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School Bus Safety Training Videos


School Crossing Guard And Traffic Control (DVD)

Over 50 years ago, many large cities recognized the need to help protect children on their way to and from school. Today, this important responsibility has been adopted in cities of all sizes. Adult crossing guards have become an integral part of school crossing protection and safety programs all over the world.

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School Bus Inspection DVD

As school bus professions, you know how important safety is and take your responsibility seriously. This program provides guidelines for a thorough vehicle inspection.
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School Bus Safety For Parents and Teachers

Small children listen and understand more from their parents and teachers than they would from a video training program.
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Pre-Trip Inspection - Large Buses DVD

Vehicle breakdowns are costly, inconvenient and frustrating for the operator and passengers. Reducing the chances of a breakdown can be done with a pre-trip inspection. This program will demonstrate a basic pre-trip inspection.
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Pre-Trip Inspection - Small Buses DVD

Mechanical breakdowns are always a frustrating experience; frustrating for you and your passengers. By performing a pre-trip inspection on your vehicle before putting it in service, you can often avoid breakdowns due to mechanical failures. Today, we’re going to talk about the pre-trip inspection.

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Risk Management Orientation

Schools are under increasingly difficult pressure, legal and political, and insufficient funding. Even more demanding is parental expectations.
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Motorcoach Defensive Driving - DVD Training

Up-to-date defensive driving training program specific to the motorcoach industry.
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COVID -19 Returning to School - The Requirements for Opening Schools, Creating a Restart Plan and the Control & Prevention of Coronavirus

In this program we'll learn how to put together an effective school restart plan along with the effective requirements for cleaning and disinfecting classrooms, schools and see a school day safety plan in action.
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Motorcoach Inspection Level One

Motorcoach Inspection Level One - Welcome to the North American Standard Motorcoach Inspection Level One training program. The program is designed to review proper procedures for inspecting a motorcoach level one, in accordance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations and the North American Standard Motorcoach Inspection Procedures. The objective of this training program is to describe the process for planning and conducting a motorcoach inspection for a Destination, En-Route, and Terminal Inspection.

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Motorcoach Passenger Safety Briefing - DVD Training

DVD video presentation for motorcoach drivers to play for passengers prior to departure.
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CSA: Know the BASICs - DVD Training

Train drivers on CSA, the 7 BASICs, scoring & evaluation and FMCSA interventions.

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Defensive Driving Training Videos Package

This is an excellent training package for beginners or advanced students. This package is unique in that it shows driving conditions in today’s busy, fast-paced environment and illustrates many new applications that are not found in standard DD courses. This package contains 5 videos and a CD-Rom of written materials
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Motorcoach Vehicle Inspections - DVD Training

Up-to-date vehicle inspection training specific to the motorcoach industry.
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Think N Drive DVD

Think N Drive - Our objective is to provide logical, factual information to help you make better driving decisions. We know that a training program won't change attitudes, but we believe if you learn and use this information; you'll be a better, safer driver.
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University Van Safety Program - DVD

The goals of this program are to increase awareness of guidelines for the safe use of vans while conducting school business either on or off campus. Topics covered in this safety video include: 12 and 15 passenger vans, implementation, inspecting your vehicle, maintain your vehicle, avoid distractions and stay focused, common sense, impaired driving, intersections, backing up, speeding, tailgating and the second rule, risk of rollover crashes, and van safety for passengers.
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Returning to the Workplace - The Top Ways to Protect Your Workplace from COVID-19

To combat both the spread of the virus and the negative emotions in connection with it, employers need to have an open dialogue with their employees about the virus, it's potential impact on the organization and what employees can do to protect themselves.
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