Workplace Liability Issues Training

Supervisor and Manager Liability (English) DVD

Employee safety at work is of great importance. It is the law and there are penalties if a worker is injured. This program is for supervisors and managers and how to protect themselves from legal penalties and sanctions. Information also includes understanding the risk, liabilities, responsibilities and obligations. Learn more
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Customer Accidents - Third Party Liability (DVD)

This program provides generally accepted guidelines in what we call third party liability or non-employee liability claims. There are many things you can do that prevent or help reduce customer accidents. Learn more
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Legal Issues: Confidentiality, Liability And Ethics - Video on DVD

There are many potential legal and ethical problems faced every day in the health care setting. Maintaining a good relationship with the patient is one of the health care assistant's strongest safeguard. This program is intended to give your assistants the do's and the don'ts of the most common situations they face. 3 Contact Hours Learn more
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Personal Liability In The Worplace Pranks And Harassment (DVD)

This program was developed from the high demand for this training.  Liability for pranks and harassment in the workplace is extremely high, with record lawsuits stemming from not only the practice of such actions, but from companies ignoring the problem and not taking action to prevent it. Learn more
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Third Party Liability Claims DVD

 Third Party Liability Claims - The major objective of improving the handling of third party liability claims is to obtain complete, accurate information so a fair and equitable determination can be made as to the validity of the claim.  First of all, a third party liability claim is a claim made against the company by a non-employee. It could be a customer, visitor, vendor, or anyone else not an employee. Learn more

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Sexual Harassment in the Construction Industry - DVD

Sexual Harassment in the Construction Industry - DVD

Did you know courts are holding employers who fail to conduct sexual harassment prevention training to greater liability than those who do? Are your supervisors operating without full knowledge of the law? Learn more
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TrainingToday HR Video Training for Supervisors Library - Online Training

TrainingToday HR Video Training for Supervisors Library - Online Training

The HR Video Training for Supervisors Library consists of courses to train new employees, existing employees and experienced mangers. Learn more
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