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Affirmative Action

How to Write an Affirmative Action Plan

Manual & Newsletter

This product saves time and money by showing how to develop a sound affirmative action program before you get into hot water. It's a comprehensive manual and monthly newsletter to help keep you up-to-date.

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Diversity in the Workplace: PowerPoint Training Meeting Kit

More than ever, successful organizations need employees with different backgrounds, beliefs, needs, lifestyles and physical abilities. Failure to work together can destroy productivity and expose your organization to expensive lawsuits, discrimination claims and affirmative action problems.

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HR Training Presentations in PowerPoint

You can deliver professional, high-impact supervisory training presentations in PowerPoint even if you've never worked in PowerPoint. This fully equipped program gives you everything you need, including handouts, to train on 20 essential topics

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Quick Guide to Employment Law

This complete compliance resource covers 150 hot employment law topics by state, including: employee rights, discrimination, employment at will, labor relations, privacy, workers' compensation, child labor, affirmative action, and much more.

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HR for Motor Carriers Manual

Designed to address the unique human resource needs of motor carriers, this convenient reference is packed with a wide range of essential HR and labor-related information.

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HR Audit Checklists

Uncover potential HR compliance problems before they arise, while making certain each policy is current and provides the best information for your company. HR audit topics addressed include: How to conduct a self-audit, Affirmative action laws, EEO, Discrimination, Workplace harassment, Termination, Communication, Salary and pay, Discipline, Safety, Health and security, Retirement and pension, Benefits-including 2010 HealthCare Reform, managing flexible work schedules, telecommuting, electronic monitoring, workplace violence.
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What to Do about Personnel Problems in Your State

For over 20 years, human resource managers have relied on this practical state labor laws resource to understand and stay on top of ever-changing employment regulations in their states.
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Sexual Harassment: Understanding The Law - Employee Version (DVD)

The EEOC has extended the Supreme Court's rulings on Sexual Harassment to all forms of harassment prohibited by federal anti-discrimination laws.
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Stop Sexual Harassment: Training for Supervisors

The U.S. Supreme Court has identified prevention training as an affirmative defense for employers facing sexual harassment claims. The state of California has mandated harassment prevention training for supervisors. But what's the smart way to train your organization's supervisors without a huge investment of time, money, and preparation? The answer is Stop Sexual Harassment: Interactive Training for Supervisors.
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Harassment for Managers: A New Look California (DVD)

Video Streaming Also Available

Harassment for Managers: A New Look California examines the more recent forms of harassment, shows how to prevent them, and helps your managers comply with FEHA requirements.

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Sexual Harassment: New Perspectives (White Collar Version) - Video on DVD

A recent class action suit settlement of $10 million dollars between the EEOC and a major U.S. corporation is painful evidence that sexual harassment still plagues our workplaces. The cost of sexual harassment extends beyond the monetary and takes a significant toll on employee morale and retention.
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The Complete Guide to ADA Compliance

At last there is a practical guide that makes sense out of federal and state regulations having to do with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
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50 Employment Laws in 50 States (2018 Edition)

50 Employment Laws in 50 States (2018 Edition)
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The only at-a-glance reference volume that explains employer obligations under 50+ employment laws, for each of the 50 United States.
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Just Be F.A.I.R.ô: A Practical Approach to Diversity in the Workplace (DVD)

Video Streaming Also Available

- Itís one thing to talk about diversity and fairness in the workplace; itís another to grapple with issues day-to-day, face-to-face. The F.A.I.R. approach (Feedback, Assistance, Inclusion and Respect) equips employees at every level to broaden their definition of diversity and build positive, productive relationships. Powerful scenarios demonstrate what to say and do when cultural differences impact jobs and working relationships.
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Drop By Drop - Subtle Discrimination

Video Streaming Also Available!

This diversity program, Drop by Drop, demonstrates how the small slights, subtle discrimination and tiny injustices can add up to big problems in your workplace!

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It's Still Not Just About Sex Anymore: Harassment and Discrimination in the Workplace

Video Streaming Also Available

Remastered in 2014! There is far more to workplace harassment and discrimination than just sex. To demonstrate, this program dramatizes employee behaviors that lead to formal charges and result in serious consequences for the individuals involved. It is an eye-opening experience for everyone in the organization to discover what is/is not acceptable in todayís workplace and what their responsibilities are concerning harassment.
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Discrimination in the Workplace

This course raises awareness by discussing the civil rights laws protecting people from discrimination, the types of discrimination, and how discrimination can affect the workplace.
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New EEOC Procedures for Position Statements: Discrimination or Retaliation Charges - On-Demand

Use this on-demand webinar when Susan Hiser and Naomi Oglesby, both seasoned employment attorneys, will explain the practical impact of the EEOCís new nationwide procedures on position statements, best practices for developing and presenting your defense to the EEOC when responding to a charge, and much, much more.
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What to Do about Personnel Problems in Your State on CD-ROM

Get the solutions to personnel problems in YOUR state with this outstanding state-specific resource. This product covers over 100 key personnel areas--indexed by HR topic and includes two monthly newsletters. Free updates 6 times per year.
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Employment Law Letter (For Your State)

When you subscribe to your Employment Law Letter for Your State, you get a newsletter specifically designed for employers and HR professionals in your state. It's written by attorneys in your state who know the unique challenges and laws you must deal with every day.
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