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Cooking & Food Educational Videos


Chef - Career Video

In this program Chef Valerie Rovira shows host Jeff Gardner the teamwork and creativity required to be a chef and discusses the safety issues in the kitchen.
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Food Catering & Private Chefs Training Video

Exciting careers in food! Chef Andrew Zimmern describes catering as the provision of food and service for special events. In this career day DVD, join Andrew as he interviews industry professionals from full-service catering to a private chef. It's sure to get students thinking of new and exciting career options.
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Successful Food Science Lesson Plans

Introduce students to the science behind food and cooking with Successful Food Science Lesson Plans. The lesson plans include 12 units of food science that cover a variety of topics.
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Mexican World Foods Class Pack

Experience the food markets of Mexico without ever stepping foot on a plane! The World Foods: Mexican Cooking Class Pack is the complete kit containing everything you need to teach students about Mexican food and cooking. Beautiful photos featured in the bulletin board kit gives students a glimpse into market fare and life.

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Exciting Entrees: Turkey, Ham and Chicken

Chef David Forestell prepares Chicken, Turkey and Ham in the most savorty and tasty ways imaginable.
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5 Minute Food & Nutrition Activities

Use these 5 Minute Food & Nutrition Activities as quick, easy, and effective activities to fill extra minutes of class time. Each activity allows students to get thinking about healthy food choices, nutrients, food trends, and health.
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Succulent Seafood: Shrimp, Crab & Lobster Video

Gourmet tastes from the sea. Chef David Forestell does the sublime to the simple with Shrimp, Lobster and Crab. Lobester Napoleon to crab cakes and shellfish that will satisfy.
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Herb Activities & DVD Kit

Fresh and dried herbs give foods flavor and personality and have been used since ancient times as medicine. Discover how to use these aromatic plants with the Herbs Activities & Video kit.
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Marvelous Meats: Beef, Lamb and Pork Video

In this program, David brings his master touch to making extremely tasty meals out of some common meats that bewilder us at the butchers counter. Beef: Rib-eye steak, Steak Tartar, Spicy Barbeque Ribs. Lamb: Braised Lamb Shank, Rack of Lamb, Lamb Kebabs. Pork/Bacon: Perogies with Smoked Bacon, Gourmet Bacon and Eggs, Rapini wiht Pancetta.
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France World Food Markets Class Pack

The France World Food Markets Class Pack is the complete kit containing everything you need to teach students about French food markets and culture.
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Glorious Greens: Broccoli, Asparagus and Artichokes Video

Easy everyday to exciting exotic, cooking with vegetables has never been tastier. Broccoli: Cauliflower & Potatoe Griddle Cakes, Broccoli Souffle, Kimchi in a Hurry. Asparagus: Asparagus Terrine, Asparagus Salad with a Lemony Dressing. Szechuan Inspired Stir-fry. Artichoke: Artichoke a la Grecque, Sea Bass & Artichokes, Gratin of Artichokes.
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Create a Great Plate MyPlate Dietary Guidelines Video

When's the last time you ate off a food pyramid? The ‘Create a Great Plate MyPlate Dietary Guidelines’ DVD is based on the USDA's MyPlate campaign and shows teens what healthy eating looks like.
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Festival of Fruits: Apples, Oranges & Bananas

Spruce up your fruit bowl! Enjoy the fruits of your labor with great recipies that will dazzle your taste buds. Apples: Warm Apple Salad with Savoy Cabbage. Apple Tart with Maple Espresso Sauce.
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History of American Cuisine DVD

This video is a look at the rich heritage and distinct qualities that typify the food we eat. Viewers will learn how American Cuisine began and what has influenced it to become so varied.
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Decadent Deserts: Chocolate, Honey & Sugar Video

Super and Spice and everything nice, thats what Chef David Forestell will be cooking. From classic deserts to recipies with a savory spin, they will all tempt your taste buds.
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Cooking with Class Super Pack

Culinary mastery takes you from the earth to the table as world-renowned chefs and food producers share their knowledge and secrets about one of our favourite pastimes, eating!
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Foodservice Equipment and Tools Video

Students will learn the basics about equipment and tools used in foodservice kitchens. Professional chefs Tim Cockram, Dave Christopherson, and Jason Hudock take a look at everything from a teaspoon to a walk-in freezer. Chef Jason and Sous Chef Dave identify the tools of the trade, pointing out how construction affects usage, identifying the various utensils..

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Basics: Fruits & Vegetables Video

Fruits and vegetables are an essential part of a healthy diet. In this video, Chef Paulette Mitchell discusses the variety of fruits and vegetables available while demonstrating preparation and cooking methods.
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5 Minute Recipes for Kids

Quick and easy to prepare, 5 Minute Recipes for Kids is a collection of tried and true recipes that are a great way to introduce cooking and basic nutrition concepts to kids of all ages.
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Food Career Exploration Curriculum / Video

In this curriculum for ages 10-14, students will be guided through the basics of working in food service in their FACS class.
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China World Food Markets Class Pack

The China World Food Markets Class Pack is the complete kit containing everything you need to teach students about Chinese food markets.
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Spain World Food Markets Class Pack

The Spain World Food Markets Class Pack is the complete kit containing everything you need to teach students about Spanish food markets.
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5 Minute Baking Activities

5 Minute Baking Activities is an essential culinary classroom resource filled with creative and fun activity ideas that will encourage and inspire students to bake to develop skills, expand their knowledge, and save money.
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Just the Facts: Cake Decorating Training Video

Beautify your cakes with direction from Chef Rick Forpahl, an experienced cake decorator. Learn proper hand techniques and how to use tools and equipment. He demonstrates basic decorating techniques including star, rosette, sweet pea, rose, stems, writing, and leaves.
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Food Safety Handouts

The Food Safety Handout features tips for the five steps to follow for food safety: Cook, Separate, Store, Clean and Avoid Risky Foods.
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