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Nursing Home Care Training Videos


Be Safe at Work: Safety Orientation In Long-Term Care - USB / DVD

Healthcare workers in long-term care facilities face the same risks as those who work in hospitals. However, the intensive personal care needed by most residents can increase your employees' risk.

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Assisted Living Dementia Care Staff Training Kit

The Assisted Living Dementia Care Staff Training Kit from Care and Compliance Group provides you with practical training materials and DVDs that make it easy to conduct dementia care staff training in your Assisted Living or Residential Care Community. This kit is perfect for training new staff as well as conducting ongoing in-services.
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diverstiy training video

Cultural Diversity In The Workplace - Video

Culturally competent care adapts care interventions to the cultural needs and preferences (ethnic and religious beliefs, values, and practices) of diverse clients. This program provides practical and effective methods of recognizing and dealing with the special needs of different cultures.
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Alzheimer's Disease Level 2: The New Culture for Treatment - Video

This program is a must for healthcare workers in Assisted Living Facilities. Join us as we explore various strategies for managing AD residents with patience and respect, all the while reducing the stress level of each healthcare professional. Meets Florida State Requirements for Alzheimer's Training. Facilitators Guide Included. 4 Contact Hours. 55 Minutes in Length.
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Customer Service In Long-Term Care: Making It World-Class - USB / DVD

Customer satisfaction does not happen accidentally. It requires deliberate actions on our part to identify and then satisfy customer expectations. Learn the 10 Rules of World Class Customer Service with Coastal's Customer Service In Long-Term Care: Making It World-Class

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End of Life

This module addresses the end of life experience and how it is different for each resident. Care staff play an important role in making the resident feel safe and comfortable. A resident on hospice is still our resident-we do not relinquish all care to the hospice agency. We will discuss what to expect in the dying process, and how to work with the hospice agency.
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Understanding Mental Illness: Depression

Over 20 million Americans suffer from depression. This video will train your staff on the signs, symptoms, and treatment of depression. The caregiver's role and suicide is also addressed.
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Fire Safety For Long-Term Care (Not Just a Drill) - USB / DVD

When It?s Not Just A Drill emphasizes the importance of on-going fire awareness and following proper fire safety procedures.

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HIPAA Compliance for Home Health & Hospice Care - USB / DVD

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) has undergone several modifications since its enactment in 1996, from the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (2010) to the HITECH Act. Recently, the Department of Health and Human Services issued the HIPAA Omnibus Rule to revise, enhance, and strengthen the HIPAA yet again.
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HIPAA: Privacy In Long-Term Care - USB / DVD

Help your long-term care facility comply with HIPAA's Privacy Rule -- the first comprehensive federal protection guidelines for the privacy of health information.
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Calling 9-1-1

It is important to be prepared to respond to an emergency situation in your Community. Calling 9-1-1 is a simple yet essential action that you should be able to perform and could save someoneís life. This video addresses when to call 9-1-1, how to call 9-1-1, and some doís and doníts while making this important call.
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HIPAA: Security & Privacy In Long-Term Care - USB / DVD

Protect your patient's privacy and security rights and comply with the HIPAA Security and Privacy Rules.
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Infection Control In Long-Term Care: Protect Your Residents, Protect Yourself - USB / DVD

This program can help your staff keep residents in long-term care facilities infection-free. It covers the identification of common infections, factors that increase susceptibility, and various practices that can help control and prevent disease.
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Alzheimer's Disease And Related Dementias II (For Home Health) - Video

This program addresses common issues that caregivers in a home health setting will face in treating a patient with Alzheimer's.

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Caring for Someone with Mid to Late Stage Alzheimer's Disease DVD

This program explores some very sensitive issues that occur in the mid to late stages of Alzheimerís disease. Home care professionals and primary caregivers will learn solutions that can be applied to their own caregiving situation.
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Alzheimer's Disease For Assisted Living Facilities - Level 2 - Video

This program is a must for healthcare workers in Assisted Living Facilities.
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Bloodborne Pathogens: Assisted Living - USB / DVD

Assisted living facilities are filled with bloodborne pathogen hazards. Help protect your workers and residents from exposure with Bloodborne Pathogens: Assisted living. Covers OSHA's Bloodborne Pathogens Standard 1910.1030.
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Cultural Competency: Just Good Healthcare - USB / DVD

Cultural Competency: Just Good Healthcare - USB / DVD
Average rating:
average rating 80%
Trains healthcare professionals about patient assessment tools that allows employees to explain illnesses and treatment, identify healing, negotiate treatment, intervene and collaborate with patient family members Realistic healthcare scenarios representing many different cultures and beliefs.
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Dementia Care - Dignity and Sexuality Issues Video

Seeing and treating each resident as an individual is what distinguishes outstanding care. This course is designed to train staff how to learn more about each resident and how to handle the sensitive issues of dignity, sexuality, and independence.
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Cultural Competency: Problem Solving - USB / DVD

Cultural Competency: Problem Solving - USB / DVD
Average rating:
average rating 100%
This highly-recommended course will help your staff understand what cultural competency means and what constitutes a culture. They will recognize that being sensitive to other cultures will help them interact smoothly with their patients. They will also learn the five steps of problem-solving, namely: gather information; assess understanding; give explanations not orders; be sensitive to the patient's situation; and summarize and explain the next step.
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Prevention Of Medical Errors DVD

The goal of this program is to promote safe drug administration by medical personnel, as well as by the layperson. Part I covers information related to factors that impact the occurrence of medication errors, methods of prevention, and educational guidelines. Part II reviews basic medication administration information.
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Leadership Skills (Senior Care Facilities)

This video is perfect training for the small facility manager or team leaders in large communities. Information covered during this video is excellent for staff new to leadership positions and for current lead staff to enhance their skills.
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Developing Cultural Competence (DVD)

Culturally competent health care includes a variety of cultural beliefs and customs rather than imposing one standard of behavior or belief upon everyone. You can use this training to educate professional and paraprofessional home care and hospital staff about behaviors and communication tools that foster respect and sensitivity.

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Assisting with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

This module will address techniques to promoting resident independence. We will define activities of daily living. When assisting with activities of daily living, only provide resident care you can safely carry out. Always follow your resident specific protocol.
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Patient Lifting: Safe Strategies - USB / DVD

Video Streaming Also Available

The Bureau of Labor Statistics cites that nursing aides, attendants and orderlies have the highest risk of musculoskeletal disorder from on-the-job activities.

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