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Bitcoin Tips & Tricks - Learn How To Buy, Sell & Invest - Video

Learn how to Trade & how to manage your own portfolio of CryptoCurrency. An ideal practical course that teaches you where to buy, sell and trade Bitcoin.
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Time, Money & Measurement

This program answers questions as "How did the calendar begin?" "Why does the day have 24 hours?" "How did coins get there names?" "Who invented mathematics?" Each program comes complete with its own study guide containing a glossary, additional questions and suggested learning strategies.
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Coin and Money Problems

This program teaches students how to solve word problems that involve coin and money. Students are taught how to read the problem and what keywords to look for to gain clues on how to proceed and solve the problem.
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Career Planning - Money Management

Discover some of the most effective money-management techniques! Teaches how to save money, create a personal budget, how to deal with credit & how to understand a paycheck. A wealth of essential information for high school job seekers. This program provides crucial information designed to prepare students for success.
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Personal Finance (DVD)

Personal Finance will provide you with the seven steps designed to help you gain control of your financial future: dreaming, setting goals, financial planning, budgeting, saving, investing, and portfolio strategy review. This DVD will teach you how to prioritize your financial goals and put your money to work for you.
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Standard Deviants School Finance Module 10: Raising Capital DVD

Pretend you're a pirate in the Lesser Antilles and you want to raise capital to buy a new ship to raid along the Mexican coast. Drop anchor as we explain cash flow and capital budgeting, and make your pirate dreams come true.
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Standard Deviants School Finance Module 9: Corporate Finance DVD

Find out what you and big-wig companies have in common. Here's a quick peek. Both you and companies worry about budgets and projects. But do you worry about them the same way.
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Standard Deviants School Finance Module 8: Cost DVD

This program is all about cost. You'll learn cost of capital, cost of debt, cost of preferred stock and the cost of retained earnings.
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Standard Deviants School Finance Module 7: Important Concepts DVD

The Standard Deviants continue their mission to explore strange new financial concepts, to seek out new stocks and new diversifications, to boldly split infinitives as everyone has done before
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Organize Your Money With Quicken - Video

In this course, you’ll find out how to use Quicken Home and Business to create easy to use financial statements.

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Standard Deviants School Finance Module 6: Bonds DVD

The Standard Deviants show you why bonds are super investments. You'll learn all about coupons, par values, maturities, discounts, yields, and premiums.
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Standard Deviants School Finance 11 Super Pack DVD

The Wild & Wacky World of Finance Help your students make sense of the stock pages as they learn how money moves through the market. This series explains annuities, interest rates, portfolios, bond valuation, Internal Rate of Review, and much more! Recommended for grades 9+.
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Standard Deviants School Finance Module 7: Important Concepts DVD

The Standard Deviants continue their mission to explore strange new financial concepts, to seek out new stocks and new diversifications, to boldly split infinitives as everyone has done before.
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Time, Money & Measurement / Flight

"Time, Money & Measurement" focuses on questions like: How did the calendar begin? What do the months of the year mean? Why is a day 24 hours? How did our system of counting begin? What is the metric system?
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Personal Finance 1: Money Basics DVD

The Standard Deviants will give you're their two cents on money basics, starting with an introduction to personal finance. They'll look at setting goals, financial planning budgeting, and best of all, it won't cost you a fortune!
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Personal Finance 2: Saving Strategies DVD

The Standard Deviants will teach you how to manage your finances, starting with saving strategies that will help you hold on to your money once you've earned it. Then it's on to investing, including such exciting topics as risk tolerance and investment allocation strategies.
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The Science of Getting Rich

This live seminar is absolutely fantastic! Bob Proctor is on fire, and the audience can feel it! This is the kind of program you’ll want to watch many times over. You’ll learn to tap into the power of your gold mine, overcome discouragement and sweep aside opposition. Discover how to find excitement, big ideas, and solutions to every problem. Create and maintain a winner’s self-image. It’s loaded with great ideas and philosophies for creating big dreams and making them a reality.

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Bitcoin Profit Secrets Video Course

Whether you heard of Bitcoin years ago (but didn’t take action), or you just heard of it today, anyone can profit from Bitcoin! Don’t be scared of this new technology because this video course will take you by the hand and teach you everything you need to know to succeed.

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Real Estate Money Making Techniques For Newbies - Audio Book

In this audio course you will hear about proven and true concepts that can help you to make money from real estate.
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Credit Card Catastrophe Avoidance - Audiobook

With this audio book you will learn how to use some simple money saving techniques will really give your finances a break.
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Bankruptcy Recovery Guide - eBook

With this system, you will learn all you need to know about bankruptcy, and how to begin rebuilding your financial life even while in the middle of bankruptcy.
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Money Management for Students - Free eBook

Discover common student strategies on saving and spending while studying will be revealed!
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Futures Trading Secrets - eBook

Future trading is basically the trading platform where processes are done between two parties agreeing to transact a set of financial or physical commodities for future delivery at an agreed fixed price.
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When Opportunity Knocks - eBook

There are several ways to be successful today but the most popular one is almost always acknowledged as venturing into a world of capitalizing on opportunities. People who are able to do this easily usually reap in the positive benefits many folds. Learn how here.
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Recurring Income Strategies - eBook

If you’re looking to boost your income, grow a loyal following and position your brand as the go-to source in your market, there is no easier way than by injecting a recurring revenue stream into your business.
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