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Warehouse Safety Training Videos


Industrial Ergonomics (Online Course)

This course will introduce common risk factors and methods to prevent musculoskeletal injury. Ideal learners include all industrial employees.
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Stacking and Storage Practices for Construction (Online Course)

You can avoid materials handling accidents such as cuts, back injuries, crushed hands and even death by using general safety principles like the ones you will learn about in this course. This course is ideal for everyone who works in the construction industry.
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Warehouse and Distribution Center (English/Spanish) DVD

Warehouse and Distribution Center Safety program will help you to be more aware of your responsibilities and improve safety in your distribution center. Safety retail distribution centers are the nerve centers of retail corporations.
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Powered Industrial Trucks Part 2 - Pre-Operation Inspection and Maintenance (Online Course)

If you are going to operate a powered industrial truck, you need to be trained and tested to make sure you know how to do it safely. Module 2 covers pre-use inspections, maintenance and refueling/recharging.
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Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls (Online Course)

This course defines slips, trips and falls and details how you can avoid them. Ideal learners include all employees.
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Powered Industrial Trucks Part 3 - Stability and Handling Loads (Online Course)

If you are going to operate a powered industrial truck, you need to be trained and tested to make sure you know how to do it safely. Module 3 covers stability and handling loads.
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Warehouse Safety Training Video

More employee fatalities occur in warehouses than in most other workplaces, and thousands of injuries occur there every year. That's why Atlantic Training has developed a new "Warehouse Safety" training program. Make sure employees know about warehouse hazards and how to avoid them. Watch this space for program details coming shortly.
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Motorized Pallet Jacks: Safe Operation - DVD Training

Provides training regarding the safe operation and dangers of the two most common types of motorized pallet jack trucks: “walkies” and “walkie-riders."

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Preventing Back Injury DVD

Preventing Back Injury - The vast majority of back injuries are preventable; however, many back problems are not the result of injury, but of the result of the degeneration of the discs. Aging of the spinal disc material causes the most trouble and can cause extreme pain. What this means is that over the years, this delicate discs become worn and damaged.

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Powered Industrial Trucks Part 1 - Introduction to Powered Industrial Trucks (Online Course)

Every year, powered industrial trucks are involved in tens of thousands of accidents and injuries, some of which are fatal. If you are going to operate a powered industrial truck, you need to be trained and tested to make sure you know how to do it safely.
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Ladder Safety for Construction (Online Course)

Take this course to review how to safely set up and use ladders. This course is ideal for anyone who works in construction.
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Utility Knife Safety Training DVD

This program covers the safe use of utility knives including the different types of knives that are available, techniques for cutting safely and how to change blades without getting injured.
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Preventing Back Injury (Online Course)

This course helps you understand how the back works and what you can do to prevent back injuries. Ideal learners include all employees.
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Powered Pallet Jack Operator Safety Video

Powered pallet jacks can be found in almost any warehouse, manufacturing facility or loading dock. They’re real work-horses that are simple to operate – but can cause serious damage or injury if not used correctly.

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Forklifts and Pedestrian Safety Training DVD

Forklifts And Pedestrian Safety - More injuries are experienced by pedestrians or persons not operating equipment than actual forklift operators.
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Lifting Safely With Back Belts DVD

Lifting Safely with Back Beltslooks at how the back works and how wearing back belts can provide support. The vast majority of back injuries are preventable; however, many back problems are not the result of injury, but are the result of degeneration of the discs.
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Take 5 Module 2 - Ergonomics (DVD)

This five part series covers sitting, standing, stretching, ergonomics and lifting. Using a unique “talk show” format, each segment focuses on the individual topic so employees are able to give the topic their full attention.

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Forklift "The New Rules" (DVD)

The more technology progresses, the more important it is for professional operation of the equipment. In this program we will discuss the government rules on mandatory training specific to the equipment being operated.
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People and Equipment DVD

This program will discuss some basic rules that apply to both equipment operators and warehouse personnel. Basically, forklift operator rules generally call for pedestrians to have the right-of-way but forklift operators don’t always see pedestrians until it’s too late. Stay alert and pay attention to the sounds around you.

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Walkie Stacker Safety Training DVD

Walkie-stacker Safe Operating Procedures program covers the safe operation of the walkie stacker. It is an extremely important part of many organizations’ material-handling responsibilities; however, extreme caution must be taken when using this type of equipment.
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Housekeeping (DVD)

This award-winning program reinforces the importance of proper housekeeping methods and illustrates the multiple benefits of keeping your work site in order – from increasing safety, to improving your image, to better utilizing your space.
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Order Picker Operator Safety Video

Orderpickers are very unique industrial vehicles. Rather than having to get in and out of the machine to pick an order or take inventory, orderpickers allow the worker to operate the vehicle while riding up and down with the load.
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You're The One - Forklift Safety (DVD)

This program was produced in a humorous effect direct attention on the importance of safety for forklift operators. Your forklift operators will love it.
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Electric Pallet Jack (DVD)

Electric Pallet Jack - A very important piece of equipment in the warehouse and material-handling areas is the electric pallet jack. It’s an economical and versatile unit, designed to move stacks of materials from one place to another safely and without injury or product damage.

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Forklift Safety (Handbooks/25 Pack)

When it's time to train your employees on forklift safety, this colorful booklet goes a long way toward reinforcing your safety message. Covers all of OSHA's key forklift training points - inspections, refueling, maintenance, safe and responsible driving, parking, stacking, and unloading. Includes basic safety precautions for operating a forklift. Colorful and clear illustrations combined with easy-to-read text make this a training powerhouse. 16 pages.
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