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Eye Protection Safety Training Videos


Eye Safety Training Program

Our Eye Safety training program provides employees with the information they need to recognize and avoid eye hazards that they can encounter in their workplace.
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Personal Protective Equipment Training Video Program

This "Personal Protective Equipment" training program is designed to help employers meet OSHA requirements. They provide employees with the information that they need to avoid injury on the job by using the appropriate PPE.
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Personal Protective Equipment: Your Final Defense (English) DVD

Whether it is eyes, head, feet or hands, this program will educate your employees on the importance of PPE and how to select, use and maintain this important equipment.
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Safety Showers & Eye Washes in the Laboratory Training Video Program

Safety Showers and Eye Washes training program reviews the correct ways to use this equipment, and emphasizes the need for quick action after a chemical splash or spill in a laboratory.
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Eye Safety in Construction Environments

An estimated 24 million eye injuries occur in the U.S. each year. About 2,000 of them will occur today, and every day thereafter, while people are at work. All too many of them will cause the victim to lose some or all of their eyesight. But eye injuries can be prevented.
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My Precious Eyes - The Gory Story (DVD)

My Precious Eyes - The Gory Story - Please be warned that some of the pictures and information you are about to see are very graphic. If you do not want to see graphic and explicit pictures of serious eye injuries, notify your trainer so you may be excused. No further warnings will be given. In this program, we're going to help increase your Safety Awareness on one of the most basic and most talked about topics in the entire safety industry; eye injury prevention.
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Eye Protection (Foundries) DVD

Eye Protection (Foundries) program covers eye hazards and types of eye protection with emphasis on safety. Nature has tried to protect the eyes from injury by providing us with a number of built in devices.
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Wrong Way Right Way: Safety Cases - Video

Guided by this principle, Wrong Way Right Way: Safety Cases helps inject fun into safety training. It drops the dull-lecture format and uses funny snippets to show employees the "wrong way" to handle 10 common safety issues.
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Eye Protection - DVD

Eye Protection - Natural defenses protect the eyes from minor injuries, but they are not sufficient to protect our eyes from heavy exposures that exist in industry today. Normal street glasses are not eye protection.

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Eye Safety & Protection Video - My Precious Eyes

This program focuses on increasing safety awareness on one of the most basic topics in the safety industry - eye injury prevention.
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Eye Protection - A New Approach DVD

Eye Protection - A New Approach (Humorous Program) - This program approaches the problem of employees not wanting to wear safety glasses. This program was produced using humor, but stresses the need for proper eye protection.

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Eye Protection - Automotive Industry DVD

Eye Protection Automotive Industry (Non-Humorous) - Nature has tried to protect the eyes from injury by providing us with a number of built in devices. The eyelashes catch dust and light particles before they can blow into the eye. Eyebrows cushion light blows and catch falling particles before they reach the eye.
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Respiratory Protection, Eye Protection, Hearing Protection DVD

This is a short refresher training course containing 3 videos in 1.

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Agriculture Series - Eye Protection - Video

Back Injury Prevention - According to the National Safety Council and medical research, 20% of backaches are attributed to inflammation such as arthritis, 10% are due to actual back injuries and other miscellaneous causes, 70% result from degeneration of spinal discs
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Agriculture Series - Personal Protective Equipment (DVD)

Hazards in the workplace are a fact of life. No matter what you do, there is the need for personal protective equipment on many of the jobs you perform. Health hazards, eye hazards, noise and chemicals, whether or not you use personal protective equipment is really up to you.
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Emergency Responders - Bloodborne Pathogens DVD

Emergency Responders BBP - Emergency medical responders save lives. Emergency responders are highly skilled professionals dedicated to their jobs and they perform these jobs above and beyond the call of duty on a daily basis. In your job as emergency responders, there's a new threat to your own personal safety and health and it's called bloodborne pathogens. That's what this program is all about; protecting your health from bloodborne pathogens while you're performing these services.
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Arc Welding Safety

When you're working with Arc Welding operations, there are a number of safety procedures to follow. Each company is responsible for developing specific guidelines, policies, and procedures, as a short video training program cannot list all the potential hazards or safety elements. This program is simply a guideline of basic safety measures, designed as safety awareness, but it's not a complete or comprehensive program.
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Safety Orientation For Public Agency Employees

Safety Orientation For Public Agency Employees - As employees working to serve the public in many capacities we have commitments to the organization, ourselves, and families to work safely. Unlike some occupations you have the risk of exposure to numerous potential sources of injuries and health hazards.

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Chainsaw Safety Training DVD

Chainsaw Safety - Of all the tools found in the home and industry, the chain saw ranks as the most dangerous. Chain saws can do a lot of damage if you don't follow the rules. Always follow the procedures and guidelines established by your organization in the safe operation of chain saws.
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PPE - It Is Not Your Call (DVD)

PPE - It’s Not Your Call – Safety glasses, face shields, ear plugs, steel toed shoes, gloves, hard hats, respirators, they are called PPE for personal protective equipment. Your company has the responsibility to identify what PPE can best protect you from hazard and risks associated with your facility and your specific job duties and responsibility.

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What's Wrong With This Picture? (DVD)

This program reviews safety skills in the areas of lifting, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), HAZCOM, and fire hazards. Pictures will be shown to the viewers to see if they can identify improper and unsafe acts while employees are performing their jobs.
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Eye Safety Training Video Program

An estimated 24 million eye injuries occur in the U.S. each year. About 2,000 of them will occur today, and every day thereafter, while people are at work. All too many of them will cause the victim to lose some or all of their eyesight. But eye injuries can be prevented.
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Automotive Repair Safety Training Package - (14 DVDs)

The standard automotive repair safety training package includes 14 videos and a CD-Rom of written materials.
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Controlling Exposure To Bloodborne Pathogens (V2) DVD

Although many workers have always been exposed to bloodborne and infectious diseases, treatment, and infection control prevented widespread incidences.
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Employee Safety Orientation: Starting Out Right DVD

For most people starting a new job can be confusing and even a bit stressful. There’s a lot to learn ranging from where the break room is to how to sign up for benefits to learning the new job itself. While no one expects a new employee to remember everything right away, it is important to make safety an immediate job priority.

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