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Hazardous Material Training Videos & Courses


Chlorine DVD

Chlorine DVD is a safety training video about the hazards of chlorine and safe response to incidents involving chlorine. It is part of the HazChem Series of training videos and is available separately or as a part of the series.
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Hazmat Investigation Package DVDs

This two-part program of training videos, Introduction to Investigations DVD and Hazmat Investigations DVD, demonstrates how to carry out investigations of hazardous materials leaks, spills and explosions.
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Hazard Communication: KHAZ Talk Radio (DVD)

This program presents everyday concerns and situations that employees experience at the workplace in a light-hearted, “talk radio” style.
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Globally Harmonized System - Video

For the first time in world history, globalization is reaching every corner of every business. All users of chemical products throughout the world need to know what chemicals are present and the hazards. Sound management of chemicals includes systems through which chemical hazards are identified and communicate to all who may be exposed
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Controlling Exposure To Bloodborne Pathogens (Waste Management) DVD

Controlling Exposure To Bloodborne Pathogens - New methods of infection control were established to prevent the occupational spread of HIV and Hepatitis B viruses, both leading to very serious diseases. On March 6, 1992, Federal OSHA's new "vertical standard," 29 CFR 1910.1030 became law.
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Hazardous Waste DVD

Hazardous Waste DVD training video is part of the HazChem Series of safety training videos. It teaches emergency personnel who respond to a hazardous waste site about safety protocols. This safety video is available on both DVD and for online training
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HAZWOPER - Donning, Doffing, Decontamination DVD

HAZWOPER - Donning, Doffing,Decontamination program explains the routine of putting on and removing self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) and an encapsulated suit.
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Air Monitoring Series DVDs

Air Monitoring Series is a two-part training video series: Direct Reading Instruments and Contamination Assessment. It studies basic monitoring instruments and sampling procedures.
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Crystalline Silica & Silicosis Exposure Video

Silicosis is a form of pneumoconiosis which is silica dust in the lungs. This program explains how your lungs and respiratory system are affected by exposure to silica dust, how it is preventable and what you can do to protect yourself.
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HAZWOPER - Identifying Hazardous Materials (DVD)

HAZWOPER - Identifying Hazardous Materials program focuses on the definition of hazardous materials and their affects when you are exposed.
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HAZWOPER - Medical Surveillance (DVD)

HAZWOPER - Medical Surveillance discusses guidelines for designing a medical program for personnel working at hazardous waste sites.
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HAZWOPER - Obtaining Information In An Emergency II (DVD)

HAZWOPER - Obtaining Information in an Emergency II program focuses on each of these references and what type of information and assistance they provide.
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HAZWOPER - On-Site Safety Considerations (DVD)

Hazwoper – On-Site Safety Considerations - We want to review some the key points for continuous site safety. The first key is to use all available engineering controls to eliminate or reduce site accidents.
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HAZWOPER Orientation (DVD)

Over 70,000 chemicals are used by industries. Some 15,000 chemicals are made in industrial laboratories on a large scale today and between 500 and 1,000 new chemicals are introduced each year. These simple statistics provide the basis for increased awareness, training, and responsibility when working with any type of chemicals.
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HAZWOPER - Site Safety and Health Plan (DVD)

Hazwoper - Site Safety And Health Plan - The purpose of the site safety plan is to establish requirements for protecting the health and safety of responders during all activities conducted at an incident. It contains safety information, instructions, and procedures.

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HAZWOPER - S.T.E.P. - Introduction To Emergency Preparedness (DVD)

The Safety, Training and Emergency Preparedness (S.T.E.P.) program provides information needed to help perform a job safely. Management’s policy is to maintain strict safety standards and being prepared to cope with emergency situations
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Forklift Mechanics Safety and Hazardous Materials

Forklift Mechanics Safety And Hazardous Materials - A forklift mechanic must be knowledgeable of engineering, hydraulics, brake and engine systems, fuel systems, cooling systems, power train, painting, body repair, electronics, and many other components for a wide range of vehicles.

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Hazardous Energy Source -Lockout/Tagout (DVD)

This program is designed to explain the basic procedures, some terminology used in the procedures, and general requirements. Before this requirement was released in September of 1989, organizations used the lockout and tagout procedures to protect employees from machinery and equipment hazards
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Hazardous Energy Source - Lockout/Tagout Affected and Authorized Persons - Machine Operators/Non-Operators

Lockout/Tagout Affected And Authorized Persons – Machine Operators/Non-Operators - When we say lockout that means locking out something. Naturally, tagging means applying a tag. In your company, lockout and tagout can be two of the most important things you can do for safety, particularly when you're using machines and equipment
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Hazardous Materials and Flammable Safety DVD

Hazardous Materials And Flammable Safety - Hazardous materials are safe to use if you follow the manufacturer's instructions and the safety procedures established by your company for using these products. If you misuse chemicals, flammables, or any type of potentially hazardous materials, the probability of accident or injury is exceptionally high.
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Hazardous Materials Spill / Clean Up (DVD)

Many of the materials you work with may be classified as hazardous. They may be dangerous and even deadly. That's why all spills, no matter how small, must be taken seriously. What is a hazardous material? It’s a material that may endanger your life or health, the life or health of others, or cause damage to your facility or the environment.
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Hazardous Spill Cleanup DVD

Hazardous Spill Cleanup - What is a hazardous material? It’s a material that may endanger your life or health, the life or health of others, or cause damage to your facility or the environment. To handle hazardous material spills, your organization has developed procedures to control spills and emergencies.

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Lockout/Tagout - Hazardous Energy Source (DVD)

This program is designed to explain the basic procedures, some terminology used in the procedures, and general requirements. Control of hazardous energy sources is the new concept with new requirements for the previous lockout/tagout program.

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Shipping of Hazardous Materials (DVD)

Shipping of hazardous materials is a big responsibility. There have been many disasters and lives lost due to improper shipping of hazardous materials. The goal of this program is awareness of hazardous materials and the proper shipping procedures.
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Testing and Monitoring For Hazardous Gases

Testing And Monitoring For Hazardous Gases - Confined spaces and other similar locations can be unsuspecting chambers of death, unless you know the hazards and are prepared to avoid risks. One of the important parts of avoiding risks is to know about hazardous air or the hazards contained in the air you’re going to be breathing in confined spaces.
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