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Healthcare Provider Articles

Explore essential healthcare staff training articles to enhance the skills and safety of medical professionals. From patient handling to advanced medical procedures, stay informed and elevate the standard of care with our comprehensive training resources.

5 Best HIPAA Online Training Course for Healthcare Professionals
In this review, we'll explore the top five HIPAA online training courses, evaluating their content, instructional methods, and overall effectiveness in preparing learners for compliance in the healthcare sector.

6 Best Bloodborne Pathogens Training Courses
In this review, we delve into the top six bloodborne pathogen training courses, evaluating their comprehensive coverage, training options, and efficacy in meeting OSHA standards.

7 Best Home Care Training Courses
In this comprehensive review, we delve into some of the best online courses tailored for home care, spanning from caregiver certifications to the entrepreneurial aspects of establishing non-medical home care agencies.

A Comprehensive HIPAA and Confidentiality Overview
This article provides an in-depth exploration of HIPAA, encompassing protected health information (PHI), covered entities, business associates, patients' rights, guidelines for use and disclosure of PHI, marketing and fundraising practices, the HIPAA Security Rule, breach notifications, and associated penalties.

Medical Office Policies and Procedures
A robust set of policies and procedures serves as the backbone of a successful medical practice, ensuring efficiency, consistency, and compliance with industry standards.

Bloodborne Pathogens Safety for Healthcare Facilities
healthcare facilities, the risk of exposure to bloodborne diseases, such as HIV, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C, is a significant concern for both healthcare workers and patients.

Ensuring Safety in Patient Handling
In the demanding and compassionate field of healthcare, the well-being of both patients and caregivers is of utmost importance

The Benefits of Online Healthcare Certification Training Courses
In this article, we will explore the advantages of online healthcare certification courses and how they contribute to the professional development of healthcare practitioners.

A Guide to Caregiver Workplace Safety
Being a caregiver is a demanding and rewarding job that comes with its own set of safety concerns. Whether you're working in a hospital, a nursing home, or providing in-home care, there are many hazards that you need to be aware of in order to protect yourself and your patients.

Caregiver Skills Training Checklist
This caregiver skills training checklist serves as a comprehensive guide for individuals seeking to develop the essential skills and knowledge required to provide effective and compassionate care to those in need.

Patient Cultural Awareness Tips for Healthcare Professionals
Cultural awareness is an essential skill for healthcare professionals to possess, as patients come from diverse cultural backgrounds with varying health beliefs, attitudes, and practices.

Comprehensive Guide to Medical Office Policies and Procedures
This guide aims to provide a comprehensive overview of key policies and procedures that should be implemented in a medical office setting. These policies and procedures cover a wide range of areas, including patient care, administrative tasks, staff conduct, and safety protocols.

Back Safety Awareness Guide for Caregivers
Back injuries are a common problem for caregivers. Lifting, transferring, and repositioning patients can put a lot of strain on the caregiver's back. To prevent back injuries, it is essential to have a good understanding of proper lifting techniques and to be aware of the potential risks associated with caregiving.

Caregiver Provider Basic Training Requirements
Being a caregiver is a challenging and rewarding profession. Caregivers provide assistance to individuals who are unable to care for themselves due to age, illness, or disability. They provide a wide range of services, from bathing and dressing to medication management and transportation.

Online Healthcare & Nursing Certification Courses
Elevate your healthcare career with our cutting-edge online certification courses. Acquire in-depth knowledge and practical skills in various healthcare disciplines, including medical coding, nursing, medical billing, healthcare administration, and more.

How to Prevent Workplace Violence in Healthcare Facilities and Hospitals
Workplace violence is a significant concern for healthcare facilities, where employees are frequently exposed to potentially volatile situations. From hospitals to nursing homes, doctors' offices to urgent care clinics, healthcare workers across the United States face thousands of assaults every week, with many suffering physical and emotional trauma as a result.

Quick Guide to Starting A Home Health Business
Starting a home health business can be a great way to provide valuable care and services to people in their own homes. As the population ages and more people require medical and personal care, the demand for home health services is expected to continue to grow.

15 HIPAA Compliance Tips for Healthcare Employees
By following the 15 HIPAA compliance tips in this article, healthcare employees can help make sure that their organization stays in compliance and that patients' privacy is protected.

California Caregiver Training and Certification for Home Care
The role of a caregiver in California is vital, providing compassionate care and support to individuals who require assistance with daily activities due to age, illness, or disability. In order to ensure the highest standards of care are being met, California requires caregivers to undergo training and certification.

Alabama Caregiver Required Training
Alabama, like many other states in the US, requires that individuals working as caregivers in long-term care facilities receive specific training to ensure that they can provide quality care to residents. The training requirements for caregivers in Alabama vary depending on the type of facility in which they work and the specific duties they perform.

The Benefits of Online Nursing Certification Training Courses
In this article, we will explore the numerous benefits of online nursing certification training courses and why they are becoming increasingly popular among healthcare professionals.

Medical Office Policies Procedures

Medical Office Policies Procedures Manual (Download)

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This Medical Office Policies and Procedures Manual was developed to assist medical office managers in preparing a Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Manual for your small to medium size medical practice. It can be custom tailored to fit your front medical office staff and operations.
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