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Food Safety Training Videos & Courses


Food Handling Safety Training Program

"Food Handling Safety" course discusses the contamination hazards that are associated with food handling, and the materials, equipment and safe work practices employees should use to ensure that the foods they prepare won’t make someone else sick.

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HACCP in the Food Industry Training Program

"HACCP…Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points in the Food Industry" training course discusses the most widely used, international food safety program…the “Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points” system, which ensures that the food reaching consumers is safe enough to eat.

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Food Safety: It's in Your Hands Training Video

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Ever get sick from something you ate? An estimated 1 in 6 people contract a foodborne illness each year, so what can you do to stay safe? Discover the steps to keeping food safe from foodborne illness by joining a chef in the kitchen along with a microbiologist to learn what you need to know for clean and safe food storage and preparation.
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COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan Download

Protect your customers, patrons, community, patients, employees, and yourself with this easy to implement COVID-19 action plan. Thoroughly researched to address CDC, OSHA, Infection Control and other requirements for employers.
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Sanitation For Cafeteria and Food Service Areas Training Video

Sanitation for Cafeteria and Food Service Areas program will focus on cleanliness, sanitation, food temperatures, and good housekeeping. Foodborne illness is quite prevalent in the home, restaurants, hotels, retail establishments, even school cafeterias.
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Restaurant - Sanitation and Health Food Service Workers Training Video

Sanitation And Health For Food Service Workers - Food borne illness is quite prevalent in the home, restaurants, hotels, retail establishments, even school cafeterias.
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Foodborne Illnesses In Restaurants (DVD)

Improper food preparation, handling, or storage can quickly result in food being contaminated with germs that may lead to illness such as hepatitis A or diarrheal diseases. The program will touch on how food becomes contaminated, cleanliness, sanitizing, and food temperatures.
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Kitchen Safety Training Video

Kitchen Safety program covers all aspects of safety in the restaurant kitchen. If you're aware of potential hazards, you can make good judgments and decisions that will allow you to perform your job without an accident.
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Knife Skills for Foodservice and Culinary Video

Join Chef Marshall O’Brien to learn basic knife skills essentials for foodservice operations in Knife Skills for Foodservice and Culinary DVD. Chef Marshall offers insight and practical advice to train foodservice works to safely and efficiently cut fresh fruits and vegetables with a knife and an industrial food processor.
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Cleaning and Sanitizing In A Food / Pharmaceutical Processing Facility

Cleaning and Sanitizing in a Food/Pharmaceutical Processing Facility program will concentrate on cleaning and sanitizing of process equipment. It's extremely important to understand basic cleaning and sanitizing procedures and to use these procedures when cleaning equipment used in a food or pharmaceutical manufacturing process. Lack of proper sanitation can cause increased returns of products, shorter shelf life, less profit, and can invite the threat of possible operation shutdown.
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15 Minute Foodservice Trainings

The 15 Minute Foodservice Trainings binder features creative and memorable training activities that are perfect for school nutrition employees’ professional development and continuing education opportunities.
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HACCP: A Plan For Food Safety - Video

Includes English, Spanish & Portuguese versions!

Don't let your organization become the reason for a foodborne illness outbreak. HACCP: A Plan For Food Safety looks at why having a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) plan in place is a necessity to protect consumers from disease and your organization from negative publicity.

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Choking Prevention Handouts

The Choking Prevention Handouts highlights the ways to keep mealtimes safe for students and children with advice about how to prevent choking, how to identify choking, and foods that will often cause a child to choke. 8 ½” x 11”, 50 sheets, 2-sided.
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Restaurant - Kitchen Safety (English) DVD

Many employees in the kitchen and food service industry are injured every year. Food handlers, cooks, waiters and waitresses, beverage servers can’t always be concentrating on anything except providing quality food and service. This program will cover all aspects of safety in the restaurant kitchen.
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Food Safety for Older Adults Tri-Fold Brochures (50-Pack)

Keep food safe and prevent harmful foodborne illnesses with practical, sound advice found in the Food Safety for Older Adults Tri-Fold Brochures. The pamphlet includes basic information tailored for senior adults based on the four principles of food safety: Clean, Chill, Cook, and Separate.

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Sanitation and Cleanliness in Food Service Establishments (DVD)

Sanitation and Cleanliness in Food Service Establishments program covers carelessness, micro-organisms being allowed to get on the food. It's happened to us all at one time or another, an upset stomach after eating. You might not even know what caused the problem.
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Food Safety Posters

Help prevent harmful food-borne illnesses by discovering the four keys to keeping food safe to eat with these Food Safety Posters. The colorful posters feature food safety tips that address the importance of Chill, Separate, Clean, and Cook in keeping and handling foods in the proper way.
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Play it Safe! Kit

The food safety concepts presented in this kit include proper food handling skills in buying, preparing, cooking and storing food, and handling leftovers.
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Meals in Minutes Meal Planning DVD

Simplify your life by planning meals ahead of time. Follow comedian Stevie Ray as he explains the steps of meal planning while he prepares a simple chicken noodle soup from leftovers.
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Good Manufacturing Practices: Food Safety's In Your Hands - Video

Includes English, Spanish & Portuguese versions!

Good manufacturing practices are essential to protecting the population against infection spread through food. This program helps employees avoid putting lives in danger.

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Bacteria and Disease Control - Video

Bacteria and Disease Control program covers how bacterium affects the janitorial and custodial professions and how it applies to cleaning.
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Bloodborne Pathogens For Cafeterias (DVD)

Designed as information for employees who normally are not exposed to blood or body fluids, but this information is important precautionary information for cafeteria employees.

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5 Minute Food & Kitchen Safety Activities (Hard-copy)

Use the 5 Minute Food and Kitchen Safety Activities as quick, easy, and effective activities to fill extra minutes of class time. Each activity is calculated to last 5-10 minutes.
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Foodborne Illnesses In The Child Care Setting (DVD)

Every individual in the child care system should review the information contained in this training program. Discusses food borne illness prevention techniques, cleaning, sanitizing, and much more. Did you know that heating food in plastic containers in the microwave can be hazardous and a potential carcinogen? Features an interview with an adult who recently experienced food borne illness and explains his experience with this potentially deadly illness.

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Knife Safety Basics Training DVD

According to OSHA, workplaces must be free of all recognized hazards. Certainly, knives fall into this category. Companies provide the appropriate training. It’s up to the employee to be aware and comply with company procedures. This program focuses on the use of knives with emphasis on safety.
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