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Health & Nutrition Videos for Students


Nutrition Controversies DVD

Join host and two teens as they take a closer look at controversial nutrition topics to get the straight facts on food safety, organic foods, genetically engineered foods, food allergies, MSG, functional foods, dietary supplements and more.
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Teaching Systems Nutrition Complete Series

Teaching Systems Nutrition PIZZA, PASTA, PANCAKES, PAPAYA, AND PIE, WHAT SHOULD YOU EAT? So many choices, but eating is more than just consuming delicious foods, it’s essential. The Standard Deviants Nutrition gets down to the fruits and nuts of the vitamins, minerals and water needed to make our bodies work. Teens will understand the importance of the choices they make to maintain a healthy, strong lifestyle and what makes up the perfect plate!

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4 Weeks to a Higher Food IQ DVD

Reality TV meets the new USDA MyPlate Dietary Guidelines in this real-life video example of a teen accepting a new challenge each week. Registered dietitian Christina Meyer-Jax gives our teen, Lexi, advice, feedback and encouragement with four dietary/fitness challenges.
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Fruits & Vegetables: Let's Make a Meal DVD

This video is a fast and fun way for students to learn nutrition concepts and practical fruit and vegetable ideas.
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Fresh Food: What is Farm To Table? DVD & Teacher's Guide Kit

The Fresh Food: What is Farm To Table? Video & Teacher’s Guide Kit is a comprehensive resource for teaching about locally grown foods. Includes 20 minute DVD and 48 page Teacher's Guide with activities.
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Snack Smarts

Viewers will learn how to choose foods and drinks that help them get enough water, fiber, calcium, and other nutrients that contribute towards feeling, looking, and smelling good.
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Light Speed Nutrition Bundle - Video

The Nutrition Bundle includes all four Light Speed programs and goes beneath the surface to reveal every facet of high school level nutrition. Using a cast of young actors and on-screen graphics, this program breaks down difficult topics and transforms it into absorbable, eye-appealing information.
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Breakfast ... Because DVD

Engaging and creatively written, this video emphasizes the benefits of breakfast for great physical and mental performance. Includes segments on breakfast facts, great breakfast ideas, how to read the nutrition label, and more.
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Nutrition Careers for the 21st Century Video

From Carrie's career as a sports nutritionist for professional athletic teams to Tony's career as a public health nutritionist and Barbara's life as a famous food entrepreneur, this career day DVD presents engaging interviews that are sure to excite students. The viewer will learn about a variety of careers from a nutrition consultant, public relations specialist, registered dietitian, food scientist, food stylist, and other food-related professionals.
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Smart Nutrition DVD

Host and two teens set the facts straight about breakfast, body image, portion size, physical activity, the importance of fruits and vegetables, beverages, significant nutrients, late night snacking, vegetarian diets, and acne in this fun and entertaining title.
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Successful Food Science Lesson Plans

Introduce students to the science behind food and cooking with Successful Food Science Lesson Plans. The lesson plans include 12 units of food science that cover a variety of topics.
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Eat To Win: Nutrition For Athletes DVD

This action-packed video dispels 10 common nutrition myths with what to eat, when and why, using MyPlate as the guide. This DVD covers on-target nutrition information for athletes.
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Fresh Food: What is Farm to Table? Video

Tap into the current trend of eating locally grown foods without the use of chemical pesticides or hormones! The basics of sustainable farming is explored through the eyes of three highly-trained chefs who leave big city jobs to carve out a place to grow fresh, healthy ingredients for their gourmet dishes.
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The Grocery Shopping Challenge Video

Join Megan and Josh as they venture their way through the grocery store with the same shopping list to see who gets the better nutrition value and price for eight common grocery items.
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Recovering: Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa Video

Join Emmy award-winning documentary filmmaker and host Larkin McPhee as she uncovers the challenges of coping with an eating disorder. Meet some experts and people in recovery who offer an honest appraisal of their struggles to overcome their eating disorders.
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Fast Food Nutrition Video

Join Rickey and Genevieve as they explore the world of fast food with fun and humor as they help viewers learn how to make the healthiest choices when eating on the go at fast food restaurants.
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Obesity in a Bottle Video

This educational video uses a fast-paced, teen-friendly format to address the growing national obesity problem and how beverages factor in.
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Basics: Fruits & Vegetables Video

Fruits and vegetables are an essential part of a healthy diet. In this video, Chef Paulette Mitchell discusses the variety of fruits and vegetables available while demonstrating preparation and cooking methods.
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Food Science: Cereal DVD

It’s in the cereal you have for breakfast, in the pizza you have for lunch, in the soda you have for dinner. “It” is science, of course. Everything you eat is the result of a chemical process, either man-made or initiated by good old Mother Nature.

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Eating For Energy DVD

Eating For Energy - A lot of what we eat at truck stop plazas and restaurants taste good, but aren’t good for us. Eating right can often be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be difficult.

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Daily Planet: Nutrition Super Pack DVD

Hosted by science enthusiasts, Jay Ingram and Natasha Stillwell, Daily Planet is a series that provides discussion and commentary on the scientific aspects of current events.
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The Carb Controversy DVD

Viewers will learn the ins and outs of low- and high-carb diets. See how grocery stores and food manufacturers are responding to the popular diet programs which limit, often drastically, the consumption of carbohydrates.
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Teens and Tanning DVD

Dermatologist Carol Jacob, MD, explains different types of skin cancers, UVA and UVB rays, the dangers of tanning beds, and tips for being safe in the sun and getting that summer glow in a healthy way.
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Food Science Kit

Food Science Kit
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This kit makes it fun and interesting for students to learn about food science. And you SAVE when buying both! Kit includes a DVD and Lesson Plans binder.
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Healthy Teens: Good Hygiene DVD

Healthy Teens: Good Hygiene, is for high school grade levels focusing on taking care of your body and maintaining a healthy lifestyle as they mature from adolescents to adults.
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Guidance Systems: Sex Facts: Teens and STD's DVD

As teenagers become sexually active, STDs become a major risk. Watch as high school students deal with having an STD. Real life scenarios present male and female points of view through the initial discovery, the subsequent fear and embarrassment, the doctor's check-up, and the sexual partner confrontation.
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Healthy Teens: The New Me-About Girls DVD

Copyright 2004 - Designed to demystify the process of puberty for adolescent girls, this sensitively created program presents information about body changes, normal sexual urges, and the social and emotional changes that occur during puberty.
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Kid Approved Healthy Snacks Cookbook (5-Pack)

The Kid Approved Healthy Snacks Cookbook is an essential tool for any parent who has ever wondered how to create healthy snacks with their children and get their kids to eat them. The cookbook features tasty and easy-to-prepare snacks that feature fruits and vegetables that kids will love to make and eat.
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Body Hygiene: Healthy Habits For Life DVD

Copyright 2003 - Empower your students with this tactful and engaging video that models proper personal hygiene and the influence of healthy habits. Written to national health standards.
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Amazing Eggs Activities and Video

The Amazing Eggs DVD explains size, grade, color, storage, nutrition and cooking with a wide variety of easy to prepare recipes. The Amazing Egg Activities complements the DVD with flexible lesson plans.
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Nutrition Starts Here: Smart Eating on a Budget DVD

Develop healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime and join Chef Marshall O’Brien as he shares nutritious food choices and healthy eating strategies in Nutrition Starts Here: Smart Eating on a Budget. Chef Marshall demonstrates and explains how cooking and eating healthy food can be both fun and delicious while saving money.
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Healthy Me I Series (5 Pack)

Every pre-teen is avidly curious about the changes puberty brings to his or her body. This four-program set provides both boys and girls with clear, easy-to-understand answers.
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Just the Facts Salads

Chef Jon works his creative magic with healthy, well-presented salads. With more than 20 years of experience, his wisdom comes to life as he demonstrates and discusses salad-making techniques, nutrition information and fun facts.
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Healthy Teens Set (4 Pack) DVD

These programs address many of the questions and concerns young teens have as they approach the onset of puberty. Each information-packed program gets middle school students talking about the physical, emotional and social changes adolescents face, and encourages them to develop the essential habits of good health and hygiene.
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Just the Facts: Breakfast DVD

Chef Jon's favorite meal is breakfast! In this engaging film, he demonstrates techniques, discusses nutrition, and shares fun breakfast facts.
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