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Technology & Innovation Videos


Robots, Our Future Servants - Video

Discover the developments in robotics and automation technology and explore the limitations of our current knowledge along with breakthroughs in this field of study.
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Daily Planet In The Classroom: Inventions & Technology Super Pack

Daily Planet Inventions & Technology Series takes an exciting look at the future of science! Get ready to explore breakthroughs in medical technologies, extraordinary inventions and an exclusive look at the evolving role of robots.
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Robotics - Challenges for the Future Video

New innovations in robotics are presented while highlighting two very unique and effective robotics challenges.
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Engineering: Dummy & Robot Heroes - Video

As human stand-ins, dummies and their mobile counterparts, robots have been sparing us risk to life and limb and saving our lives for decades.
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Creativity / Innovation Effectiveness Profile- 5 Pack

The assessment booklet includes interpretation of low and high scores, actions for low scorers and development planning forms to help individuals reach their creative potential.
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Rapid Skillbuilder Library - 2 Volume Set

The Rapid Skillbuilder Library - 2 Volume Set comes complete with one copy of all 42 of the Rapid Skillbuilder Series. Each Volume includes 21 different skillbuilders.
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Just the Facts: Inventions That Changed Our Lives: Communications & Transportation

Thanks to visionaries like Alexander Graham Bell and Henry Ford, the areas of communication and travel have journeyed great distances in a short time.
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Just the Facts: Inventions That Changed Our Lives: Electricity

As The Wonder of Electricity spotlights the developments in television and radio, watch these two inventions permeate every aspect of society, especially the news, sports and music industries. Then focus on how the camera redefined our image and how the computer age unleashed our imaginations and fantasies.
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Just the Facts: Inventions That Changed Our Lives: Inventions & Innovations

Inventions and Innovations explains how the atom is the basic building block for inventions that attempt to conquer the skies, explore the ocean depths and unlock the limitless opportunities of computers and the Internet industry.
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Exceptional Thinking

This program, based on research and psychological studies, will teach you how to be psychologically hardy and utilize more of your unlimited brain power.
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Daily Planet Goes To Japan Super Pack DVD

Hosted by science enthusiasts, Jay Ingram and Natasha Stillwell, Daily Planet is a series that provides discussion and commentary on the scientific aspects of current events.
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Creativity / Innovation Effectiveness Facilitator's Guide

This Facilitators Guide enables a trainer to lead a half-day workshop administering, scoring, and interpreting the Creativity/Innovation Effectiveness Profile.
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Day In Pixa - Video

Spend a day at Pixar Studies and get to know the president of the studio, animators and supervisors of this innovation machine that has already released 12 movies and received more than $6 billion at the box-office
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Development Communication & Communication Technology: Everett M. Rogers

Development Communication & Communication Technology with Everett M. Rogers: Everett M. Rogers, communication scholar, theorist, writer, and teacher discusses his research in the field of development communication, diffusion of innovations and communication technology.
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Glass - 21st Century Technology Video

Telecommunication systems - semiconductors and optical fibers - require speed, accuracy and high quality. Glass is the key. Newly developed glass is both durable and scratch resistant.
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Technology and Society: Superpack

Just the Facts: Technology and Society examines the importance of technology in society. Beginning with important advancement in medicine, this collection presents a comprehensive overview the main technological advancements.
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50 Activities for Building Innovation

These 50 exercises are the perfect way to get employees excited about the concept of innovation, develop their innovation skills, build an ongoing capacity for innovation and introduce an easy-to-use innovation process. Participants will learn how to do visioning, seek innovations in a certain industry
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Real Life Teen Series

REAL LIFE TEENS SERIES - an unbiased and realistic look from the perspective of teens, at the wide variety of issues teens face today featuring young teenagers telling their real stories, in their own words. The series discusses significant issues in adolescent society and cuts through many barriers with its honest and relevant advice and information. A revolutionary Guidance series, Real Life Teens offers unprecedented access into the hidden teen world thatís insightful, fascinating and provocative.
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Digital Safety, Responsibility And Awareness (3-DVD Set)

The innovation and evolution of digital technologies has created a new way of teaching, learning, socializing, and communicating. The adoption of new digital technology is so rapid that a uniform and proactive concept of responsible use is often overlooked. With these constant changes, the irresponsible, and often dangerous and malicious use of these digital devices can lead to negative, life-altering consequences.
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ChatGPT Online Course

This course includes conversing with ChatGPT, having it generate creative content, & more.

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