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Homemaker & Companion Care Training Videos


A Guide to Being a Companion Homemaker DVD Combo Pack

This program describes the roles and responsibilities of the companion homemaker and teaches important professional, communication and social skills for success on the job.
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National Caregiver Training Program

This 21-hour training course is used by home care agencies, community colleges and other organizations to train in-home care providers.
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Companion Homemaker: Roles and Responsibilities DVD

This program describes the roles and responsibilities of the companion homemaker and teaches important professional, communication and social skills for success on the job.
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Personal Care Attendant Training Program

This 43-hour training course is used by home care agencies, community colleges and other organizations to train in-home care providers.
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Companion Homemaker: Safety and Housekeeping DVD

This program provides essential information about safety and housekeeping skills and gives practical instruction about cleaning products and methods.
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Home Health Aide Training Program

This training course is designed to meet the challenges facing home health employers and training schools, you have complete program control with strong behind-the-scenes support from the Institute for Professional Care Education..
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Nutrition and Meal Preparation for Older Adults DVD

This program teaches important information about nutrition for older adults. It presents skills and tools that enable home care professionals and primary caregivers to develop enjoyable, healthy meals that suit each client's particular needs.
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Essential Caregiving Skills Library

Utilize this resource library package to train care providers in essential care skills.
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Safety In and Around the Home: Fall Prevention DVD

This newly revised fall prevention program teaches care providers how to reduce the risk of falls inside and outside of the home while encouraging independence
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Fire Safety (Home Health) DVD

This program teaches home care professionals and primary caregivers how to reduce the chance of a fire starting in the home, and how to exit successfully if there is a fire.
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Infection Control: Bag Technique (DVD)

Infection Control: Bag Technique surveys a range of infection control measures such as bag preparation and transportation, work area strategies, hand hygiene, PPE, and procedures for clean-up and disposal.

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Elder Abuse & Neglect DVD

This program teaches home care professionals and primary caregivers about the complexities of elder abuse in the home and presents signs and symptoms for each form of abuse.
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Caring for Someone with Early to Mid Stage Alzheimer's Disease DVD

Caring for Someone with Early to Mid Stage Alzheimer's Disease DVD
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When home care professionals and primary caregivers are educated about Alzheimer's Disease and provided with helpful communication tools, it can increase their understanding, making it easier for them to relate with those who have Alzheimer's. Improved communication and acceptance naturally create a higher quality of life for the person who has Alzheimer's.
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Developing Cultural Competence (Healthcare) DVD

This program explores how cultural beliefs and values affect communication and understanding. Interviews with experts in the field provide further insight on how to provide culturally competent care.
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How to Manage Medications DVD (Developed for Primary & Family Caregivers) DVD

This program teaches primary and family caregivers safe practices for administering and storing various types of medications.
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Spanish Caregiver Resource Library

Serve your Spanish-speaking caregivers with this package of 8 caregiving DVDs/videos and an excellent caregiver reference book.
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Cultural Competency: Problem Solving

Cultural Competency: Problem Solving
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This highly-recommended course will help your staff understand what cultural competency means and what constitutes a culture. They will recognize that being sensitive to other cultures will help them interact smoothly with their patients. They will also learn the five steps of problem-solving, namely: gather information; assess understanding; give explanations not orders; be sensitive to the patient's situation; and summarize and explain the next step.
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Alzheimer's Disease DVD Combo Pack

Alzheimer's Disease Training Combo Pack
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Caring for Someone with Early to Mid Stage Alzheimer's Disease. This program defines Alzheimer's Disease and its effects and teaches communication techniques that can bring a higher quality of life both to the person who has Alzheimer's and to the caregiver.
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How to Help Someone Who Uses a Wheelchair: Including Walkers, Crutches and Canes DVD

It's important for staff members to have the specific training they need in order to provide safe, effective care for clients who use wheelchairs or other mobility aids.
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Introduction to Home Care DVD

This program teaches home care providers about the home care field and describes important skills for success on the job.
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How to Communicate with Someone Who Has Aphasia DVD

This program teaches staff about the importance of communication and defines aphasia and its effects.
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Assisting With Medications DVD (Developed for Unlicensed Home Care Personnel)

This program teaches unlicensed home care personnel how to assist with medications and remain within their scope of practice.
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How to Communicate Effectively with Someone Who Has Hearing Loss DVD

This program teaches about hearing loss and presents communication that can help improve quality of care and reduce frustration for the patient/client and care provider.
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Essential Safety and Communication Skills Library

A collection of high-quality resources that teaches care providers safety and communication skills.
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Mental Health Nursing: Verbal & Physical Aggression DVD

Unfortunately, mental health nurses may have to care for persons who, for a variety of reasons, may be physically threatening or aggressive.
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Master Library for Caregiver Training

The Master Library for Caregiver Training contains all of our Caregiver Training DVD's. This comprehensive caregiver training program provides the highest value for caregivers.
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Client Relations: Effective Communication Skills - Video

Homemaker / Companion Series: Assertive communication skills with clients are highlighted. The ability of assistants to communicate effectively is key to the quality of care they are able to provide.
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Household Administration: Strategy & Safety (DVD)

Homemaker / Companion Series: This program will take you through real world examples to help drive home organizational and interpersonal skills that will help you bring outstanding care to your clients.
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Interactive Skills: Cognitively Impaired Clients (DVD)

Homemaker / Companion Series: In this program we will examine how chronic illnesses contribute to mental and behavioral changes. You will learn the difference between delirium and depression as well as focus on cause and proper response
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Cultural Diversity & Healthcare Competency - Video

The Homemaker / Companion Series: This brand new program will teach the learner how to care for a diverse clientele by understanding their cultural differences. This program provides practical and effective methods of recognizing and dealing with the special needs of different cultures.
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Louisiana Direct Care Staff Initial Training Package

This DVD package has been designed for Louisiana Home Care companies who accept Medicaid reimbursement.

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Caring for Someone with Mid to Late Stage Alzheimer's Disease DVD

This program explores some very sensitive issues that occur in the mid to late stages of Alzheimerís disease. Home care professionals and primary caregivers will learn solutions that can be applied to their own caregiving situation.
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Improving Your Rehabilitative Nursing Skills (DVD)

Learn why optimal wellness is critical regardless of disability or disease. We will also review how to work with patients who have limited mobility including procedures for moving a patient and the importance of promoting self-care with the help of adaptive devices.
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Companion and Homemaker Initial Training Package

Based off other state compliance programs for Homemaker initial training, we've put together our 6 hour Basic Training Package that meets the formal initial training requirements for non-certified and non-licensed caregivers.
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OSHA Standards: Blood-Borne Pathogens (DVD)

Homemaker / Companion Series : This program will discuss transmission, prevention and current treatment modalities. We will explore infection control as well as current procedures for care that complies with OSHA standards for Blood-Borne Pathogens.
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