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Healthcare Hand Hygiene Videos

Infection Control in Healthcare Environments for Office

Infection Control in Healthcare Environments for Office and Facilities Personnel

Discover the significance of infection control in healthcare environments with Business Training Media's course, "Infection Control in Healthcare Environments for Office and Facilities Personnel." Gain insights into the rules and regulations essential for adherence and learn actionable measures to contribute to a facility free from infections.
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Infection Control In The Long Term Care Facility - Video

In this program, we discuss why long term care residents are highly susceptible to infection. We'll also examine common infections that occur in Long Term Care facilities.

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Safety Orientation in Healthcare

Safety Orientation in Healthcare Environments for Office and Facilities Personnel - Video

Safety Orientation in Healthcare Environment for Office and Facilities Personnel contains information employees need to create and maintain a safe and healthy workplace.
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Infection Control In The Home Settings - Video

We start with three key ideas in the home setting: Clean, Cost and Common sense. Then, we address specific home health aide responsibilities, including assessment of a home, client and hygiene to prevent the spread of infection.
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Bloodborne Pathogens: Universal Precautions

BBP Universal Precautions Training for Bloodborne Pathogens emphasizes workplace safety and proactive accident prevention. It teaches best practices for handling BBP exposures, including immediate risk-reduction actions. Employees learn about various BBPs, such as HIV and hepatitis.
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