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9-Manual CEO Company Policies Procedures Bundle (Download)

You have decided you need to organize your Company Policies Procedures Manual, but which department policies and procedures will help you? Start by assessing the business impact of each of your departmentís core business processes for generating revenue or introducing risk and then rank the results. Core business processes that greatly impact your revenue or risk are where you want to start.
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A & E Video Quiz Series Teacher's Version - Video

A&E has teamed up with Sunburst Media to bring you this outstanding Video Quiz Series! These exceptional programs cover a variety of social studies topics, from the Aztecs to Martin Luther King Jr. and from Mt. Olympus to the underground railroad. The documentary experts will transport your students back to each era combining A&E’s high quality footage along with Sunburst Visual Media’s popular, e ective Video Quiz format.

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A Modern Castle: The Rebirth Of The Canadian Museum Of Nature - Video

The Canadian Museum of Nature has been a beloved Ottawa landmark for decades and was the birthplace of Canada's national museums. But the imposing 100-year-old heritage building needed a major overhaul to restore it to its original splendour
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Abstinence Series: Choosing To Wait (2 Pack)

This award winning program emphasizes how thinking ahead, responsible decision-making, honest communication, and setting personal, academic, and social goals result in more meaningful relationships and a decreased likelihood of teens engaging in sexual intercourse.
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Accountant - Career Video

In this program, host Jeff Gardner follows an accountant through his daily routine of number crunching and client networking. Find out why accounting isn't just numbers and math.
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Across the Globe - Video

Hosted by science enthusiasts, Jay Ingram and Natasha Stillwell, Daily Planet is a series that provides discussion and commentary on the scientific aspects of current events.
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Ad: Organizing The Filmset

With a low budget and tight schedule plus setback and disasters ranging from the arrest of the caterer on day one of production to sudden schedule changes, actor illnesses and almost constant rain, this is the role of the AD in real-world production.
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Adele's Wish - Video

Adeleís Wish is the remarkable story of an 84-year-old Los Angeles woman's struggle to recover five rare paintings stolen from her family by the Nazis in 1938.
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Advanced American Sign Language Super Pack DVD

This series utilizes the skills and techniques of performers and teachers with extensive experience in the Deaf community and Deaf education. Each individual program presents a lecture, signed by Angela Stratiy, that focuses on a significant facet of ASL.
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Advanced American Sign Language: Key Elements 1 - Video

Each of these programs focuses on a key element of ASL, including: identifying a narrator and characters of a story using Body and Gaze Shift; determining the difference between nouns, verbs and adjectives using ASL Classifiers; and the use of Space in ASL to establish a location for a particular referent's discourse.
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Advanced American Sign Language: Key Elements 2 - Video

Each of these programs focuses on a key element of ASL, including: identifying a narrator and characters of a story using Body and Gaze Shift; determining the difference between nouns, verbs and adjectives using ASL Classifiers; and the use of Space in ASL to establish a location for a particular referent's discourse.
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Advanced American Sign Language: Key Elements 3 - Video

The last set of programs in this advanced series covers the following integral facets of ASL: identifying the Subject and Object of a sentence and the inclusion of spatial referencing; clarifying the context of a discourse using Fingerspelling; and the elements to consider when signing Numbers in ASL.
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Advanced Physics Series DVD

Presenter Mark Boland, an Accelerator Physicist at the Australian Synchrotron, explains the physics and operation of a synchrotron, then covers their uses in medicine, mining, forensics, manufacturing and other fields.
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Advanced Screenwriting Series with Linda Seger

Get the 3 DVD Set. 3 DVD Set Includes: Advanced Story Techniques, Deepening The Theme and Broadening The Characters. Advanced Screenwriting, script consultant and screenwriting teacher, Dr. Linda Seger, takes you to another step to further integrate your story and theme and characters.
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African American Students - Raising Self-Esteem Video

Understanding one's own cultural heritage is crucial to high self-esteem. This program is designed to raise students of all races to a level of self-respect and understanding about the African nation.
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After The Fall - Video

This films documents the scientific, technological and engineering effort involved in unearthing the details of the New York's World Trade Center collapse.
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Agricultural Science: Seeds For Tomorrows Food

Much of our food source is made up of thousands of plants that are grown from seeds and there are literally thousands of varieties of fruits and vegetables grown worldwide.
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AIDS: One Teenager's Story (2 Pack) DVD

A college-bound girl comes to grips with the staggering discovery that she is infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. Dramatizes what it's like to find out you are HIV positive, explains how AIDS is transmitted, and why AIDS is almost entirely preventable.
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All About Cells Pack (5 Pack) Video

Every living organism is made up of these microscopic units. Introduce your class to the cell by viewing Simply Cells, where they get a thorough explanation of cells and their parts.
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All About Friends - Video

After viewing this program, students will understand what it takes to be a good friend, realize they don't always have to say “yes” to a friend, and know it’s okay to have lots of friends. Includes 14 reproducible student worksheets on CD.

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All About Middle School - Video

Middle school not only brings changes in responsibility, workload and extracurricular activities, it brings physical, emotional and social changes as well. This fast-paced, fun-filled program gives young teens an insider's look at how to manage all these changes.
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Alternative Energy Sources (2 Pack)

Students learn about the potential that lies in the development of alternative energy sources. Topics include: wind, solar, biomass, small-scale hydropower, geothermal, hydropower and fuel cells.
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American History Video Quiz (10 Pack) DVD

Nothing strikes fear in students like an American history test! Now you can ease their anxiety with this 10-volume American History Video Quiz Series. A brief overview of each period in American history is followed by multiple-choice questions.

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Anatomy of a Warship DVD

HMCS Winnipeg is ready for 21st Century battle. She bristles with the latest in anti-ship and anti-aircraft missiles, computer controlled rapid firing weapons and high speed jet propulsion. Get special access into one of the most advanced naval warships as she trains and sails for a six-month mission off the coast of Iraq.
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Angry? Ten Ways To Cool Off (DVD)

This hands-on video workshop demonstrates ten effective strategies to use to “cool off” - handle angry feelings without breaking things or hurting other people or themselves.

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