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Empowerment: Giving Leadership Away


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In this program, a newly promoted team leader learns that giving leadership away is not as easy as it seems. Used to making decisions himself, he starts making decisions for the team, inadvertently preventing them from doing their jobs. And when he does try to share responsibility, team members are not always willing or able to take on the task.

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Additional information aboutEmpowerment: Giving Leadership Away

Released - 2004

The first thought of most new leaders is not empowerment. Instead, they believe they need to take on more work. But the more the leader takes on, the less motivated the team members become. Leaders should provide tools, motivation and direction. However, the team members need to do the actual work. As a result, the responsibility for a team’s success rests on all team members, not the leader alone. Unfortunately, many leaders get no formal training in empowerment. But this program can help both new and experienced leaders take on that challenge.

In this video, a newly promoted team leader first learns that empowerment is not as easy as it seems. But surprisingly, a solution comes from a jar of Legos and some unconventional advice. They provide him with the direction he needs to finally begin giving leadership away and fostering everyone’s potential.

Running Time: 19 minutes

Included with purchase of program: 
  • Leader’s Guide (PDF) Comprehensive 29 page guide with materials for live training sessions
  • PowerPoint Presentation (approximately 10 slides)
  • e-Learning version includes pre-test, video presentation and post-test
  • This program may also be licensed for streaming and/or use within your LMS. We offer both hosted and self hosted delivery options

Training Format Options

  • MP4 on USB 
  • DVD Hard Copy

Video Streaming

  • Our base price begins at $595 per title for as few as 50 employees
  • You may choose hosted and access the training on our partner server or self-hosted and load the programs onto your own LMS system. 
  • All licensed streaming programs come with a full-year license. If your organization requires more time; a second year may be purchased for an additional 10%. 

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