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Back Safety in Office Environments Safety Video

Back Safety in Office Environments Safety Video

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Our "Back Safety in Office Environments" training video discusses situations that can lead to back injuries and what employees can do to avoid them... both at work and at home.
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Additional information aboutBack Safety in Office Environments Safety Video

Our office back safety training program is designed to prioritize the well-being of our employees by fostering a culture of awareness and prevention. Recognizing the importance of maintaining a healthy and pain-free back, our program focuses on ergonomic principles, proper lifting techniques, and practical exercises that promote good posture. Through interactive sessions, employees learn how to set up their workstations ergonomically, identify and mitigate potential hazards, and incorporate stretching routines into their daily routines. By instilling these habits, we aim to reduce the risk of back injuries and enhance overall workplace comfort. 

More than one million back injuries occur in industrial facilities every year. These injuries not only cause employees significant pain but also result in days missed from work, lost wages and reduced productivity. But back injuries can be avoided.

Topics covered in these products include:

  • The back and how it works.
  • Different types of back injuries.
  • Better posture for a healthier back.
  • How to lift things safely.
  • Taking care of your back 24/7.
  • and more.


DVD or USB Flash Drive Includes

  • Leader’s guide
  • Quiz & Answer Key
  • Training certificates
  • Runtime: 21 minutes
  • Training materials are available in PDF format.

Video Streaming

  • Online Video Streaming/Video-On-Demand (VOD)
  • Uses live-action HD video filmed in real-life work environments.
  • Engages employees in the training process.
  • You get a 1-Year License (multi-year licenses are available)
  • Video streaming pricing is based on the number of user video views. A user view is recorded for each time the video is viewed.
  • Programs are chapterized so information is easily digested and retained.

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