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Compensation Training Resources


California Employee Handbook Template

Whatever shape your employee handbook's in, it could probably be better. More comprehensive. More clear. More helpful for communicating your rules and expectations clearly and keeping you out of a lawsuit.
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Comp 101: Introduction to Compensation and Benefits

Avoid expensive wage and hour mistakes… Develop and implement a pay policy that drives results… Win the battle for top talent without overpaying… Craft job descriptions that protect your organization while clarifying duties… Build a rational structure for pay grades that can withstand the closest scrutiny… and so much more when you have BLR’s new plain English report within easy reach.

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HR Audit Checklists

HR Audit Checklists - Human resource audit checklists make reviewing every policy, practice, and procedure quick and easy. Uncover potential HR compliance problems before they arise, while making certain each policy is current and provides the best information for your company.
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Quick Guide to Employment Law

This complete compliance resource covers 150 hot employment law topics by state, including: employee rights, discrimination, employment at will, labor relations, privacy, workers' compensation, child labor, affirmative action, and much more.

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Workers' Compensation Fraud (DVD)

The Health and Safety of every worker in the United States is a goal of all employers and the State and Federal government. In today’s work environment, there are variety of safety and health rules and regulations that employers and employees must follow in the workplace to prevent injuries and illnesses.
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Workers' Compensation: The Injured Worker (DVD)

Workers’ Compensation: The Injured Worker - Today, the California Worker’s Compensation Law provides a faster, fairer way to take care of injured workers where fault doesn’t have to be proved to recover medical expenses and lost wages. This job-injury insurance is paid for by your employer and supervised by the state. If you can’t work due to a job-related injury or illness, workers’ compensation automatically pays your medical bills and provides money to live on until you can return to work.

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