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Christian Studies Educational Videos

Christian Studies Educational Videos

Explore our collection of Christian studies educational videos for students and adults. Our videos cover a range of topics including the Bible, theology, Christian history, and more. Engage your students with captivating content that will deepen their understanding and appreciation of Christianity. Our videos are suitable for all ages and can be used in classrooms, homeschooling, or for personal study. Start exploring today!
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Anxiety and Phobias - Faith Based Solutions

For some 23 million Americans, anxiety is more than a simple case of nerves. Instead, it manifests in severe panic attacks that lead to fearful avoidance of certain places or situations.
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Drug Addiction & Recovery

In this program we see and hear from teens and young adults who describe how their lives were ruined because of drug dependency. Dreams can be shattered, lives can be ruined and overcoming addiction can be a life-time process.
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Healing - The Power of Prayer

Dramatic accounts of sudden, seemingly inexplicable healing have sparked popular and even scientific interest in the power of prayer. Gods Word tells us to pray unceasingly and that miracles do happen. But the ultimate power of prayer is that it gives us the peace to accept Gods will for our lives - whatever it might be.
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Guns, Gangs & Violence - The Willie Jones Story

The day after he graduated, Willie Jones Jr. was gunned down in a drive-by shooting as he left a graduation party where parents were acting as chaperons, alcohol was prohibited and an off-duty police officer was providing security.
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Youth in Prison - Giving Hope & New Direction

The number of violent crimes committed by juveniles nationwide continues to rise alarmingly. In response, the courts are sentencing more young offenders to tough prison terms
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Struggling with Mental Illness

Mental illness can take many forms and is often difficult for family and friends to understand. Faith has become an integral part of treatment for those who are struggling with overwhelming emotional and spiritual burdens.
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Women Leaders in Corporate America - How to Incorporate a Strong faith as part of Life at Work & at Home

Women have broken through the "glass ceiling" and overcome discrimination to get where they are today. But the pressures to succeed, to please employees and customers and to meet the needs of family all vie for attention in the world of top executives.
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Faith Behind Bars Women in Prison - Helping to Transform Lives through Faith in God

Leading Women out of Personal and Spiritual Brokenness & helping to Transform Lives through Faith in God. Women who have committed serious crimes are not beyond the help of God and the compassionate people who minister to them.
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Breaking the Cycle of Domestic Violence

This program believes that everyone has the right to safe and healthy relationships. It talks with victims of abuse, willing to tell their story, hoping it may save others from falling victim to this violent behavior.
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Breast Cancer - How to Find Comfort, Strength & Renewed Faith in the Midst of Despair

A must for any Christian woman facing breast cancer. Statistics indicate that approximately 41 percent of Americans will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime.
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Your Body, Gods Creation - How to Incorporate Good Nutrition into your Daily Diet & Lifestyle

Fitness plans and diets are a multi-billion dollar industry, yet 50% of Americans are overweight and many are medically obese.
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Raising Young Children with Mental Health Disorders

This video program seeks to identify the difference between childhood challenges and behavior rooted in mental illness. Families share their stories, while mental-health experts discuss treatment and coping strategies.
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Whether dealing with depression or with anxiety, this video program provides spiritual guidance to help those suffering develop the skills to cope through sound spiritual insight. A psychiatrist also shares some of the promising treatments available.
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Alzheimers - The Growing Challenge of Caring for a Loved One

In this program, partners of Alzheimers sufferers tell their stories, relive their challenges and daily struggles while living with this disease and share the effects this mentally disabling condition has had on their families.
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Caring for Aging Parents - The Growing Challenge of Caring for a Loved One: Parenting your Parents - Dealing with Alzheimers - Facing Death

Parenting Your Parents: Having to care for a dependent parent, usually in their later years, is a situation many adults face at some point - often when they're raising their own children.
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Prostate Cancer - Men share their Struggles, Coping Skills & Hope Inspired by Faith

In this video program, men share their struggles, coping skills and hope inspired by faith so that others can be better equipped to battle this life threatening disease.
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Overcoming Anxiety and Phobias - How to Conquer and Start Living a Life of Confidence

This video program discusses how some people have faced their fears and conquered a broad range of disabling conditions through faith in God along with the strategies to overcome them and start living a life of confidence.
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Teens with Mental Health Issues and Suicidal Tendencies

Young people with mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, self mutilation, reactive attachment disorder are at higher risk for suicidal thoughts.
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Sex & Abstinence

This educational program takes a look at a controversial approach - stressing abstinence. Religious values are one of the most prominent reasons for waiting until marriage to engage in sexual intimacy.
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