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Discover top-notch online test prep and exam providers curated by Business Training Media. From certification exams to standardized tests, find the resources you need to succeed in your professional journey.s.

Explore our premier online training, test prep and exam providers below and unlock your full potential.


ExamEdge is dedicated to helping test takers succeed in certification exams. Starting with a simple question of what would aid in passing exams, they consulted experts and developed a focus group of educators. The consensus? Practice exams with targeted feedback are essential for success. With this insight, ExamEdge crafted a top-tier system for practice tests, designed to equip test takers with the knowledge needed to excel.

Their approach recognizes that certification exams not only assess knowledge but also test performance under pressure. By providing practice exams that simulate real test conditions, ExamEdge offers invaluable experience to reduce test-day anxiety and maximize success.

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ExpertRating, recipient of the Google SME Heroes award, is recognized for its innovative leveraging of the internet to foster business growth in the IT domain. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, ExpertRating ensures its courses and tests adhere to the highest international quality standards.

Their training materials benefit from the expertise of experienced professionals and go through thorough analysis to deliver well-rounded, thorough, and meaningful content.

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Discover Kaplan's comprehensive test prep courses, trusted by millions worldwide. From SATs to MCATs, Kaplan offers expert-led preparation to help students excel in their exams.

With personalized study plans, top-notch instructors, and proven strategies, Kaplan is the go-to choice for test success. Enroll now and unlock your potential with Kaplan.

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