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Teaching Systems Spanish 13 Pack DVD

The DVD features award-winning Standard Deviants School programming, which will capture your student's attention and make the subject come alive! Content includes a topic based video programming, classroom notes, graphic handouts, quiz, and answer questions plus a fact filled video segment accompanied by quiz and discussion questions.
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School Spanish 13 Pack DVD

School Spanish 13 Pack DVD
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Standard Deviants School Spanish Video Series is an educational and entertaining, lesson based learning supplement developed from the award-winning Standard Deviants teaching style. Written to meet state educational standards, each video module is clearly organized by lesson topic and includes full classroom performance rights.
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SDS - Advanced Spanish 8 Pack DVD

The DVD Super Pack contains Modules 1 through 8:
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Teaching Systems Spanish Module 1: Alphabet / Pronunciation DVD

Topics covered: Vocabulary, the Spanish alphabet, pronunciation of vowels, cognates, pronunciation of tricky consonants, diphthongs, review.
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Teaching Systems Spanish Module 2: Capitalization And Accents DVD

Topics covered: Vocabulary, capitalization, pronouns, proper nouns, names, people’s titles, book titles, written accents.
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SDS Italian 7 Pack DVD

ABC’s, how to pronounce vowels, and take a stab at the Top Ten Useful Italian Phrases. You’ll have a great time because the Standard Deviants will teach you all the practical pronouns, nouns, and verbs you need!
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