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Foreign Language Educational Videos


Teaching Systems Spanish 13 Pack DVD

The DVD features award-winning Standard Deviants School programming, which will capture your student's attention and make the subject come alive! Content includes a topic based video programming, classroom notes, graphic handouts, quiz, and answer questions plus a fact filled video segment accompanied by quiz and discussion questions.
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School Spanish 13 Pack DVD

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Standard Deviants School Spanish Video Series is an educational and entertaining, lesson based learning supplement developed from the award-winning Standard Deviants teaching style. Written to meet state educational standards, each video module is clearly organized by lesson topic and includes full classroom performance rights.

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Standard Deviants School Advanced Spanish 8 Pack DVD

The DVD Super Pack contains Modules 1 through 8:
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Teaching Systems Spanish Module 1: Alphabet / Pronunciation DVD

Topics covered: Vocabulary, the Spanish alphabet, pronunciation of vowels, cognates, pronunciation of tricky consonants, diphthongs, review.
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Great Reasons to Learn French

This fun, lively program features students presenting the many benefits of learning French, from becoming culturally literate to being able to communicate in France and Canada. Motivate your students to learn the French language with concrete examples and solid references to the world's political climate.
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Teaching Systems Spanish Module 2: Capitalization And Accents DVD

Topics covered: Vocabulary, capitalization, pronouns, proper nouns, names, people’s titles, book titles, written accents.

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Standard Deviants School Italian 7 Pack - DVDs

ABC’s, how to pronounce vowels, and take a stab at the Top Ten Useful Italian Phrases. You’ll have a great time because the Standard Deviants will teach you all the practical pronouns, nouns, and verbs you need!

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