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Black History Educational Videos


African History & African-American Society Series

Explore the fascinating civilizations that contributed to Africa's historical greatness. This series is a thorough overview of ancient African civilization from the worlds oldest monarchy in Qustul to the incredible civilization of Egypt. Intriguing facts and incredible graphics make this a well-rounded series for the classroom.

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African American Students - Raising Self-Esteem Video

Understanding one's own cultural heritage is crucial to high self-esteem. This program is designed to raise students of all races to a level of self-respect and understanding about the African nation.
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African-American History - African Contributions To US History

Discover the far-reaching influence of Africans throughout United States history. Find out how Africans influenced westward expansion, discover why Africans were enslaved and examine their dynamic struggle for freedom.
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Charles Drew: Revolutionized Medical Science

CHARLES DREW born 1904, was an African American physician and medical researcher who revolutionized the field of medicine with developments in blood-work.
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A & E Video Quiz Series Teacher's Version - Video

A&E has teamed up with Sunburst Media to bring you this outstanding Video Quiz Series! These exceptional programs cover a variety of social studies topics, from the Aztecs to Martin Luther King Jr. and from Mt. Olympus to the underground railroad. The documentary experts will transport your students back to each era combining A&E’s high quality footage along with Sunburst Visual Media’s popular, e ective Video Quiz format.

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Chester Himes: A Rage In Harlem, Internationally Acclaimed Writer

CHESTER HIMES born 1909 in Jefferson, Missouri into a middle class academic black family was an internationally acclaimed African American writer who created a violent and cynical picture of the black experience in America by writing about his encounters with racism.
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Dr. Daniel Hale Williams: First Black Heart Surgeon In America

FIRST BLACK HEART SURGEON IN AMERICA. DANIEL HALE WILLIAMS was an African-American cardiologist that performed the first successful open heart surgery.
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Just The Facts - America's Documents Of Freedom (11 Pack)

This extensive series examines the historical documents that changed and shaped American history. Each 30-minute program examines an era of American history, including the political, social and economic factors that contributed to the creation of each document. This unique series enhances the study of American history through World War I.
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Just The Facts - America's Documents Of Freedom 1862-1870

American democracy has a lineage of written records that we can trace to show the development of our nation, and how each document builds on those before it to make our foundation of freedom stronger. This video looks at the documents conceived in the early 1860s and during the Civil War and the years immediately following.
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Just The Facts - Historical Icons: Famous African Americans

What famous city did Benjamin Banneker help design? Why was Harriet Tubman called the Mose of her people? Who were the Men of the Massachusetts 54th? Why was the peanut so important to the rebuilding of the south after the Civil War? Who delivered the famous I Have a Dream speech in Washington, D.C.? How did Sojourner Truth get her name? These are but a few of the questions answered in Famous African Americans.
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Just the Facts: World War II Super Pack

The Tuskegee Airmen tells the dramatic, true story of the first African American fighter pilots, the Red Tails. Through action-packed computer animations, historical re-enactments, and dynamic archival sequences, audiences are taken on an immersive journey to witness the accomplishments of the Tuskegee Airmen.
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Teaching Systems American Government Module 4: Civil Rights DVD

Teaching Systems American Government Module 4: Civil Rights is a state standards, curriculum based, complete lesson plan in a box designed to capture your students' attention.
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Teaching Systems U.S. History: Super Pack DVD

The complete history set provides a thematic overview of Presidential policies from 1789-1869, womenís rights, civil reforms, U.S. conflicts from 1689-1865, and economic shifts.
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U.S. History : Reconstruction Of The United States DVD

This program presents each side of the controversy and how the goals to achieve reconstruction were outlines and achieved.
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African-American History - African Influences on Early Europe

Explore the countless ways in which Africa influenced the development of early European trade, philosophy & knowledge. From religion to science, from mathematics to medicine, African societies played a key role in Europe's development. Discover how Africa influenced early Western thinking as well as European medicine & architecture.
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African-American History - Africans Shaping the U.S. West

Discover fascinating facts about African influence in the U.S. From farming to law enforcement, Africans played a major role in the West's history. Meet some of the most influential African-American men and women in U.S. history. See how the West was influenced by native African words & expressions and explore why prejudice varied by job.
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