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Office Safety Training Package


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Our comprehensive 12-program "Office Safety Training Video Package" covers a range of essential topics, including active shooter preparedness, fire safety, workplace violence, harassment prevention, emergency planning, and more.

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Additional information aboutOffice Safety Training Package

Promote a safe and secure office environment with Business Training Media’s Office Safety Training Video Package, tailored to empower your employees. Our comprehensive package covers a range of essential topics, including active shooter preparedness, fire safety, workplace violence, harassment prevention, emergency planning, and more. By equipping your workforce with the necessary knowledge and skills, you can reduce workplace accidents, mitigate risks, and enhance overall productivity. 

Invest in our Office Safety Training Package to create a culture of safety and well-being within your organization. Prioritize the health and security of your employees with our expert training solutions. Explore our package today!"

Our Office Safety Training Package includes the following 12 video programs:

Active Shooter: Surviving an Attack

All too often these days, we hear about active shooter incidents, including multiple shootings in nightclubs, public areas, and workplaces. What should employees do to survive if one of these situations takes place where they work?

Our "Active Shooter: Surviving an Attack" training program provides step-by-step explanations of the survival techniques that law enforcement agencies recommend to help people get through an active shooter incident safely.

Conflict Resolution in the Office

In a workplace, conflicts that are handled appropriately can be a source of innovation and positive change, both for employees and the companies they work for. But when conflicts go unresolved, they can raise stress levels, interfere with business, and even lead to physical violence.

Our "Conflict Resolution in the Office" training program discusses different types of conflict that you may encounter on the job, how to find lasting solutions to disagreements, and what to do if conflict threatens to get out of control.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse for Employees

Substance abuse directly affects the user's personality, health, and ability to function safely in the workplace. It can also decrease productivity, create a hostile work environment, and damage the company's reputation.

Our "Dealing with Drug and Alcohol Abuse for Employees" training products discuss the hazards of substance abuse, how employees can avoid them, and what they can do to help keep their workplace drug and alcohol-free.

Emergency Planning

Existing OSHA, SARA Title III, and numerous state regulations call for all facilities to meet a number of emergency preparedness and crisis management requirements. Our "Emergency Planning" assists facilities in complying with these regulations and helps them prepare for potential emergency situations.

Fire Extinguishers

More than a million fire emergencies are reported in the U.S. every year. When a workplace fire occurs, an employee will often be the first to respond, and fire extinguishers become the first line of defense against it.

Our "Using Fire Extinguishers" safety training program looks at different types of fires, discusses how they should be put out, and explains how employees can use extinguishers effectively and safely if a fire emergency occurs.

Fire Prevention in the Office

Every year, more than one million fire emergencies are reported in the U.S., with over 3,000 of them taking place in offices. They cause more than $100 million in damage as well as thousands of injuries and hundreds of deaths.

The "Fire Prevention in the Office" training program looks at the fire hazards that can be encountered in office environments, discusses how fires can be prevented, and explains what employees should do in case a fire emergency occurs in their workplace.

First Aid

When an employee is injured or becomes ill, their coworkers will usually be the first ones "on the scene" and have the opportunity to provide some initial treatment. In these situations, they need to be able to recognize common injuries and illnesses and understand how to treat them.

The "First Aid" training program discusses what employees should do and not do when someone is sick or injured, and how to determine when they should call for emergency assistance.

Bullying and Other Disruptive Behavior: for Employees

More than 35% of the employees in the U.S. say that they have worked with a bully at work. And bullying and other disruptive behavior not only harm workers but can damage the business as well.

Our training program on "Bullying and Other Disruptive Behavior: For Employees" provides the information employees need to understand this type of behavior and know how to shut it down when it happens.

Preventing Sexual Harassment for Employees

Sexual harassment can be devastating for its victims as well as for the companies they work for. It's also illegal. But the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission still receives more than 10,000 sexual harassment complaints from U.S. workers every year.

Our "Preventing Sexual Harassment for Employees" training program provides employees with the information they need to help prevent sexual harassment in their workplace and deal with it effectively if it does occur.

Workplace Harassment in the Office

Employees have a right to be treated with respect and dignity while on the job. But every year, tens of millions of U.S. workers report that they have experienced some type of "harassment" at work. This offensive behavior is bad for people and businesses. It's also illegal. And it doesn't have to happen.

The "Workplace Harassment in the Office" training program discusses what harassment is, why it is detrimental to everyone, how employees should respond to it, and what they can do to prevent it from escalating into violence.

Office Safety

Millions of employees seek medical treatment every year for injuries that happen on the job. Most office workers think these injuries only occur in manufacturing facilities, or on construction sites, but a surprising number of workplace injuries take place in offices like yours.

The "Office Safety" training program shows employees what hazards exist in office environments, and how important it is to use good safety practices as they go about their work.

Workplace Violence

Some people believe that a “certain amount of conflict” on the job is normal. But too often, arguments can escalate into insults, challenges, and threats. Sometimes these conflicts can even become physical, and lead to serious injuries or even death.

Our updated course on Workplace Violence contains valuable information about how to recognize, prevent, and handle violence in various work environments. This course features videos and terminology that show the environment and operations of a specific industry.

Training Package Includes: 

  • 12 USB Flash Drives or DVDs
  • Available in English or Spanish.
  • 1 leader guide for each program.
  • Quizes and answer key for each program.
  • Training certificates for each program.
  • Training materials are available in PDF format.

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