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School Bus Safety Training Videos


School Safe Bus Driving Series

Our School Safe Bus Driving video series was carefully developed to meet the specific needs of school bus drivers.

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School Crossing Guard And Traffic Control (DVD)

Over 50 years ago, many large cities recognized the need to help protect children on their way to and from school. Today, this important responsibility has been adopted in cities of all sizes. Adult crossing guards have become an integral part of school crossing protection and safety programs all over the world.

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Driving the School Bus in Inclement Weather: Snow and Ice

This new video covers the many issues that drivers will face when driving in snowy conditions and over icy roadways. The video covers the importance of being prepared, as well as, preparing the bus itself. We give the viewer an understanding of road conditions and how it affects the handling of the bus.

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Ethics of Student Confidentiality for School Bus Drivers

Drivers must know the importance of speaking confidentially rather than gossiping. This NEW video stresses the importance of this matter. We use several dramatizations to demonstrate procedures & techniques that should be applied when addressing student confidentiality issues.

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Reference Point Training for School Bus Drivers

School bus drivers instinctively use reference points when operating the bus. Reference points are used for turning, backing up, lane positioning and more

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Driving the School Bus in Inclement Weather: Rain Storms

The first video to come out in our ‘Driving a School Bus in Inclement Weather’ series. This video focuses on the importance of being prepared when faced with driving in heavy rain storms.

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The Professional School Bus Driver: Driver Conduct

The personal conduct of a school bus driver is directly related to the safety of the students. We show both a right and wrong way to conduct yourself as a bus driver.

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Loading and Unloading the School Bus Safely

The most dangerous part of a school bus ride for students is getting on and off of the bus. In this video, we cover safe loading and unloading procedures for school bus drivers.
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Driving Fundamentals: Merging, Lane Changes and Intersections

Bus driving fundamentals encompass several different driving situations and techniques. This video focuses on sound driving practices when making lane changes and operating the bus at intersections.
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Post Accident Procedures for School Bus Drivers

Do you know the important documents to have on hand when law enforcement arrives? These questions are answered in this brand new video on post accident procedures for school bus drivers.
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Night Driving Safety For School Bus Drivers

This new video was taped in High Definition to give the viewer an enhanced look at driving the school bus at night. The video covers the importance of pre tripping the bus for night driving.
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Pre and Post Trip Inspection for School Bus Drivers

This video gives our most thorough pre trip inspection to date. We go over: inspecting safety equipment, gauges and components, inspecting the exterior and interior of the bus, and the daily brake tests that must be applied.
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Special Education Monitors: Roles and Responsibilities

The video covers many of the roles and responsibilities that special education monitors must follow. We emphasize the professionalism school bus monitors must maintain at all times.
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A Video Guide to CDL Training: School Buses

Do you know what the federal CDL exam entails? Do you know all the components that are included in the federal CDL manual? In this video we are guided by a veteran school bus driver trainer to give you this information.
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Everyday Hazards for School Bus Drivers

School bus drivers are faced with different types of hazards every day. In this video, we put the viewer in the driver’s seat to offer a unique point of view for drivers.

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Dealing and Communicating with Parents

How would you react if an angry parent boards your bus? How do you communicate with parents from other cultures? What does it take to diffuse a volatile situation? These questions and many more are answered in this brand new video.
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Special Needs Bus Driving: What You Need to Know

Special needs school bus drivers roles and responsibilities surpass that of a regular ed. bus driver. In this new video, we cover the important roles and responsibilities that special needs drivers should adhere to.
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Securing the Bus Yard - Security Begins with You

This video concentrates on showing what precautionary steps can be taken to ensure the safety of the yard and the buses being stored in it. We offer many suggestions for school bus drivers that have proved effective in deterring many security threats on the bus or in the bus yard.
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Transporting Students with Emotional Disabilities

This poignant video paints a broad picture of transporting students with emotional or behavioral disabilities. Highlights: Introduction of transporting special needs students, Communication with students and parents, as well as teachers.
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School Bus DVD Training Library

All these training DVD’s are placed in a sturdy binder for safe keeping and easy travel when you need to be on the go. Most of these videos are accompanied with a CD reference guide that can be placed in your computer and print out as many copies as necessary.

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Everything Mirrors for School Bus Drivers

This is a practical guide for school bus drivers to recognize and understand how mirrors function. Emphasis is placed on understanding the relationship between mirrors and the actual zones they cover.
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Advanced Braking Techniques and Practices

HIGHLIGHTS: skid control, braking techniques on downgrades, drying out brakes after they get wet, what to do when brake failure occurs, understanding the type of brake system on school buses, steering wheel control, drivers responsibility for brake adjustment, using proper target speed, what is brake fade and why it’s important.

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Safe Braking Practices and Techniques

This video covers many of the practices and techniques to apply when using brakes on the school bus. The video also gives formulated techniques to accurately maintain following distances.
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Brake Testing Procedures for School Bus Drivers

This new video gives a basic understanding of the different types of braking systems on school buses. It also covers how the brake systems work on the bus, as well as brake tests. The video also shows the importance for recognizing early warning signs concerning the brakes.
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Roles and Responsibilities for School Bus Drivers

This video gives drivers an overall picture of many of the most important roles and responsibilities for school bus drivers. The video also covers why bus drivers are held to higher standards.
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Exceptions for the Use of School Bus Stop Lights

The use of school bus warning and stop lights are an A to Z procedure right? Not necessarily. This new video gives the exceptions for the use of these lights. We also cover the reasoning for these exceptions and the correct procedures for them.
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Pre-Trip Inspection on a Conventional Bus

An in depth pre trip inspection of the conventional bus. Covers: Inspecting the interior, exterior, brake tests and much more. A valuable training resource for new and seasoned veterans alike.
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School Bus Safety For Parents and Teachers

Small children listen and understand more from their parents and teachers than they would from a video training program.
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Pre-Trip Inspection - Large Buses DVD

Vehicle breakdowns are costly, inconvenient and frustrating for the operator and passengers. Reducing the chances of a breakdown can be done with a pre-trip inspection. This program will demonstrate a basic pre-trip inspection.
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Pre-Trip Inspection - Small Buses DVD

Mechanical breakdowns are always a frustrating experience; frustrating for you and your passengers. By performing a pre-trip inspection on your vehicle before putting it in service, you can often avoid breakdowns due to mechanical failures. Today, we’re going to talk about the pre-trip inspection.

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How to Safely Evacuate a Special Needs Bus

Do you know how you would react if faced with an emergency evacuation of the special needs bus? This new video gives you an idea of the challenges you would come against if that scenario does take place.
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How to Reduce Idling on the School Bus

Diesel fuel fumes have been ruled as being harmful by the Environmental Protection Agency. School bus driver’s should help do their part to reduce them.

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Controlling New Age Bullying in Schools

Bullying has evolved from a rite of passage to a major social problem. School bus drivers, teachers, administrators and all school employees are faced with this problem.
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Risk Management Orientation

Schools are under increasingly difficult pressure, legal and political, and insufficient funding. Even more demanding is parental expectations.
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Sexual Harassment on the School Bus

Do you know what sexual harassment consists of? Do you know how to react if it takes place on your bus? How can you rely on the school team to help, if harassment takes place on your bus? And how could you have prevented it from happening? It’s critical for school bus drivers to observe and identify offensive sexual behavior.

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