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Mining & MSHA Safety Training Videos


Working Around Mining Equipment - Video

This course discusses pre-operational equipment checks, seat belt use, equipment blind spots, and communication methods.
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MSHA - New Miner Combo-Pack

Perfect to supplement any MSHA New Miner training program. This is an ideal blend of courses designed in compliance with MSHA regulations. Use this combo-pack in conjunction with your in-house New Miner training program with the addition of MSHA’s required mine tour and task-specific training.
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Workplace Examinations at a Mine

A workplace examination is a physical, in-person inspection of a work area to assess safety and health conditions. These examinations are required to identify and correct hazardous conditions promptly, with the ultimate purpose of improving the health and safety of miners and mining contractors.
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Chemical Hazards at a Mine - Video

This course offers information on protecting miners and mine property from hazardous chemicals by controlling exposure to chemicals, properly preparing for working around chemicals, and adhering to best practices for working with chemicals.
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MSHA Annual Refresher Combo - Pack

Perfect for mine operators and mining contractors in need of a compliant update to their Annual Refresher training. With over 8 hours of training included, all you need to add is training for your team on MSHA’s required "changes at the mine."
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Surface Mine Development, Operations, and Reclamation - Video

This course covers common mining methods, as well as the lifecycle of a mine, from the development through reclamation.
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Equipment Hazards at a Mine - Video

This course discusses common mobile equipment hazards, haul road design, traffic patterns, and other traffic control measures.
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Ground Control Inspections at a Mine

A ground control inspection is a documented, in-person examination of on-site terrain formations and locations that slope into working areas at a mine.
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Rights and Legal Responsibilities of Miners - Video

This course discusses miners’ rights and legal responsibilities including how they are protected from discrimination and how they can participate in and obtain inspections.
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Typical Surface Mining Equipment - Video

This course discusses the most common types of mobile and stationary equipment used in the mining industry, such as dozers, dredges, backhoes, and shovels, as well as haulage and human transport vehicles.
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Dump Truck Safety - Video

Dump Truck Safety - Of all the vehicles found on construction, maintenance, and public works, the dump truck is without question the most versatile. In addition to the all familiar carrying, dumping, and spreading of loads, this highly versatile equipment can be outfitted with a wide array of attachments to make it, without question, the workhorse of the job site.
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Hazard Communication for Mining - Video

This course provides important information on MSHA’s HazCom standard and how it relates to the new Globally Harmonized System (GHS) as well as requirements for MSDS and SDS documentation
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MSHA - Annual Refresher Combo-Pack

Perfect for mine operators and mining contractors in need of a compliant update to their Annual Refresher training.
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Environmental Hazards at a Mine - Video

This course discusses several different weather conditions that can affect the mine site including high winds, ice, excessive rain, lighting, and fog.
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Working with Electricity at a Mine - Video

This course discusses pre-operational equipment checks, seat belt use, equipment blind spots, and communication methods. It also illustrates hazards of working around highwalls, piles, conveyors, and other mining equipment
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MSHA - New Miner Extended Combo-Pack

Perfect for mine operators and mining contractors looking for the MOST COMPREHENSIVE set of New Miner courses available...anywhere. Use this combo-pack to stay compliant with the addition of MSHA’s required mine tour and task-specific training.
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Personal Protective Equipment (DVD)

This program provides an informative overview of the various types of personal protective equipment, what types of protective equipment is appropriate in certain situations, and how to correctly use each type of equipment.
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PPE - It Is Not Your Call (DVD)

PPE - It’s Not Your Call – Safety glasses, face shields, ear plugs, steel toed shoes, gloves, hard hats, respirators, they are called PPE for personal protective equipment. Your company has the responsibility to identify what PPE can best protect you from hazard and risks associated with your facility and your specific job duties and responsibility.

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Commercial Explosives Safety - Video

This course discusses types of explosive materials and their UN (United Nations) hazard classifications. It reviews common explosion hazards as well as the recommended personal protective equipment.
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Physical Hazards at a Mine - Video

This course provides information on high voltage hazards, such as overhead and downed power lines, energized guy wires, and other contact hazards.
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General Physical Characteristics of Surface Mines - Video

This course covers those common physical characteristics of surface mines. The characteristics of every surface mine depend upon the mine’s location and the material being mined.
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MSHA Surface Miner Training and Documentation - Video

This course discusses the development of the Federal Mine Safety and Health Act of 1977 (the Mine Act) and the creation of the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA).
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Line of Authority - Mine Safety Video

This course provides a description of the line of authority at a mine, including the roles and responsibilities of miners, supervisors, safety personnel, miners' representatives, and mine operators.
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Respirators Combo-Pack

Respiratory protection and self-contained breathing apparatus are used to protect us from harmful gases, fumes, vapors, and chemicals as well as where the air doesn't contain enough oxygen to support life.
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Cargo Securement FLATBEDS - DVD Training Program

Helps drivers understand flatbed cargo loading and the flatbed cargo securement process.
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Emergency Preparedness Training Package - 8 Videos In One Package

The emergency preparedness training package includes 8 videos and a CD-Rom of written materials.
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Emergency Responders Safety Training Videos Package

This is an excellent safety training package for emergency responders, fire fighters, EMS and paramedics.
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Hydrogen Sulfide Training

Hydrogen Sulfide Training - Hydrogen sulfide is a by-product formed by decaying organic matter. Hydrogen Sulfide can be found in oil or gas operations, mining facilities, sewage, wastewater treatment plants, landfills, public utilities, and other places. Because Hydrogen sulfide is so dangerous, your employer is required to follow certain safety standards such as monitoring the air in your workspace and providing engineering controls.
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Hydrogen Sulfide Employee Training (DVD)

You will learn about proper procedures for monitoring employee exposure to hydrogen sulfide, signs and symptoms of exposure and how to protect yourself and others from hydrogen sulfide.
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Hydrogen Sulfide Awareness

Train your employees about the hazards associated with Hydrogen Sulfied (H2S), prevention, detection, and evacuation.
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Hydrogen Sulfide DVD

Hydrogen Sulfide safety training video is one of the eleven DVDs in the HazChem Series of training videos. It is valuable training for emergency responders and industrial personnel who may encounter hydrogen sulfide in their work.
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