/High Impact (DVD)

Years ago, companies had training programs, but nothing like today. Worker comp hadnít been invented just yet. Even back in those days, the owners of the companies used something called lockout. Didnít have fancy tags or even very good locks, but maintenance people were supposed to lock out any electricity that was supporting machinery.

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Lockout/Tagout - Hazardous Energy Source (DVD)

This program is designed to explain the basic procedures, some terminology used in the procedures, and general requirements. Control of hazardous energy sources is the new concept with new requirements for the previous lockout/tagout program.

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Hazardous Energy Source - Lockout/Tagout Affected and Authorized Persons - Machine Operators/Non-Operators

Lockout/Tagout Affected And Authorized Persons Ė Machine Operators/Non-Operators - When we say lockout that means locking out something. Naturally, tagging means applying a tag. In your company, lockout and tagout can be two of the most important things you can do for safety, particularly when you're using machines and equipment
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The New Lockout/Tagout Program DVD

The New Lockout/Tagout Program - One of the most effective devices for personal protection around moving machinery is a lockout and tagout program. When you hear the words lockout and tagout it means locking up the energy sources of a machine so it cannot be started. The tagout part of the term refers to placing a tag on a locked machine so everyone will be aware that a particular machine is under repair or maintenance.

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Manufacturing Training Courses - 15 Videos

The standard manufacturing training package includes 15 videos and a CD-Rom of written materials.
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Safety and Health - Advanced (DVD)

This DVD covers more advanced guidelines and best practices for safety in a variety of industrial workplaces. With safety topics including working around mobile equipment, hazardous chemicals, and moving machine parts, this course provides advanced concepts critical to establishing safe work habits for yourself and your team.
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Warehouse Safety Combo-Pack

The ultimate in warehouse safety training these 26 DVDs cover subjects that apply to virtually all general industry workplace environments. Get your material-handling workforce up-to-speed on important OSHA regulations and recognized best practices.
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Steam Pipe Safety Training

Steam is used around the world in many different ways. In industrial environments, it is commonly used for power generation and in heating and drying applications.
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Electrical Safety Training Videos Package

New electrical standards, most notably the National Fire Protection Association or NFPA 70E, are the principle regulations to establish minimum requirements for improving electrical safety.
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Employee Safety Orientation: Starting Out Right DVD

For most people starting a new job can be confusing and even a bit stressful. Thereís a lot to learn ranging from where the break room is to how to sign up for benefits to learning the new job itself. While no one expects a new employee to remember everything right away, it is important to make safety an immediate job priority.
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Advanced New Employee Orientation (DVD)

The goal of this training program is to help you understand some of your job responsibilities that include safety. Safety is a major part of your job, no matter where you work or what type of job you perform. Meets OSHA training requirements for training new employees on safety basics.
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EHS Plus Combo-Pack

EHS Plus Combo-Pack
Average rating:
Our new EHS Plus Combo-Pack is our most comprehensive DVD set yet. With 56 individual DVDs, this set will keep your team engaged with over 25 hours of self-paced training content.
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Lockout Tagout - Video

Lockout/tagout can be defined as the placement of a lock or tag on an energy isolating device, in accordance with an established procedure, ensuring that the energy isolating device and the equipment being controlled cannot be re-energized until the locking device is removed. While an authorized person usually performs the lockout, an "affected employee" is an employee that is affected by the lockout in your facility.
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Electrical Safety Combo-Pack

Working with Electricity has serious risks. Train your team in preparation for working with electricity.
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Lockout/Tagout: Put a Lock on Hazardous Energy - DVD Training

This safety training video provides critical info on OSHA's lockout/tagout requirements (29 CFR Part 1910.147)
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Hazardous Energy Source -Lockout/Tagout (DVD)

This program is designed to explain the basic procedures, some terminology used in the procedures, and general requirements. Before this requirement was released in September of 1989, organizations used the lockout and tagout procedures to protect employees from machinery and equipment hazards
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Manufacturing Tailgate Video Package Set (29 Videos)

This package contains multiple training topics for the manufacturing industry. This 4 DVD set includes 29 short tailgate videos for the construction industry.
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Safety In The Maintenance Department Part 2 (DVD)

This program covers lockout/tagout, confined space, fire prevention, ladders, compressors, hazardous materials, MSDS and labels with emphasis on safety.
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Maintenance Person Safety (DVD)

Maintenance Person Safety - The definition of a maintenance person goes like this: An individual whoís expected to do the impossible, in the shortest time, at the least expense, and to keep doing it, day after day, year after year without complaining and never achieving the recognition deserved for keeping the organization in good operating condition.

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Contractor Safety: A Contract For Safety

This video program provides a basic overview of the safety procedures contractors need to be aware of in most facilities. Various work activities are illustrated and examples of the proper safe procedures are discussed
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Maintenance Safety Combo-Pack

Proper maintenance is important to any workplace. Train your team how to have a safe and clean workplace with this set of maintenance safety topics.
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Construction Safety Orientation For Employees - DVD Training Program

Safety orientation every new construction employee should have.
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MSHA-New Miner Extended Combo-Pack

Perfect for mine operators and mining contractors looking for the MOST COMPREHENSIVE set of New Miner courses available...anywhere. Use this combo-pack to stay compliant with the addition of MSHAís required mine tour and task-specific training.
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EHS Combo-Pack

This set of 28 DVDs is designed to help train your workers on key safety topics. Each course is based on federal regulations or best practices established by OSHA, the EPA, or other safety organizations.
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Manufacturing Safety Combo-Pack

The ultimate in manufacturing safety training this 24 DVD set covers subjects that apply to virtually all general industry workplace environments. Get your manufacturing workforce up-to-speed on important OSHA regulations and recognized best practices.
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