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Kitchen Safety Training Videos

Kitchen & Food Service Safety Training DVD

Many employees in the kitchen and food service industry are injured every year. Food handlers, cooks, waiters and waitresses, beverage servers can’t always be concentrating on anything except providing quality food and service. This program will cover all aspects of safety in the restaurant kitchen.

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Dishwasher Safety (Hospitality)

The key to working safely is to be aware of the risks and take steps to reduce them. This program is to emphasize that safety is your responsibility. When working near food, you must keep your hair under a hat or hair net. You need to decide to be accident-free; think about safety when performing your job.

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Bus Person, Dishwasher, and Janitor Safety (DVD)

Bus Person, Dishwasher, And Janitor Safety - Perhaps the most demanding and important jobs in any restaurant are bus persons, dishwashers, and maintenance persons. The work is fast paced and it requires attention to the job at all times. Safety is an extremely important part of your job, as there are potential hazards associated with your many job responsibilities.

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Preventing Work Related Burn Injuries In Restaurants (DVD)

The food service industry experiences the highest number of burns of any employment sector, about 12,000 each year. This industry also comprises of one of the largest groups of workers injured on the job in the United States. Potential hazards are discussed in this program with an emphasis on safety.

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Kitchen Safety Training Video

Kitchen Safety program covers all aspects of safety in the restaurant kitchen. If you're aware of potential hazards, you can make good judgments and decisions that will allow you to perform your job without an accident.
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