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Transportation & D.O.T. Training Videos & Courses


Comprehensive Safety Analysis (CSA) 2010 DVD

This program explains how CSA 2010 changes the existing enforcement and compliance business process to better view how large commercial motor vehicle carriers and drivers are complying with safety rules and to intervene earlier with those who are not.
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Consequences of Driving A Motor Vehicle Under The Influence DVD

Consequences Of Driving A Motor Vehicle Under The Influence - Manslaughter charges, murder charges, felony convictions, deaths, injuries, court costs, license revoked or suspended, attorney fees, public service, rehabilitation and of course, the police record that goes with the arrest and conviction. This video is not designed to tell you not to drink and drive, you already know that!

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Construction Series - Compressed Gas Cylinders - Handling and Storage DVD

This program focuses on the safety when handling and storage of gas cylinders.
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Crude Oil Spill Response Package

Multiple incidents of explosive accidents by trains carrying crude have prompted safety alerts from the DOT. Communities need to be prepared. Crude Oil Spill Response Package offers comprehensive training for emergency personnel responding to these incidents.
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CSA 2010 and How It Affects Your Organization - DVD

CSA 2010 And How It Affects Your Organization - FMCSA's compliance and safety programs improve and promote safety performance and save lives.
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CSA: Know the BASICs - DVD Training

Train drivers on CSA, the 7 BASICs, scoring & evaluation and FMCSA interventions.

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school bus safety video

School Bus Inspection DVD

As school bus professions, you know how important safety is and take your responsibility seriously. This program provides guidelines for a thorough vehicle inspection.
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D.O.T Drug and Alcohol Testing: Your Rights & Responsibilities - USB / DVD

Ease the worries and assuage the doubts of your employees about drug and alcohol testing. This course explains how and when the tests are conducted, what employees can expect, what they should do, what the MRO is for and how the test facilitators will go about the process. Through this course, you can help prepare your employees and inform them of their rights and responsibilities.
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D.O.T. - Out of Service Criteria DVD

D.O.T. - Out Of Service Criteria - In this video, we want to examine what's known as Motor Vehicle Out of Service Criteria. This criteria is published by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance or CVSA. If any of the conditions described in this program are present on your vehicle, the vehicle may be deemed Out of Service by the Department of Transportation.
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Daily Planet: Transportation Super Pack DVD

Featuring interviews, field pieces and real-life experiments from around the world, Daily Planet provides a fast-paced, enlightening and entertaining look at what is happening on (and off) our planet.
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Defensive Driving - Cargo Vans (DVD)

This program will help you conduct defensive-driving training sessions for new and existing employees. It covers the factors that cause accidents and then provides seven strategies for driving defensively.
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Defensive Driving - Step Vans (DVD)

If you have employees who use step vans, autos or cargo vans on the job, it is important for you as an employer to teach them about the unique handling skills needed to safely operate these vehicles.
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Defensive Driving For Government Employees - USB / DVD

This program looks at techniques to help prevent accidents from happening, and in the case of unavoidable accidents, help lessen their severity.
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Defensive Driving for Light & Medium Duty Vehicles - DVD Training

Covers defensive driving techniques and information for light and medium vehicles.
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Defensive Driving for Step/Delivery Vans (DVD)

Defensive Driving for Delivery vans focuses on the specific needs of the delivery van driver. This program includes information on following distances, intersections and backing. Your delivery van drivers will find this an interesting and useful program to help them prevent workplace crashes.
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Defensive Driving Training Videos Package

This is an excellent training package for beginners or advanced students. This package is unique in that it shows driving conditions in todayís busy, fast-paced environment and illustrates many new applications that are not found in standard DD courses. This package contains 5 videos and a CD-Rom of written materials
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Defensive Driving: A Crash Course - USB / DVD

Motor vehicle crashes consistently account for a huge number of injuries and lost work days. Keep your employees safe behind the wheel, on the job and off.
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Distracted Driving (DVD)

There are three main types of distraction: Visual — taking your eyes off the road, Manual — taking your hands off the wheel, Cognitive — taking your mind off what you’re doing.

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Distracted Driving: Game Over - USB / DVD

This program gives your employees an eye-opening look at how distractions can easily take over in the driver's seat and send them to a level they may not be ready for.
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Distracted! Driving - DVD Training

This program gives your employees an eye-opening look at how distractions can easily take over in the driver's seat and send them to a level they may not be ready for.
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DOT Alcohol and Drug Rules (Transportation) DVD

This program is a general overview of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administrationís (FMCSA) Alcohol and Drug Testing Rules for persons required to obtain a Commercial Drivers License (CDL). The information is intended to provide a general summary of the rules.
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DOT HazMat - General Awareness/Familiarization (DVD)

DOT HazMat General Awareness/Familiarization provides up-to-date, concise training to help satisfy the General Awareness requirement.
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DOT HazMat - Security Awareness (DVD)

Security Awareness is a general overview of facility security practices and procedures.
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Driven To Distraction - USB / DVD

This groundbreaking program illustrates just how dangerous distracted driving can be. The main character is the embodiment of the various distractions that accompany drivers.
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Emergency Maneuvers: Driver Training Series - DVD Training

Teaches commercial truck drivers emergency situation prevention through hazard perception skills and situational pre-planning.
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