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Patient Assessment Training Videos


Keep the Blood Flowing - DVD

Released - 2007

Describes in detail the medications commonly prescribed to heart attack victims and necessary life style adjustments that may accompany them.

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Patient Handling Safety Training Program

Business Training Media's new "Patient Handling Safety" training courses discuss the hazards that can be associated with patient handling tasks, and what healthcare workers can do to prevent accidents and injuries from occurring while they perform them.
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Patient Safety: Light The Way - Video

Video Streaming Also Available

Pro-active improvement of patient care processes prevents adverse patient outcomes. This must-see training program will create a culture of safety within your facility.

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Promoting Mobility in Healthcare: Transfer Techniques (DVD)

This program focuses on the safe transfer techniques. It will demonstrate the use of good body mechanics by health care assistants and the correct use of assistive devices frequently used to promote mobility.
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Indiana Personal Services Attendant Initial Training Package

This 6 DVD package meets the initial training requirements outlined in Indiana’s Title: IC 16-27-4-16 – “Evaluation and Training”

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Minnesota Basic Home Care Provider Initial Training Package

This 14 DVD package meets the initial training requirements of the Minnesota Department of Health when conducted by individuals with work experience and training in providing home care services.

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Minnesota Comprehensive Home Care Provider Initial Training Package

This 17 DVD package meets the initial training requirements of the Minnesota Department of Health when conducted by a registered nurse.

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Essential Safety and Communication Skills Library

A collection of high-quality resources that teaches care providers safety and communication skills.
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Caring for Persons with Lung Disease

This course used with the video explores the daily challenges faced when caring for someone with COPD and other forms of lung disease. The story is told directly from the viewpoint of a person with lung disease, sharing tips and techniques for effective care measures. Although there are many different causes and types of lung disease, the video used in this course focuses on chronic lung disease and specifically COPD.
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Vital Signs

Do you expect your caregivers to take vital signs? If so, this video will ensure they are trained in the correct technique. During this video Sandi Flores, RN demonstrates step-by-step techniques for taking blood pressure, pulse, temperature, and weight. Documenting and reporting vital signs are also addressed.
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Wheelchairs and Other Ambulatory Aides

This course teaches your staff how to assist residents with their ambulatory aides and safe transfer techniques. Also explained are practices that should be avoided, such as pushing residents while sitting on their walker bench.
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Documentation - Safe and Sound Narrative Charting

This training section will provide staff members with examples of all the forms and other documentation tools that will be utilized in your facility.
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Injury To Excellence 2-DVD Set

This series looks at the many facets of sports medicine by following some of Canada’s leading experts in sports medicine, as well as elite athletes and people who live an active lifestyle.
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How to Use a Mechanical Lift DVD

In this program an ergonomics specialist and occupational therapist demonstrates a step-by-step procedure for move a person from bed to wheelchair and from wheelchair to bed using a mechanical lift, addressing safety concerns at each stage of the procedure.
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Blood-Borne Pathogens HIV / AIDS / OSHA - Video

This health care training program includes epidemiology, pathophysiology, risk behaviors, opportunistic diseases and diagnostic tests.
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Spanish Caregiver Resource Library

Serve your Spanish-speaking caregivers with this package of 8 caregiving DVDs/videos and an excellent caregiver reference book.

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Postural Support DVD

This DVD will go over proper use of postural supports and how to avoid every physical restraining a resident with these devices.
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Cultural Competency: Just Good Healthcare - Video

Average rating:
average rating 80%
Trains healthcare professionals about patient assessment tools that allows employees to explain illnesses and treatment, identify healing, negotiate treatment, intervene and collaborate with patient family members Realistic healthcare scenarios representing many different cultures and beliefs.
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Specific and Social Phobias (DVD)

Join us as we explore some of the of the avoidant and reactive behaviors surrounding phobias and the use of exposure therapy, relaxation and medication in the treatment approach.
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Dementia Care - Aggressive Behaviors Video

This video module addresses how aggressive behaviors often result from triggers, are not always intentional and may be the only way the resident feels he/she can communicate.
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Cultural Competency: Problem Solving - Video

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average rating 100%
This highly-recommended course will help your staff understand what cultural competency means and what constitutes a culture. They will recognize that being sensitive to other cultures will help them interact smoothly with their patients. They will also learn the five steps of problem-solving, namely: gather information; assess understanding; give explanations not orders; be sensitive to the patient's situation; and summarize and explain the next step.
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Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (DVD)

Join us as healthcare professionals and educators share some of the current treatment options and challenges that this disorder presents in the home, vocational and clinical environments.
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Minnesota Personal Care Aide Initial Training Package

This 9 DVD package meets the initial training requirements outlined in Minnesota Administrative Rules Chapter 9505 Part 03 35 “Personal Care Services.”

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Monitoring Residents for Changes in Condition

In this module we will address reasons for changes in condition, as well as getting to know the individual resident. We will discuss monitoring residents from head to toe, general recommendations, and reporting the changes you observe.
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Nutrition and Meal Preparation for Older Adults DVD

This program teaches important information about nutrition for older adults. It presents skills and tools that enable home care professionals and primary caregivers to develop enjoyable, healthy meals that suit each client's particular needs.
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