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Team-Work & Team-Roles - Starter Kit

The Team-Work and Team-Roles assessment helps individuals and teams better understand how their preferences for different types of work can affect the overall result. Participants will learn to recognize the unique strengths of each team member and identify the phases of a team task; thus enabling them to pinpoint the role each contributor should take in order to get the job done.

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Accident Investigation Safety Meeting Kit

This Accident Investigation Safety Meeting Kit shows employees steps that are taken in an accident investigation, and highlights how important it is for employees to fully cooperate with any inquiry.
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Accountability Experience Starter Kit

The starter kit includes the comprehensive facilitator's guide package that has case studies and role play exercises, scripts for a 1-day workshop (also broken out into 7 modules), PowerPoint slide deck, lecture content, models and frameworks, action planning and instructions for using the assessment tool.
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Active Shooter: Surviving an Attack Safety Meeting Kit

Active Shooter: Surviving an Attack Regulatory Compliance Kit gives your employees a step-by-step explanation of an active shooter situation, as well as prevention and survival techniques recommended by law enforcement agencies.
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Ancillary Services Training Kit

You already count on us for your administrator education and great caregiver training tools, now we have solutions to help you train staff from the other departments in your community
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Arc Flash Safety Meeting Kit

MARCOM's training on Arc Flash focuses on what arc flash is, its hazards and how employees can avoid it on the job. The program provides practical procedures employees can use to protect themselves from electric shock, as well.
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Arizona Caregiver Training Program Kit

The Arizona Caregiver Training Program Kit includes everything you need to train caregiver candidates based on regulations, and submit your program for approval to the Arizona State Board of Examiners of Nursing Care Institution Administrators and Assisted Living Managers (NCIA Board).
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Arizona Direct Care Staff Training Kit

The Arizona Direct Care Staff Training Kit from Care and Compliance Group provides you with practical training materials and DVDs that make it easy to conduct direct care staff orientation training in your Assisted Living Community. This kit is perfect for training new staff and conducting ongoing in-services.
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Assisted Living Dementia Care Staff Training Kit

The Assisted Living Dementia Care Staff Training Kit from Care and Compliance Group provides you with practical training materials and DVDs that make it easy to conduct dementia care staff training in your Assisted Living or Residential Care Community. This kit is perfect for training new staff as well as conducting ongoing in-services.
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Assisted Living Direct Care Staff Training Kit

Assisted Living Direct Care Staff Training Kit. This kit will assist with essential training recommend in any Assisted Living or Residential Care Community.
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Back Safety in Office Environments Safety Meeting Kit

More than one million back injuries occur in offices every year. These injuries not only cause employees significant pain but also result in days missed from work, lost wages and reduced productivity.
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Back Safety in Office Environments Safety Meeting Kit

This Back Safety in Office Environments Safety Meeting Kit emphasizes the importance of overall back care, both at work and at home, including exercises and weight control.
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Becoming A Customer Service Star - Starter Kit

Everyone has a favorite customer service story, but few people can identify the specific behaviors that will result in outstanding service. With Becoming a Customer Service Star, employees and managers evaluate their behavior in 5 critical service areas, examine their attitudes about service, and learn ways to boost their customer service performance.
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Benchmarks of Team Excellence - Starter Kit

Get the tool that measures a higher level of team functioning. Benchmarks of Team Excellence reveals important information about the experience and attitudes of those who know the team best - the team members.
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Best Boss Inventory - Starter Kit

The Best Boss Inventory is a self-administered learning instrument that yields an "Overall Boss Score," as well as separate scores for each of the six "Best Boss Indicators." The Best Boss Inventory includes a feedback component that is particularly helpful, as it allows bosses to compare and clarify perceptions, and develop a clearer picture of how their actions and behaviors are perceived by others.
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Black Bear - Starter Kit

Everything you need to get started with Black Bear, including a comprehensive facilitator guide and six print self assessments. Additional self assessments may be purchased separately.
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Bullying & Other Disruptive Behavior: Employees Safety Meeting Kit

Fear, anger, frustration, humiliation, helplessness... these feelings shouldn't be part of anyone's job description. But they can be common in workplaces where bullying and other disruptive behavior is a problem.
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California Abuse Reporting Training Kit

Failure to report physical or financial abuse of an elder or dependent adult is a misdemeanor. As a mandated reporter, the licensee, administrator, and staff in a residential care facility must understand when and how to report suspected or alleged incidences of abuse. This kit includes a staff training DVD, sample policies, reporting forms, learner workbook, and a reporting decision tree to ensure your staff report to the appropriate agencies.
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Career Exploration Kit

Get middle school students thinking about what their future has in store with the Career Exploration Kit. Items in the kit help identify career possibilities, explore career options, and introduces job skills, interviewing, and resume writing.
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Cave Without A Name - Starter Kit

Following the introduction of the survival scenario, participants are challenged to rank four immediate response alternatives and ten daypack items - first as individuals and then a second time as a team. Participants compare their team scores to the best individual score and expert rationale to determine if synergy was achieved.
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Coaching Skills Inventory - Starter Kit

Presented with 18 everyday coaching situations, managers select the action response they are most likely to take. Scoring the inventory produces an overall coaching-effectiveness profile, and the subscores measure their skill level in each of the seven steps of the coaching meeting model process.
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Common Currency Game - Complete Kit

A flexible, team-based activity that utilizes a wealth of interpersonal and group-process skills. We especially like using it as part of negotiating and strategic planning workshops, but itís ideal for a wide array of training topics and teamwork games.
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Communication Derailed Game Kit

Communication Derailed is a powerful, fast-paced simulation game that will help you to proactively equip your people with the skills they need to become good communicators.
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Communication Effectiveness Profile Kit

Getting your message across in a way that is clear and coherent is a critical skill in both organizational and personal life. The Communication Effectiveness Profile looks at the large and often complex subject of communicating with others.

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Complete Management Skills Assessment Kit

12 fully reproducible assessments with facilitator notes, scoring instructions, theory, and overhead masters. Assessments for change agent style, change leader audit, consultant skills, senior manager skills, influencing, motivation audit, stress audit, trainers skills and more.
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