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GHS Hazard Communication Training Courses


SDS For Hazardous Communications (DVD)

Protecting employees and the environment are two important considerations in your company’s overall safety program. To help you meet these challenges, this program will review information about chemicals and hazardous materials that will help in meeting these goals. Hazard communications is information you need to know to protect yourselves from potential hazards associated with the use, handling, storing and disposing of chemicals and hazardous materials.
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Hazard Communication:You're in Control (DVD)

Chemical safety and self responsibility go hand in hand. This program looks at how each of us plays a role in understanding what we are working with and how to protect ourselves when working with chemicals.
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Hazard Communication: KHAZ Talk Radio (DVD)

This program presents everyday concerns and situations that employees experience at the workplace in a light-hearted, “talk radio” style.
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Hazard Communication: Your Key to Chemical Safety (English) DVD

Despite years of training on Hazard Communication, employees often ignore the hazards of chemicals in the workplace. CLMI’s new video program takes a fresh approach to this topic and gives practical information on the use of chemicals
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Integrating GHS With Hazcom - English (DVD)

This update to the Hazard Communication Standard will provide a common and coherent approach to classifying chemicals and communicating hazard information on labels and safety data sheets.
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Globally Harmonized System - Video

For the first time in world history, globalization is reaching every corner of every business. All users of chemical products throughout the world need to know what chemicals are present and the hazards. Sound management of chemicals includes systems through which chemical hazards are identified and communicate to all who may be exposed
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GHS Labels and Safety Data Sheets (English) DVD

The Globally Harmonized System(GHS) is an international approach to hazard communication, providing a new system for classification of chemical hazards, and a standardized approach to labels and safety data sheets.
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OSHA Top 10 Combo-Pack

This set of 10 DVDs provides training on topics that align with OSHA's top 10 most frequently cited standards. Designed to cover the most commonly cited standards following worksite inspections, this combo-pack provides training in key areas to help workers recognize hazards, prevent injuries, and avoid costly fines.
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Hazwoper NFPA Hazmat Labeling Information (DVD)

A first responder at the scene of a hazardous materials incident must obtain specific information about the chemical material involved. Reference material and organizations can provide the technical assistance on how to deal with these hazards. Planning and training are the keys to successful operations in the event of an emergency. This program focuses on each of these references and what type of information and assistance they provide.
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Wrong Way Right Way: Safety Cases - Video

Guided by this principle, Wrong Way Right Way: Safety Cases helps inject fun into safety training. It drops the dull-lecture format and uses funny snippets to show employees the "wrong way" to handle 10 common safety issues.
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Hazard Communications - The New Millennium (DVD)

This a short version of the “New Millennium) providing updated training in the areas of MSDS’ labeling, physical and health hazards, and information generally required for employee training. This version does not elaborate on the written plan, as most employees are not involved with developing the written manual, only knowing one exists that can be reviewed as necessary.

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Warehouse Safety Combo-Pack

The ultimate in warehouse safety training these 26 DVDs cover subjects that apply to virtually all general industry workplace environments. Get your material-handling workforce up-to-speed on important OSHA regulations and recognized best practices.
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HAZWOPER NFPA Hazmat Labeling (DVD)

HAZWOPER NFPA Hazmat Labeling Information is a method for identifying hazardous material containers. The N.F.P.A. method which is used in addition to the original container label provides quick recognition in an emergency.
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Manufacturing Training Courses - 15 Videos

The standard manufacturing training package includes 15 videos and a CD-Rom of written materials.

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EHS Combo-Pack

This set of 28 DVDs is designed to help train your workers on key safety topics. Each course is based on federal regulations or best practices established by OSHA, the EPA, or other safety organizations.
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How to Comply with the New GHS Hazcom Program (DVD)

The Global Harmonized System (GHS) is an International approach to hazard communication. It is based on major existing systems around the world, including OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard and the chemical classification and labeling systems of other US agencies. This program explains how to comply without changing the entire HAZCOM program.
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Hazard Communication GHS - Video

This course provides an overview of the key issues covered in the Hazard Communication Standard, including the 2012 revision to align with GHS, and provides information that employees need to know about the labeling of hazardous chemicals in all parts of their product cycle.
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Employee Safety Orientation: Starting Out Right DVD

For most people starting a new job can be confusing and even a bit stressful. There’s a lot to learn ranging from where the break room is to how to sign up for benefits to learning the new job itself. While no one expects a new employee to remember everything right away, it is important to make safety an immediate job priority.

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Safety and Health - Basic DVD

This DVD covers basic guidelines and best practices for safety in a variety of industrial workplaces. From identifying and avoiding common workplace hazards to housekeeping and incident reporting, this course provides the fundamental elements critical to establishing safe work habits for yourself and your team.
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HAZWOPER Deluxe Training Package - 19 Videos In One Package

The Hazcom deluxe safety training package includes 19 videos and a CD-Rom of written materials.
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OSHA's New Inspection Criteria For Hazard Communications DVD

This program is an overview of the inspection criteria for OSHA inspectors to follow when they are inspecting workplaces for Hazard Communications Compliance.
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Chemical Safety DVD Combo Pack

This 11 DVD set will train your employees on safety with a wide range of chemicals and dangerous substances they may encounter in the workplace.
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GHS & Hazcom Training Videos

This package is a complete training kit for the new transition that is happening in Hazcom. With the adoption of the new GHS standards Hazcom is changing and this package is designed to help managers and employees alike in understanding the changes that GHS will bring.
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Hazcom For The New Millennium Training Package - 2 Videos In One Package

The Hazcom training package includes 2 DVDs and 2 CD-Roms of written materials.
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