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MRSA Training Videos for Employees


MRSA & VRE Precautions: Battling Superbugs - Video

MRSA and VRE Precautions: Battling Superbugs, trains healthcare professionals how to stop the spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.
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MRSA Awareness - Video

Help your employees protect themselves and their families with the information on how exposure occurs and the best ways to protect themselves in this timely training program.
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Healthcare-Associated Infections: Prevention & Control - Video

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According to CDC statistics, HAIs have endangered more a 1 million patient resulting in 90, 000 deaths annually. The costs the healthcare facilities can be staggering! With this new program, your staff will learn the common HAI causes and detailed prevention measures

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Infection Control Orientation - Video

With the daily threat of AIDS, hepatitis and drug-resistant organisms, the healthcare worker's job is more dangerous than ever.
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Infection Control Essentials: Every Action Counts - Video

There are many infection control measures, but does your staff know them all? Give them a complete and detailed anti-infection system with this program. It surveys the entire gamut of practices that will help contain the spread of MRSA, VRE, BBPs, and other HAIs in your facility
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Infection Control In Long-Term Care: Protect Your Residents, Protect Yourself - Video

This program can help your staff keep residents in long-term care facilities infection-free. It covers the identification of common infections, factors that increase susceptibility, and various practices that can help control and prevent disease.
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