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Fire Safety Training Videos


Fire Prevention & Response: What Employees Need to Know - DVD Training

Helps teach employees about fire hazards in the workplace and what to do in case of a fire. Enhanced with the EyeCue Visual Learning System.
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Fire Extinguisher - Video

We see them hanging on the wall every day but most people know very little about fire extinguishers. Use this DVD or computer-based training module to educate your team on the fire triangle, the types of fires that can occur in the workplace, and how and when to use a fire extinguisher. This course also describes when to evacuate and provides some proper maintenance tips for fire extinguishers.
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Fire Extinguisher Training (DVD)

This is the most comprehensive Fire Extinguisher training program on the market. Topics include OSHA requirements for companies who use fire extinguishers and those who do not have fire
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Wrong Way Right Way: Safety Cases (DVD)

Guided by this principle, Wrong Way Right Way: Safety Cases helps inject fun into safety training. It drops the dull-lecture format and uses funny snippets to show employees the "wrong way" to handle 10 common safety issues.
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Permit Required Confined Space Entry DVD

This Confined Spaces Permit Required program is designed to provide you with safety basics involved in confined space entry.
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Incident Command System (DVD)

Incident Command System (ICS) - The purpose of this program is to provide a brief overview of the Incident Command System or ICS, the responsibilities of the parties involved at an incident response, and describe the system of command that is vital to a successful incident response.
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Fire Safety: Extinguishing Risk - DVD

Show your employees how to prevent fires, and what to do in the event of a fire.

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Fire Safety: Mission Possible Training DVD

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), about 7,000 fires in healthcare facilities are reported each year. This dramatic program defines the four different classes of fire, discusses the most common causes of fire in a healthcare environment, and details fire prevention measures and emergency response procedures.
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Warehouse Safety Combo-Pack

The ultimate in warehouse safety training these 26 DVDs cover subjects that apply to virtually all general industry workplace environments. Get your material-handling workforce up-to-speed on important OSHA regulations and recognized best practices.
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Safe Workplace Collection (8 Courses)

This popular series of videos shows you care about safety and compliance, and demonstrates techniques for dealing with common issues that affect the health and safety of your work force.
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Hotel Safety Series - Fire Extinguisher Training

The very first rule to remember is that life safety is paramount. This means that if your life is endangered by attempting to extinguish a fire with a fire extinguisher, donít do it! Make sure you or others are not put in a dangerous situation and make sure that you can exit the building if the fire gets out of hand. Life safety is the most important part of extinguishing fires.
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Fire Electrical, and Chemical Safety

It is imperative that this module incorporates facility-specific procedures. This should include a walk through to orient staff on types of and locations of your emergency equipment, emergency exits, alarms, etc.
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Flammable and Combustible Liquids (DVD)

This course provides important information on flammable and combustible liquids found in a variety of industrial workplaces.
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Purple K Fire Extinguishers (DVD)

Purple K Fire Extinguishers - Powdered bicarbonate of soda had been used as a flame-halting agent for many years. Investigators conducted fire tests with many powdered substances. American industry was called in, and the new highly effective product, called Purple-K-Powder became used throughout the Navy and in U.S. municipal and industrial fire protection operations

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Fire Protection - Electrical Safety Training DVD

Fire Protection - Electrical Safety - Fire prevention is something no one really thinks about because we're busy at our jobs and home and we don't really believe a fire will happen to us. It's important to review the basics of fire protection periodically just to improve our awareness. The first rule is to keep all work areas neat, clean, and organized.

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Hotel Fire Safety Training DVD

Hotel Fire Safety - The leading cause of death in fires is smoke inhalation, not contact with the fire. The importance of fire safety in a hotel environment canít be overstated. The lives of guests and employees are at stake and the stakes are high. In this training program, weíll discuss basic fire prevention, emergency plans, early warning systems, smoke control, and hotel evacuation.

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HAZWOPER: Fire Extinguisher Training and Use (DVD)

Fire extinguishers should be classified as first aid equipment, emergency treatment until professional help arrives. The very first rule to remember is that life safety is paramount. This means that if your life is endangered by attempting to extinguish a fire with a fire extinguisher, donít do it. Make sure you or others are not put in a dangerous situation and make sure that you can exit the building if the fire gets out of hand. Life safety is the most important part of extinguishing fires.
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Fire Prevention - Gory Story DVD

This program will graphically impact employees in the need for greater prevention of fires. Features dramatic footage and photos of people who have been badly burned and stresses the need for proper handling of flammables, bonding/grounding and fire prevention in general.

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Fire Safety For Long-Term Care - DVD

When It?s Not Just A Drill emphasizes the importance of on-going fire awareness and following proper fire safety procedures.

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Fire Safety (DVD)

Be prepared to keep yourself and your team safe in the event of a fire. This computer-based training module covers the nature of fire, preventative and protective measures, fire sprinklers, smoke detectors, alarms, extinguishers, evacuation, and the stop-drop and roll technique. Fire classifications and basic fire extinguisher use is also discussed.
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Fire Safety Combo-Pack

Every second counts in the event of a fire. With this set train your employees on what to do if there is a fire at work or home.
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Fire Safety (Home Health) DVD

This program teaches home care professionals and primary caregivers how to reduce the chance of a fire starting in the home, and how to exit successfully if there is a fire.
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Fire Safety & Evacuation: Keeping Your Workplace Safe

Fire safety is the collective responsibility of every employee. Unsafe behavior by just one individual can put everyone in the building at risk. Use this video to raise awareness and teach essential fire safety skills.
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Fire Emergency: Initial Response & Evacuation - DVD

Drawing from sources such as the National Fire Protection Association and the American Hospital Association, reviews critical training which can help your employees, your patients and your facility survive when the heat is on.
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7-Minute Safety Trainer

Now you can stop worrying and procrastinating about OSHA safety meetings. Here's the resource that's done all the hard preparation for you, 7 Minute Safety Trainer. It delivers complete 7-minute meetings - from outlines... to speakers notes... to reproducible handouts.
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Lessons From Ground Zero: Emergency Action Plan (Part 1 Of 2)

This program -- the first part in our Lessons From Ground Zero training documentary -- introduces some of the experts who protected the rescuers during the WTC evacuations, both for February 26, 1993 and September 11, 2001.
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Safety Orientation: Healthcare Training DVD

Video Streaming Also Available

As a healthcare professional, you know that your patients continually rely on you for their health and safety Ė but what about your own? It can only take a minute of neglect on your part or that of a co-worker for you to become a patient yourself.
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Safety Training Presentations in PowerPoint

You can deliver professional, high-impact employee safety training presentations in PowerPoint--even if you've never worked in PowerPoint. This fully equipped program gives you everything you need to train on 25 safety topics.
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Combustible Dusts (DVD)

It's only DUST! What's the big deal? Under the right conditions, many types of industrial dust, including coal, paper, and wood dust, can ignite and produce a devastating explosion.

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Fire Extinguisher Safety - Construction

Not everyone understands or knows how to use fire extinguishers. There are different extinguishers for each type of fire. The object of fire extinguisher training is to save lives. This program will provide information and help become familiar with extinguishers, fire prevention and understanding an emergency action in the event of a fire.
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Fire DVD

Hosted by science enthusiasts, Jay Ingram and Natasha Stillwell, Daily Planet is a series that provides discussion and commentary on the scientific aspects of current events.
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School Facility Combo-Pack

This 6 DVD set is designed to train employees onimportant safety concepts, practices, and procedures related to school and facility environments.
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Fire Safety: Operating Without Fires (Healthcare) - DVD

Provides information about causes of hospital fires in operating rooms, how to prevent them and what to do if one occurs.
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Fire Safety: Be Alert, Not Alarmed! DVD

Fire Safety: Be Alert, Not Alarmed! covers the following important topics: The three ingredients of a fire and what happens if one of those elements is missing, The burning stages of a fire and how to recognize the dangers of each.
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Fire Prevention in Healthcare Facilities Training Video

Fire Prevention in Healthcare Facilities Video looks at how fires start, reviews steps that can be taken to help prevent fires and discusses what employees should do in case of a fire emergency.
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