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Anatomy of a Warship DVD

HMCS Winnipeg is ready for 21st Century battle. She bristles with the latest in anti-ship and anti-aircraft missiles, computer controlled rapid firing weapons and high speed jet propulsion. Get special access into one of the most advanced naval warships as she trains and sails for a six-month mission off the coast of Iraq.
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Angry? Ten Ways To Cool Off (DVD)

This hands-on video workshop demonstrates ten effective strategies to use to “cool off” - handle angry feelings without breaking things or hurting other people or themselves.

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Animal Trainer - Career Video

In this program hosts, Melody and Jeff team up to explore the occupation of one of the most famous animal trainers in the world: Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circuss own Mark Gebel.
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AP Biology Exam Prep DVD

This is your ticket to understand the good, the bad and the key components of the AP Biology exam. There’s more to this test than just filling in those tiny little circles, and this cast of young actors breaks it down so you’ll know how to take the test, master the free response section and brush up on the 30 most important topics.

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Teaching Systems Chemistry Super Pack DVD

AP Chemistry Exam Prep Get students jazzed up for the AP* Chemistry exam with this fun and exciting review! We made preparing for the AP* Chemistry test digestible by breaking down 30 essential topics in 30 minutes. Look forward to reviewing: the Kinetic Molecular Theory, liquids and solids, and molarity, to name a few!
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AP English Language & Composition Exam Prep DVD

This one-of-a-kind AP* video tutorial enables teachers to review essential foundations of English rhetoric to prepare students for collegiate English courses. This program encourages students to use critical thinking skills, improve writing techniques, and develop analysis skills for the AP* exam.
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AP U.S. Government & Politics Exam Prep DVD

Liven up the classroom by bringing AP* prep to life! This exceptional AP* preparation video tutorial provides a thorough review of political platforms in American government. Covered detailed analysis includes the essentials of Institutions of National Government, Separation of Powers, policy making, and much more!
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AP U.S. History Exam Prep (DVD)

AP* U.S. History is the most taken AP* exam, with over 360,000 students taking the test in 2009. This video program fully prepares students with thorough explanations of the most pivotal events in U.S. history. 30 key topics are reviewed ranging from Articles of Confederation all the way through the Civil Rights Movement & Vietnam war.

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Architect - Career Video

In this program find out what is takes to become an architect as host Melody Young visits an architectural team.
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Architecture Advances - Video

Hosted by science enthusiasts, Jay Ingram and Natasha Stillwell, Daily Planet is a series that provides discussion and commentary on the scientific aspects of current events.
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Are You Being Stalked? Tri-Fold Brochures

Learn to identify common behaviors connected to stalking with the Are You being Stalked? Tri-Fold Brochures. This brochure identifies common stalking behavior and what to do if you think you’re being stalked.

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Are You Ready to Live on Your Own? Video

Anthony gets advice from a pilot, his dad and friends about living on his own. Viewers get an overview of what to consider when preparing to move out on their own.
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Around the World Poster Set

It is valuing our differences that will make us great! These photos offer a glimpse of the diversity in people around the world.

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Art And Work Of Choir DVD Series

The choral conductor must combine these two elements, creating a masterpiece to be enjoyed by many. This program exposes the choral enthusiast to an understanding of choral direction as an art form and describes the work required to attain both proficiency and
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Art in the Classroom Series (19 Pack) DVD

This unique video series demonstrates basic techniques to enable young artists to produce dynamic drawings, paintings, and graphic designs. Students learn and become confident in their artistic skills. Watch as they produce special effects with a variety of styles
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Art In The Classroom Series: Composition DVD

Professionals explain and demonstrate variety, balance, unity and perception of important elements.
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Art In The Classroom Series: Drawing, Pencil DVD

Demonstrates basic techniques to enable young artists to produce dynamic drawings. Students learn special effects with a variety of pencils.
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Art In The Classroom Series: Introduction To Design, Principles DVD

This program demonstrates balance, movement, emphasis, contrast, pattern, rhythm and unity in a sequential and organized manner.
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Art In The Classroom Series: Perspective Drawing DVD

Students learn how to see perspective before they draw it. Experts teach one-, two- and three-point perspective.
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Art In The Classroom Series: The Wonders Of Watercolor DVD

An expert watercolor artist discusses choosing color schemes and demonstrates techniques for applying paint.
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Art In The Classroom Series: Throwing On The Pottery Wheel DVD

Learn all the steps of throwing: centering the clay, raising the walls, thinning the walls, shaping the bowl, trimming the base and more.
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Assessing Employment Barriers Package with Workbook

Counselors and instructors can quickly and easily assess and receive suggestions for improvement on the three most important barriers for job seekers and students: environmental, attitudinal, and job search knowledge. These three powerful assessments uncover weak areas and also provide helpful suggestions for improvement. The end result is a client or student with higher self-esteem and self-efficacy, greater self-knowledge, and a much better sense of what steps to take next.
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Astronomer - Video

In this program, host Jeff Gardner learns about the role of an astronomer and makes discoveries as he looks to the stars.
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Attack From Within: Living With Arthritis (DVD)

Animated illustrations provide a dynamic schematic of the disease and take us for a ride through the human body to witness the origin, progression and treatment of the disease.
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Auto Mechanic - Career Video

In this program host Jeff Gardner finds out what kind of training is needed to move from an apprentice to a top-notch auto mechanic.
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